Black People are Less Intelligent, Says Dr. James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner and DNA Pioneer.


Well, there you have it folks, irrefutable scientific proof of what we’ve secretly known all along. Black people are less intelligent than White people. This latest confirmation comes from no less an intellectual giant than Dr. James Watson, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1962 for his role in discovering the molecular structure of DNA. It looks like the guy who said stupidity is a genetic disease that should be cured should be his own first guinea pig.

Apparently, Dr. Watson said in an interview with the Sunday Times that he was “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.” CNN online also reports:

In the newspaper interview, he said there was no reason to think that races which had grown up in separate geographical locations should have evolved identically. He went on to say that although he hoped everyone was equal, “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.”

Dr. Watson, it seems, has a history of making insensitive and inflammatory comments. The online edition of Scientific American has compiled a list of Watson’s other foot-in-mouth utterances.

  • After showing images of women in bikinis and veiled muslim women, he suggested that there is a link between exposure to sunlight and libido. Then he said, “That’s why you have Latin lovers. You’ve never heard of an English lover. Only an English patient.”
  • After showing a picture of Kate Moss, he asserted that thin people are unhappy and therefore ambitious. “Whenever you interview fat people, you feel bad, because you know you’re not going to hire them.”
  • Fat people may also be more sexual, Watson asserted, because their bloodstreams contain higher levels of leptin.
  • “If you are really stupid, I would call that a disease. The lower 10 percent who really have difficulty, even in elementary school, what’s the cause of it? A lot of people would like to say, ‘Well, poverty, things like that.’ It probably isn’t. So I’d like to get rid of that, to help the lower 10 per cent.”

Like all prejudiced people, Dr. Watson tends to be well-rounded in his bigotry, as shown by a trail of sexist remarks. According to Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe, who worked for Watson in the late ’90s, he often found himself the target of feminists’ ire for insensitive statements he made about women’s appearance and personality. Hunt-Grubbe also writes that Watson was accused of using data gathered by Rosalind Frankin, a colleague and fellow researcher, without her knowledge and without sufficiently acknowledging the contribution of her data to his own discovery. By the time Watson and his male colleagues won the Nobel Prize, Franklin had already passed away from ovarian cancer. Lest this be passed off as a one-off incident, New Scientist publishes this Watson gem on their website: “People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great.”

For a guy who is so critical of others, Dr. Watson sure has a lot of work to do on his own personality and attitudes. I would write more but being from Africa, I’m clearly not intelligent enough to do so. Instead, I’ll just agree with my man Scooter when he says, “Less work on the DNA double helix and more work on the common sense gene.”


363 thoughts on “Black People are Less Intelligent, Says Dr. James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner and DNA Pioneer.

  1. This guy grew up back in the 30’s. Obviously, he’s not going to be politically correct, and I think most of the things he said would have been perfectly acceptable in the eyes of society as a whole 50 or 60+ years ago. So aside from attacking his character, what can anyone say about his studies? I don’t feel like this article proved anything, certainly not from a scientific stance. Imagine if pale white aliens came down from space and lived here on earth. They turn out to be distant relatives of earthlings. But they “have more stuff” and tend to be the winners in society. Imagine we were told all along that we are just as intelligent as they are. Along comes an old alien, brusk and rude. He comes off like racist, and proclaims that his studies prove a difference in DNA. Rather than trashing him as a racist, I’d be more interested in either disproving his theory with science, or finding a way to change DNA using his discovery. And because of all the hurt feelings involved, you may ask…”Would you really??” Well I hope so, because if I didn’t, and just screamed “racist!” and threw his studies in the trash, I’m pretty sure that would make me as stupid as he said I was. In other words, if he’s wrong, prove him wrong with science, because anything less isn’t up to par.


    • ts66, thanks for your comment. The point of the party was that a) there are no studies that prove a genetic cause of differences in IQ test results; 2) even if there were there is no reason that it would be identical in Black Americans and Africans because these two populations are not genetically identical; and 3) Watson himself had not studies the genetic basis of intelligence. My point was not that he was not politically correct but that his statement was an off-the-cuff remark that had little basis in genetic science, and he should have known better.


      • He says “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.” I’d like to know WHAT tests, and what results. Is this just an old man going senile, or does he at least really believe he found something. I’m convinced that if anyone of any age, remarks or no remarks, were to find such a thing, that person would meet great resistance and hostility from the world. I’ll have to look into it more.


        • No doubt. To the best of my knowledge Watson was not doing any research on intelligence . And, from what I remember at the time I wrote this post, a genetic basis for differences in IQ test results had not been found. Don’t forget all humans are essentially genetically identical. The odds that the miniscule genetic differences among individual members of the species about for differences in IQ test scores is pretty slim.


        • As for resistance and hostility from the world, I would give humanity the benefit of the doubt. People are generally rational about scientific discoveries. If Watson our any other researcher had discovered such a link, it would have been all over the news.


  2. Greetings, in cases of prolonged immersion speed, is very important if the causes for apathy for facts our to be correctly determined. Hereafter this assumptions of: Dr.James Watson, has to be abandoned. Although critics has its own hidden area’s in our society. I’am a firm believer that there is so much good within the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that its so hard to tell which of us, ought to reform the rest of us…Mr. Watson the next time someone is teaching racialists sociology, why don’t you get taught… Credibility/Submitted: Mr. Darrell Reid. CEO/PhD Mortuary Science Educator


    • I agree. The inferiority is bogus. The numbers can support this. Average IQs but that is due to how humans evolved after leaving Africa. Different needs in different societies. That does not correlate to inferiority. Everyone is equal in the grand scheme of things. To promote these ideologies only sparks a fire that is not necessary. America is already so divided due to a bunch of morons who dont value life for what it is.


    • True …………hence why the whites were the slaves long before blacks……………..tables were turned and now you want to whine and cry………….Shut up and take it like whites did……………Blacks should be ashamed and most are certainly a disgrace.

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      • White people were slaves by white people but that didn’t lead to racism and segregation. You weren’t a slave so shut the heck up and you didn’t have to deal with being killed because of your skin color and watch you race get brutally beaten and murdered for walking or peacefully protesting you are an idiot disgrace to the entire face of the Earth


        • White people were enslaved by Barbary pirate who were black Africans and Muslims Arabs long before blacks were ever slave in the new world. The word salve comes directly from the word Slav or the Slavic people. Meaning to say, whites were enslaved, in mass, for so long, that a word was created specifically for them, and that word is SLAVE. White women and girls for sex slaves/forced brides, male boys were castrated and made servant eunuchs, men were galley slaves and forced to live and work in subhuman conditions they just killed them out right. They were done this way primarily for their skin color. Because the darker races saw them as inferior.

          Not to mention, whites are the global minority and have always been. Everything you have been taught is to appease and appeal to black people to make up for the short period of time some of their ancestors were slaves and to try and keep the loud mouth, animistic heathens quiet.

          Modern blacks have never been enslaved in the US. But you tell a white person to “shut the heck up”? Tell the Negroids to shut the hell up.


    • The article is not about racism. Its about intelligence. Humans originated in Africa, some left and led to all the races we have now after thousands of years. These isolated years created change differently in each modern day race. The brains did develop differently. IQ determines how quick one can learn. Asians have the highest at 105, White are 102, African Americans and Africans are 88, Modern Day Mexicans are 87. There are averages, does this truly correlate to success or intelligence? That is debatable but there are numbers that support this. It doesnt mean superiority though. It is just how the human race evolved due to needs in the culture at the time.


    • Scientific research has shown that Neanderthal and Denosivan DNA, found in human populations outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, have numerous distinct advantages and disadvantages. Being pure is just another form of inbreeding with a smaller DNA gene pool to draw from. To insult all other people in the world as being impure, other than Sub-Saharan Africans, is just ignorant and wrong. Go get your 23&me DNA analysis and you will find that you most likely have some of the very same, “impurities,” that you are talking about.


    • Well Collin, you may have a certain degree of intelligence so thus I won’t dispute that, but I’m not going to hand you red roses and tell you everything is nice and sunny. I’m afraid that I have to say it… well, you’re slightly racist against white Anglo-Saxons; to a lesser degree at least.

      Good news is, you probably are made out of the right stuff to straighten yourself out and become a considerably better person so I still have hope for you.


  3. Is there anything to the rumor on numerous forums that there has been created in private labs an airborne deploy-able, silent symtom transmission bacteria that disrupts “African American” DNA sequences effectively eliminating any possibility of their future pregnancy? And that is already being deployed? Is there any truth to this?


  4. So his comments sound bad but discussing the research is avoided. What we ought to be asking is if there are truly problems that can be fixed and not be ashamed to fix them. Genetic differences are a fact though debatable about intelligence. Some research supports differences and some doesn’t. Of course no one wants to wind up on the down side. Genetics do make a difference physically in general between people especially, for example, when it comes to diseases. Watson does have a propensity for sick humor about it all but are we going to condemn studying genetics for all it has done to help us? Are we going to lie and say we never have laughed at the “stupid” people we know?

    All pc attack is really about of course is setting up one culture/group over another for political reasons. For example, based on this topic,promoting a case of bias against watson for lame remarks, substantiated or not, can be built into discrediting him. Any number of groups can use this in their own agendas, for example, islamists can construct an islamaphobe argument against this bad politically uninformed westerner. Overweight people, in the same way, can claim he is insensitive and politically incorrect. However, the research is still not addressed. It makes anyone who latches onto this pc stuff feel a little more righteously cozy with their own preconceived intolerance while they avoid looking at any facts as they kick the scapegoat.


  5. Linguists have pointed out that at least five Asian major languages are of African origins. They are:

    South Indian

    In fact, African texts “THE BOOK OF ANI,’ makes it clear that one group of Africans called the Anu migrated first to Mesopotamia, then to India, then all the way to Japan about 10,000 years ago. The Anu lived in the Sahara and Egypt and after warring with the rest of the Egyptians, they migrated eastward.
    The Chinese language comes from the super language called Manding-Kush. It is a proto-language that was spoken in the Sahara as early as 30,000 BC and is still a major language family today.

    Manding-Kush includes the Afro-Asiatic languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Tiginya), the Ba-Ntu language family, the Niger-Kordofanian, the Cushitic, the Manding-Shi (language of prehistoric Blacks of America, still spoken by Black American Indians like the, Yamassee, Gwele, Afro-Darienite, some Afro-Mestizas (Mandinga) of Mexico, Choco, Black Californian, Caracoles, Guanini and others; see “A History of the African-Olmecs,” published by also see

    In parts of Africa, particularly from Sudan to Senegal and from the Sahara to South Africa, there are thousands of names that are identical in sound to both Chinese and Japanese. For example, names like Kong, Cheng-cheng, Ming, Yang, Anyang (ancient Cameroon city), Kwango, Chu, Wong, Fang, Ndong, Deng, Ndongo (ancient kingdom of Angola) and others are all African names used today.


    Well some of us know that humans left Africa about 40,000 years ago (modern humans without any hair on their bodies) and migrated to Asia, Australia, India and Europe. In fact, the first people to leave Africa entered India. From India they moved into SE Asia, Australia. When the one-mile high ice sheet that covered Asia and Europe melted, they moved into Asia and Europe.

    Furthermore, looking at the faces of at least 25 percent of Africans in places like Sudan and Congo to South Africa, one clearly sees many features found in East Asian people and many found in East Indian people. In fact, the Kong-San of South Africa and tens of millions of Africans in the region where climatic conditions are as harsh as East Asia, do have similar facial characteristics as East Asians.

    Yet, Africans have had these features for over one million years (high cheekbones, epicanthus fold, ect., but black to brown skins, kinky hair, small to tall stature). Hence let’s say the Africans who migrated to China about 40,000 years ago had features like the Kong-San.

    Names and words that are identical and similar to Japanese words with similar meanings are found in parts of East Africa and in the Kalahari region of Nigeria.


  6. white people were incorporated into the Roman empire eventually…but that is only once the empire started expanding their legions northward moving all the way up towards Ireland. There were several slave led revolts that rampaged across Europe against the Roman empire by white tribes.

    So maybe you should do a little research yourself before spouting nonsense. Also I said that white people didn’t come in to power until AFTER the Roman empire fell…which is historically accurate. White people were the lower caste which is why they flocked to the new religion of Christianity as it was rising.


    • The term white is incorrect. Romans were Europeans, and thus also ‘white’ whether you like it or not. Your afrocentrism cannot negate historical fact little boy, keep living in denial. No Egyptians were not black, they were semites. And yes the first people on the planet were proven to be blacks by biology, all other races evolved from them, and civilization started in Sumeria before whites existed.

      Now you are trying to imply that makes whites savage, which is incorrect, the fact is that Europe had no indigenous people. Look up evolutionary biology, which proves that Europeans are in fact ancient Indians and Persians that migrated into Europe. You are attempting to imply that Germanic people are the only ‘white’ people, white refers to all native European ethnicities, of which Germanic people is only one. Try again you uneducated monkey.


  7. This is one of the reasons history is so convoluted in the U.S., our media entertainment uses white actors for ALL historical roles when truth be told no one would have been white at those times. Egyptians would have been of dark skin, it hosted several huge ports throughout it’s history connecting it to the Mediterranean and land trade routes linking to Ethiopia and Persia, all dark skinned. During the time of Moses white people would still be living far north in tribal systems and it wasn’t until the Roman empire started enslaving these northern tribes that white people were ever even introduced to the rest of the world, that would have been around 2500 years ago. The Romans were not white just like Moses and the Egyptians weren’t white, the Roman empire even had several African emperors. White people only came in to a position of power after the Roman empire collapsed and trade routes were cut off, and even then they were plagued by the Persian empire spreading throughout Europe and rampaging Vikings from even farther north throughout the Dark Ages. White culture only truly came to power with the rise of Christianity and Catholicism, which was about 1200 years ago.

    But since all our historical movies feature all white casts people confuse that with actual history. The Egyptians, Moses and the Israelite’s, the Roman empire, the Mediterranean, Persia…NOT WHITE.


  8. There is no shortage of articles offended by Watson’s comments..but I cant find one that explains the scientific basis for why he would think that black people are less,what has he found in the dna to suggest that to him? Should we not examine that before we judge him?


    • You’re implying there is no scientific basis because you refuse to accept the statistics. IQ is one scientific basis, history is another. Now you are probably going to regurgitate the idea that IQ is affected by poverty, which has been proven incorrect by Harvard. In the study they found that adopted white children raised by black parents from lower-class households, still significantly outperformed black children from upper-class households who are raised by both adoptive white, and biological black parents. You can look this up, there is the science for you.

      You reject science that does not conform to your political ideals, because liberalism is based on emotion, not logic.


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  10. I agree with Dr. James Watson. There has to be a genetic factor that influences intelligence. DNA factors into physical prowess. Blacks are the first to state how much stronger they are in sports, and I would tend to agree. However the DNA that feeds the muscle strength must deplete from another source. The other source that is paramount to survival is intelligence. So, Blacks are stronger, Whites are smarter.


    • I agree with you though its a highly controversial topic. Look at sports over the years and blacks have increasingly dominated in all where it comes to strength sports including timing and speed. They are not as involved in finesse and grace sports that work more with coordination and timing but less dominated by muscle but these may eventually may too eventually be dominated by blacks hastened by intermarrying. At this time such sports like swimming, golf and rock climbing may be more dominated by whites also due to environmental influences including resources. Genetic differences can also be seen in health as there are predisposition towards diseases based on race. Many studies support intelligence differences between races though there is still debate as to environment influences. However, i do feel that the bottom line will show that intelligence is greater with whites based on the sheer numbers of inventions compared to blacks. Though this is a very sensitive topic to some, good quality research should be done. There are many many exceptions to intelligence, however, as with teaching classes, i’ve witnessed the learning of whites and blacks in inner city classrooms and it would be shocking for some to see the major differences in general between races. Perhaps more motivation for blacks would help overcome some of the differences in general. Maybe we need to study those blacks who are exceptional with intelligence to understand better why this happens.


  11. Why goes so far as to “prove”? This indicates that you (caucasians) doubt whether you’re intellectually superior or not. Whites have ruled the world for less than 2000 years, there’s evidence of longer periods of conquests. The “black” slave trade was the whites biggest wealth building tool. The Chinese have no history of trading black slaves. They’ve built their empire on their own even though they’ve also started exploiting Africa and its people. This old white guy is obviously a racist or specifically hates “blacks”. My message to the white community specifically the Americans is, enjoy it while it lasts. Because the rest of the world is just waiting. Waiting … For your moment of weakness, where yawl won’t feel and look so smart….


    • So you say that China never had slavery? Or are you simply implying that slavery is only bad when it is slavery of blacks? Either way you look like an idiot. China didn’t exist long ago, it was many different countries that was conquered and united by a conqueror into one nation, through violence, same with Japan.

      If you want to see how badly the Han people were treated in China, look it up, you’d be surprised. Your liberal ideals regarding equality of races is an idea that stems from Europe, a stupid idea though. The majority of the black slave trade was owned by Arabs, in fact the main slaves of Europeans were Europeans and South Americans, get educated you cry baby. The difference is Arabs castrated their slaves, we did not, which was clearly a mistake.

      Blacks kill more blacks than Europeans, Arabs, or Asians. Keep blaming your shortcomings on others, that is a known trait of a coward with a low IQ.


  12. EVERYONE knows mr. Watson is right…everyone. Even blacks. One of the key aspects to understand blacks in a multi-racial society (and how it is an impossibility with them) is that they known they are less intelligent.


  13. At a time when the computer and video game industry was primarily filled with Caucasian males, Jerry Lawson was an innovator. He created the first cartridge based video game console (the Fairchild Channel F), designed of one of the first coin-op arcade games (Demolition Derby), was the head of Videosoft, an early independent developer for the Atari 2600, and the first African American in the video game industry to achieve such accomplishments.


  14. This is really sad… I mean can’t you black people handle the truth? So most of you are dumber than whites… who cares? Stop being insecure about it and try to change it. Insecure backhanded comments trying to discredit a NOBEL PRIZE WINNER’S findings isn’t helping you at all. It just shows how desperate you are really.. nothing in this article proved black people are as smart as whites.. all it did was show that the nobel prize winner liked attractive women. Awesome point man… Take a look at the statistics on black people. You will find statistically significant evidence to support the claim that black people have a worse GPA in all levels of school, drop out of high school much more often, and never attend/fail out/drop out of college much more frequently then white people. This is all DESPITE the government taking an active role in helping black people. I mean shit… black people have it easy. They can get into med school with a 3.25 GPA just as easily as a white man with a 3.75. I’m not even joking… Its ridiculous how easy black people have it yet are still claiming that the white man is holding them down… The white man is actually holding you up.. you (black people in GENERAL) are just too stupid to take advantage of it.

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  15. i am not stating that Jesus and mohammed are equal in name greatness, i am just stating that these are two big names that have a high competitive edge within the market of ‘faith’ and within these two names in the market of faith, there is no white man or white woman, and it doesn’t say in the bible ‘God created black adam white adam black eve white eve. the bible says God created adam and eve.’ get it right


  16. why does skin colour make any difference, when all human beings have the same brain regardless of where they’ve grown up or what nation they’re from or what culture they are practising, or what colour their skin is? science proves that all humans are the same, have the same brain regardless of race colour gender etc and i mean the material the creator made the brain is the same, the material of our skin is the same, the material of the water that holds our brain is also the same, the material of our organs and digestive systems are all the same. nowhere in history or science has there ever been proof that different coloured skin shows that it has and that it needs different scientific research. if white people was truly more intelligent than the black people, why was nelson mandela black? why is barack obama black? why is whitney houston black? and why is it that england white football team don’t have a good history of winning? why is it that a lot of these football teams are foreign men from foreign countries? why is it that england can’t even compete in any game or sport or talent shows against black people in america or anywhere else? why is it that black people stay younger longer and live longer healthier lives compared to white people who shrivel up and die early starting at the age of 50 where they all look like grannies and walk around with walking stick and can’t do anything, some even at the age of 30-40 already look like an old granny with early wrinkled skin? if truly white people was considered above and beyond everyone else, why wasn’t Jesus or Mohammed born and bred in a white nation? the two biggest names that are considered great to many a people, was never born in a white continent. where is this evidence he so is trying to prove? what does a christian science man like laurence tisdal have to say about this?


  17. Watson and all the white Bigot. I’m sure if he and them had any knowledge they would know that civilization started in Egypt. The original Egyptian where black African. The first university was in Timbuktu. Until the 11 century, before colonization. The white evil people enslaving and killing the blacks that they could not control. Black Africans where far more advance and European White’s people where starving in Europe. The wickedness of white people make them believe there are more intelligent that is a myth!!!


  18. Of course Black people are less intelligent when we spend a ton, or even an ounce of our time reacting to crap like this Dr. Jim Crow, that is exactly who he is, it’s just that simple and he got a Nobel prize for it, just like Obombya got one for peace even though the knee-grow did not do a damn thing to earn it – if that is how it is truly awarded, which it is not. Nobel created dynamite, not “explosives,,” he just took the Chinese firework to the level of WMD -White Manifest Destiny/Destruction/Desolation – like George “W-MD” Bush, followed by the knee-grow avenger, THN,Barack Obama, newly mented from lawn jockey status.


  19. Dr. Watson is telling the truth. I also find black-ink pens write more slowly than red and blue ink ones and black cake tastes worse than the lighter colored cakes. There is some ingredient in the ink, cake and black people that must be identified so that we can solve this problem.


  20. I always laugh when negros start chattering about places like Nubia. Yeah sure, negros invented the wheel, discovered gravity etc. etc. etc. Those are not the facts. Reality is the current African continent and the general criminality and brutish behavior of ghe sub human negro. Yep, that is racist and many whites believe it.


    • I always shake my head when ”superior” white PIGS go on a killing spree and savagely SLAUGHTER their next ” future IQ” in elementary classrooms in the universities amphitheatrers or in movie theatrers.

      I painfully smile when after every cold-BLOODSHED the white ”specialist ” SPITS out that the ”highest IQ” species are VICIOUSLY mutilating each other because they’re ”mentally ill” or their brains are not functioning properly.
      Did I hear that RIGHT? The brain of the ”superior human being” is not functioning properly!

      I find myself on the floor for laughing so hard when I hear another white ”expert” with a huge IQ I suppose RAMBLING nonsense such as we need to seize the GUNS in our society, ”superior” white society shall I say . Our people are dying at the hands of GUNS or Guns have violence, or we need to remove guns out of the WRONG people!

      Hello! Am I missing something here.

      How come the ”superior IQ” creatures can have CRACKS in their ”sane ” brain that are so deep that they’re mutilating each other day after day?

      How come the PALE pigs and the self – PROCLAIMED most ”fully -formed humans”, who claim to be ”inherently good” with the highest moral standards can have WRONG people among them?

      How come species which classify themselves as ”superior humans” and brag themselves to have ”self-control” over any natural instinct and impulse need guns to be taken away from them otherwise they are unable to contain their strong URGE to MURDER people or to stop the never ending vicious BLOODSHED? I have heard and read Whites claiming they have no animal and wild behaviour in them. Somebody else has them .
      Really ? Hum!
      I thought the PALE skin or the PING-GREY COLOUR of the Europeans is a VACCINE against any MORAL defect and failure, any CRIMINAL thoughts or hatred they may have.

      The same white PALE-face PIGS who call another HUMAN beings ”sub humans” and all criminals are constantly mass killing each other .
      The same who are RAPING and SODOMIZING their OWN little girls and boys behind close doors.
      A white girl revealed her white father violently RAPED her from the age of 4 until 12 before he gave her some break. The incestuous rapist father stops because the girl was developing breast and pubis hair. The pedophile white father told his 12-year-old daughter that she is now too old for him ! Indeed, this white male has just clarified the definition of CHILD rapist for those who are still puzzled by this amoral deviation.
      Other white girls were not so ”lucky”. Their fathers RAPED them from 4 or 6 until they reached the age of 17 or 18 . A white woman said she ended up killing her father who was molesting her and her younger sister. She had to serve 18 years in jail for that .
      A white male, Murphy, who called himself a priest RAPED and sodomized over 200 little boys whom he supposed to care for and protect.
      All I can say is whites know no shame that why they can still claim those self serving views and throwing around HATRED and demeaning words and names calling towards other Human beings.


  21. Basically theres only one acceptable answer to this question, and if you don’t get the answer right you’re a stupid, ignorant, hateful racist. The fact that all evidence points in one direction is irrelevant, people will come up with endless excuses. I’m not racist, I’m objective, I look at the facts and for me the conclusion is clear. But I’m just as happy to have a black friend as a white friend, because I judge people on an individual basis, and theres no difference to me between a nice white person and a nice black person.


  22. the whole race thing is silly actually. to think that there are no noticable differences in the races is rediculous. we all know that black people are better at jumping(white guys can’t jump). this of course is a generalization as for every rule there are many exceptions. its rediculous to think for all of the races that there would be no differences in brain function and such. different environments tend to cause diffent adaptive responses in the evelutionary process. i would look at what has been done by the groups of people through the eons for some indication of intillectual capacity and ability to shape the world around themsleves. There are differences between the sexes as well. the one thing to always remember is, we must never judge by first glances, as exceptions to the generalizations are abundant. Also especially in america, there is lots of interacial regenerations. but to look hard and close at the evolutionary products of the given people of the world, its easy to see there are differences. Personally i think the asians are overall the the smartest people, and i am not asian. we are all so scared to be something less than the best, or smartest. ever notice that the different breeds of dogs , they all have differing abilities,, and yes we say what the smartest breeds are, and its ok, becauses don’t care. people are always just trying to avoid any appearance of racial difference acknowledgment. its just politcal is all. but, don’t forget, most of the dog breeds are loved and have something special to bring to the world.

    its a intellectual exercise to have this debate, please don’t relegate it to something it not, bigotry.


  23. ABDUL you are HILARIOUS! Yes, the findings of a Nobel Prize winning scientists needs to be challenged by you, because you have so much more knowledge. Give us a break you idiotic subhuman!


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  26. How long are we as a society going to keep pretending that blacks aren’t less intelligent? It’s so painfully obvious, but everyone is too afraid of being called “racist” to admit that it’s true. Blacks are typically more physically capable than whites (I mean, come on, look at professional sports). And people have no problem admitting that — and shouldn’t: it’s obvious. Why can’t we just admit that whites are intellectually superior and blacks are physically superior. It’s not opinion or prejudice, it’s cold, hard fact. What percentage of professional athletes are black? A wide majority. What percentage of professors and doctors and PhD holders are white? Wide majority.


  27. I will take a word from a pioneer in DNA research over that of the (very biased) article author. Incidentally what professor said coincides with my personal experience of dealing with Ameri-Africans.


  28. The Southern Europeans of yore who devised the western civilization used to be far darker-skinned than now, and even sometimes as black as Africans, as can be seen on Etruscan frescoes and Moorish miniatures. But these dark-skinned Europeans were not Sub-Saharan negroes, against the latter which they were very racist, especially the Moors of former Morocco (their despise for negroes in countries such as Morocco and also Andalusia and Portugal had the result that with time they developed a preference for intermarriage with white slaves and preferential inbreeding towards clearer and clearer skin). Quite a few Egyptians were pitch-black (even though the mean population was quite of the same mean brunette hue than nowadays, and the ruling pharaoh elite whiter than present-day whites due to deliberate selection and skin whitening) but the paintings show that they considered Nubians as savages to be violently policed now and then. You could be then darker than many negroes but not a negro. There used to be in North Africa elephants of a domesticable variety as still can be found in India. It seems that south of Sahara all animal species, like the elephant, like the wild buffalo, like the wild dog, like the zebra which is the local donkey more or less, are of the more non-domesticable variety, including the human species. This makes the African black man (not necessary black-skinned) less tame, more savage, and thus harder to program into a more policed civilization as a herd animal, but not less human. Herodotus and others considered the Nubians and Ethiopians as closer to the spirit world, not more intellectual in the modern sense, a rather technical sense they would have despised as mechanical. They probably meant they had a greater aptitude to enter into states of trances and obey more directly to the spirit world, an aptitude that can still be enjoyed in the same parts of Africa in countless ceremonies of local and imported religions.


  29. It is possible that the confusion is over what can be intelligence. It is science fact that some groups measure statistically higher for some types of intelligence. This means there are more of some measurable types in some groups than others. This has been scientifically attributed to genetics. Notwithstanding, this is not to say that environment does not play a significant role. Additionally, most any group could conceivably define intelligence to benefit their group.


  30. What does it mean to be well adjusted in a pathological society?

    What does it mean to succeed and gain laurels in a culture based on war and conquest?

    I spent close to an hour reading the article and then all of the commentary…
    This page is certainly a fascinating sociological display.

    I will only say that I have studied the sciences a great deal, and I am very suspicious of the veracity of Genetics. It is an exceedingly young field, and much of the early work seems to be taking a lot for granted. It bothers me that so much of the genetic code is said to be “junk”…not merely redundant but, described as “static”.

    “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”…it is rather like a half cocked gun, the slightest jolt can set it off. Remember there is a vast abyss between the merely clever, and the wise.

    That being said, for centuries there have been legions of excuses for prejudice and fear of ‘other’. All such spurious theories eventually fall by the wayside, and are only upheld or revisited by those huddling in fear and loathing.

    Exceptionalism is always based on the biased thinking of the “exceptional”.



  31. The only offensive thing Dr. Watson did was to apologize for stating an obvious reality that is exhaustively substantiated with scientific evidence.


  32. if the africans were not less inferior they would have enslaved a less inferior race , truth is people get sensitive over the topic too much ,they dont see the big picture , like how can you say other societies were more advanced because of the era , its because of there creativity and if they were more creative then the others then the others became more creative then them its because of more complex reasons like in arab societies they lost the ability to express themselves cause islam grew so violent against them, african people get so sensitive even when seeing movies about slavery that were historically true and complain about making those movies , another thing slaves of course
    didnt like getting punished by there masters, it was cruel and thats what people think of when they think of slavery but a lot of slaves loved just doing what there masters told them to do and were fully convinced that the white man is a superior man and they should obey them, being protected, fed and sheltered was a better deal then freedom for a lot of slaves


  33. Why is it that when I search “niggers” on Google I get mountains of statistics asserting that they are inferior, but when I search “statistics proving blacks are equal to whites in intelligence”, dumb junk like this is all that pops up?


  34. Friends, I think it will be unwise to rush into judging Africans as less intelligent based on what Watson seems to put forward. This is Watson’s opnion and not the truth. Watson’s opinion needs to be questioned on the criterion he used to arrive at his conclusion, the validity and authenticity of his sources. We can not jump into conclusion with Watson because life, development and human history are dynamic.

    Formerly, Africa particularly Egypt was the centre of civilization to which Socrates, Plato, Aristotle (Greeks) went there to learn the secrets of knowledge. Let us remember that when Socrates came back from Africa (Egypt) to educate the Greeks children, they did not welcome him, because they accused him of corrupting the young ones. Aristotle on the other hand stole books from Africa which he inserted his name to claim the authorship. Plato acknowledged his visit and wisdom he got from Africa. We cannot forget these facts.

    Furthermore, the colonisation that took place in some parts of Africa was not for the good of Africa. It was exploitation, destruction of African civilization and raping of African resources both human and natural resources. During the initial colonial era, the colonial masters and their mother nations were stealing African resources to develop their countries, which today is still going on in the form of neo-colonization. For instance, more than 20,000 artifacts were stolen from Nigeria alone by European Countries. Today, the Government of Nigeria has asked European countries to return all the artifacts belonging to Nigeria which were stolen by Europeans. From this, you can imaging the number of resources Europeans stole from other African countries.

    Moreover, we cannot ignore the prejudice and baised attitude of the Europeans against the Africans in books and films. Europeans misrepresented Africans to the world in their films and writings to downgrade Africans. Africa is a complex continent which has been a mystery for Europeans to understand. But instead of making effort to understand Africa, Europeans ended up projecting their weakness, biased mind and inferiority complex on Africans. However, Africans are capable of adapting to any place in the world and living joyfully in any situation unlike Europeans who cannot endure, sustain tension, bear the challenges of life and ends up in committing suic……

    Finally, we need to keep in mind that there is no fixed date for a race to develop. Many nations who claimed to be world power in the 10th-18th century are no longer the world power today, because another race has taken over. Development or civilization is not a property of a particular race. This need to make us to think twice. Development is a process and requires time. America for instance has celebrated more than 500 years of independece. Today, how many African countries has reached 200 years of independence? With this in mind, it will be stupid to compare Africa with Britain that gained independence from Greece or America that celebrated more than 500 years of independence. Wait and be patient, African days are coming. It is not a matter of Africans are black or not black. In the first case, Africans are not black neither are Euro-Americans white. It is only those who are colour blinded/irrational can call Africans black and Euro-Americans white. In fact there is no black or white. person.


  35. How is it possible that intelligent people can not see this as true. Statistics tells us that we cannot use observational data to prove correlation. However, there are unbiased scientific studies that demonstrate that the brains of blacks and browns (people that lived in warm climates) developed differently over time then people that lived in cold climates. The sooner we understand this the sooner we will work harder to achieve. Until then, we will kill each other and argue about “how racist” science is.


  36. After working many years in multicultural organizations, i always felt that blacks had a shorter analytical intelligence (a limeted capability or perhaps abstract intelligence)… but changing my job to a English organization with no cultural diversity (England North East), I then felt the same about the whites. In the other hand, the more I grow, I now see my own culture very dump (latin)… I still belive black is the winer, but i strongly belive culture and diversity experiences plays a big part on how intellectual is developed. I dont realy know how genetics play part, however i belive human chemestry… and I also belive that genetics should some how… not quiet a black and white or jus a 1+1 = 2 thing…


  37. I have no issue with black people. I know everyone reading that is thinking ‘oh god a racist’ but it’s true. However it seems a bit painful to watch everyone dismantling the claims of a brilliant man when in fairness, he’s right. Intellect is not a measure of worth as a person but it doesn’t change the facts. White people don’t even claim the highest IQ, using the same tests that back Watson, the Asians come higher than us. There is evidence to confirm this. It’s not all culture, it’s not all upbringing, there is a genetic difference. Contrary to belief we are very different under the skin. Not better or worse but different. Read this article if it interests you, I found it enlightening, and try and look upon it as a scientist, dispassionately. This is an issue of science not belief. Emotion and prejudice have no place here.


  38. just look around your community and the answer is right there in your face. Look at where most white people work and what they do, look at where most black people work and what they do … It’s obvious.(it’s so difficult not to make a personal comment here). why are there so few black doctors,lawyers or even skilled labor? there is more mexican lawyers passing the state bar than blacks. There are more white doctors than mexican. It has been studied by science and just plain observation for decades. Through my entire life I have seen that more black people have problems learning and communicating.
    Even amongst themselves they pose more problems for each other when stuck in a civilized culture that they obviously want to get away from. Black folks just have a harder time in civilized countries. The same as trying to introduce a wolf to being domesticated as the common house dog, sure there will be a whole lot of wolves that do fine but the majority will always be wild and never fit in to being domestic animals. It’s nothing to be ashamed of because white people would pose the same problems if they all moved to Africa. White people would try to “help” them evolve to a civilized way of life and would be bounced out of Africa because they just would not act like animals. Had the Africans been introduced to civilized cultures thousands of years ago such as the domesticated dog they would probably be further along. Just give the Africans that are stuck here a few hundred more years and maybe thiings will change. But first they have to get past holding whitey responsible for bringing them here and realize that their ancestors were released from slavery and offered the opportunity to return to Africa free of charge which most of them refused and stayed anyways just to spend the next 300 years blaming the white man that nolonger takes responsibility for keeping them here.
    Aztecs were more evolved than Africans, Africans are a different breed of humans than the evolved breeds such as white,Asian, etc. Again nothing to make fun of or be ashamed of it’s just easy to see.


  39. There a Book that is written by James Wilson that pointed to a study that took place that when they changed the discription of the test to written pizzles and never changed the IQ tests but the discription of the test that was being taken. Blacks scored at the white students level and above. It appears to be a lie but claims he has the evidence to back this up. If this is true why would blacks improve greatly on an IQ test when they don’t know that they are taking one?


  40. It has not been proven that egyptians were black. There is evidence egypt was multicultural, with the dominant group being – you guessed it – caucasoid.

    They used negroids for slaves. I’m not kidding. You might not want to identify with a people who had pharoahs that, according to depiction, hounded black africans with dogs for sport.


  41. You people. I swear to God, this what political correctness does.

    There is nothing wrong with what Dr. Watson stated. White americans experience the truth of his words thousands of times each day. The truth of it is literally right in front of our faces at all times, but you all dance around it, and ask for “proof” like a bunch of brain-dead idiots.

    It’s called common sense and dash of basic human intuition. If 90% of the blacks you meet can’t answer a single basic math question, it’s not the ghettos or poor education. It is because they are black, and their brains are built differently than ours. The end.


  42. Lighter skin allows more UV, so more vitamin D than darker skin, vitamin D helps with absorption of calcium. Calcium is a key regulator mitochondrial functions. The heart relies mainly on mitochondrial metabolism to provide the energy needed for pumping blood to oxygenate the organs of the body. Black people are more prone to heart disease, see the connection?
    If calcium deficient, mitochondrial efficiency is reduced, reducing the efficiency of cells of the mediums of perception(eyes, ears, tongue etc.) knowledge is gained through perception.
    Lighter skin means less vitamin D is required in the diet, which means lighter skin is more cost-efficient in terms of groceries too(if you target nutrients).


  43. Dear Bloggers. I have been following your discussions with interest, throughout. It is truly a volatile issue. As this discussion is quite mature it does give the opportunity for statistical analysis. This I did tonight as it seemed that there was a distinct skewness to the respondent answers. For the sake of analysis I will refer to the pro-Watson group as right-wing and the opposition as the left-wing (at the risk of being labeled conformist). On analysis of all the blog responses, the following statistics are logged (evaluation can be skewed due to subjective judgement);
    – 87% of Left-wing responses are focussed not on intellectual advancement of the argument at hand, but rather on personal attacks aimed at the previous respondent.
    – Only 21% of right-winged responses show the same.

    This leads me (as possibly an objective observer) to conclude that the majority of right-wing participants would like the discussion to follow rational, logical discussion. In order to promote this I suggest that the administrator opens a new blog aimed at intellectual advancement rather than emotional outbursts. Responses should be based on scientific principals and facts and any personal attacks or irrational responses should be banned.

    I do believe this will advance this discussion and avoid us getting bogged down in personal vendettas.

    Your views on this would be appreciated.


  44. Anyone whose skin color and facial features as hideous as that of Dr. Watson cannot be superior to anyone.
    Dr Watson use of the term “us whites” suggest that he is an insecure racist ass. What is a white person? No one wants to be white, Some what the allusion associated with it. There is too much information available on the internet for such ignorance.
    As for those Black immigrants who suggest that you are better than African Americans, I put you in the same category as Watson. Check our real history.


  45. This is pure nonsense,and the fact that such politically incorrect claims can come out of the mouth of an ‘esteemed scholar’ of the establishment without any proof backing the claim is a testiment of the overall ignorance of European society. For one,the hurdles standing between the suppressed intellect of blacks and that of whites are:
    1.The 400 yr. economical headstart the ‘settlers’ and ‘pilgrims’ have on the descendants of black slaves in the New World.
    2.Willie Lynch propaganda on up to the modern social engineering imposed on the American Black Psyche as a collective and individually.(Psychological Warfare)
    3.The institutionalized forms of religion,as well as edited history with all African/Kushite/Egiptian/Moorish contributions omitted from the records,along with the collective collusion of whites.
    4.The separation of blacks from their original customs,tongue,traditions,etc.
    The problem is really too complex for most Albion’s to perceive and observe,unless they are in cahoots at the root.But those responsible are pretty much the same powers that the liberal whites are occupying wall street on,calling the Illuminati, etc.
    Fact is that the genetic community as a whole are in agreement that the homo-sapien branch of humanity began with the Pygmies of Uganda.That means that every other sub-species evolved from apes (Neanderthal,Vikings,Norse,Celtics,Peking,
    Monks) were only homo-erectus until crossbreeding with Blacks Hindu or African at some point.
    In the AMORC you learn that all the great Greek minds Plato,Socrates,Herodotus paid homage and gave tribute to Egypt where they learned all of their knowledge,and in the Journals of Herodotus he identified the ancient pre-dynastic Egyptians as black.
    The Arabic superiority that ushered in the European Renaissance was none other than Black Islamic Moors from Mauritania…
    And yet an acclaimed Nobel Peace prize winner and all of this flunkie lackey supporters missed all of this in college…hilarious.


    • I’d also like to add that black employee performance compared to white employee performance is parallel to a black athletes performances vs. a whites… superior. Our use of minimal resources/maximum efficiency, natural ingenuity,etc. The only way it would not be so is to mismatch a entry-level black with a college-educated white…matched up equally-never so.
      I worked as a grill cook where there was only two cooks-a white guy and myself..this dude was ALWAYS coming in late,not cleaning the vents and grills (even when ordered by management)and overall rude to the waitresses when they needed help at the bar with kegs and cases,etc.Everyone just chalked it up as his ‘bad boy’ persona….OK.
      I also worked at a magazine firm where there was only two graphic designers,a Spanish guy and myself.He wasn’t nearly as bad as the cook,but he managed to get hired three months prior to me on false expertise and got fired for incompetence a few weeks after I got there and doubled his work output…
      Basically the black employee is intellectually inferior claim is insane as he looks….
      Maybe what white America should consider is that black employees slack over time on a job once its evident their performance will not be rewarded with raises or promotion. On top of realizing we can’t be fired outside of policy without unemployment compensation….so we create a stalemate scenario where there is no win.How about them apples?


      • Your experience is not proportionally representative of society as a whole. The fact that you were a more efficient cook or graphic designer not only has no evidence backing your preposterously racist statement that black people are superior athletes and workers. Yes in certain sports you are physically superior but not others, and the fact you work harder than some of your colleagues certainly does not prove that black people as a whole work harder.

        Furthermore none of your arguments are relevant to the issues at hand. Early civilisations have no bearing on modern intelligences or society and Watson’s comment about workers ‘which you’d know if you’d checked instead of reacting’ was not referring to their efficiency. In fact he stated that he had recently hired a black girl and was trying to hire equally but at his level there simply weren’t many black applicants.

        I find it amusing that you would slam him as a racist when he makes a tactless yet valid statement yet respond by making racist, reactionary statements of your own.


    • What’s nonsensical is the reaction to it. He simply stated a fact. The only other nonsensical thing was his subsequent apology.


  46. “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages you’ve had” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


  47. abdul kargbo
    listen brother,
    when there will be competition between diffrent geogriphical human resource
    both you and i will sit together see what is happening without negleting the data.moreover u have accept that people living in different geogriphical region evolve differently.
    but if u dont accept it but u will see its a prediction


  48. jamal anwar
    abdul kargbo,
    listen brother,you feel that you are correct leave its globalised and competitive world. the population is growing is growing human resource which are more intelligent
    (scientific field beacause every field in this world has been effected by science )
    will beat the inferior one.both you and me will sit together and see which geographical part human resource are overlaping the collect the data and analyse.


  49. I know these claims speak half to Race and half to Geography, but what happens to individuality? Why should diasporic sub-Saharan Africans or anyone else even regard this study and let it define them. It would be foolish to internalize this and suppress your thought- process because someone told you there was a limit to your capacity for mental creativity. Even if Dr. Watson is talking in a general sense, I don’t think he made claims that there’s no such thing as an African genius or a Caucasian idiot.

    The problem with everyone in general is that they all identify with their own skin colours. whether they admit it or not or whether they even realize it or not. Would anyone make these claims and have anything to argue about if all humans were Green and had a single culture regardless of Geography?

    Guilt on behalf of race arises from the same consciousness as racial supremacy. People who work towards “success” in their society as a way of overcoming stereotypes, do so from the same drives as people who wrongly accuse others of racial discrimination when things aren’t going their way, or just perpetuate stereotypes because their lives revolve around their skin colours. genders, sexual orientations or whatever else. ( I never said which race does which)

    How many of us are actually offended by this “scientifically proven” statement as humans, regardless of our own physical attributes. How many people work in professions that work towards the upliftment of humanity as a whole as opposed to self-serving careers and jobs.


  50. Il est facile d’établir que vous êtes passionné par l’objet. Vous le traitez avec assez de pertinence. Votre analyse est attrayante à parcourir. La teneur de l’analyse est raisonnée. Merci à vous et bonne continuation.


  51. You people who are claiming he’s racist are idiots. He clearly says that he derived his claims from tests, so you’re basically accusing test results of being racist. Granted, he could’ve found a less offensive way to say it, but give the guy a break.

    It’s not like he’s saying that Africans are an inferior race, he’s just saying they’re different. It’s like being called racist for saying that Asian people are shorter, or that white people are white. They’re just facts.

    Racism isn’t saying that there aren’t any differences whatsoever between the races. That would be ridiculous, as there clearly are. Racism is saying that one race is superior to another.


  52. Just to let everyone know, the humans who are now known as “Caucasoids” and “Mongoloids” were originally of Africa. They had the same cranial shape, skin pigmentation, hair texture and structure. Around 250,000 years ago, these people had begun to leave the continent of Africa to settle into other continents. Most of them mated with the remaining Neanderthal population and eventually they caused the extinction of the Neanderthals. That is why the Mongoloid and Caucasoid races have 1-4 % Neanderthal DNA. These two races had adapted to their new surroundings, by developing: straight hair, lighter pigmentation and different cranial sizes and shapes. So what you the certain ‘racists’ are saying is that if the remaining African population moved out of Africa we would have been “smarter” and better because of our skin color. What if the Caucasoid and the Mongoloid people had not moved from Africa, the would be “Africoid”. Basically, the Caucasoids and Mongoloids who are poking fun at Africoids are only hurting themselves, because in truth they are Africoid in ancestry. How does skin pigmentation suddenly make you better than someone else?

    I can agree that African Americans basically do not score as high as Caucasian students, because they do not have the opportunity, they have to build from scratch. Black people have had to face so much stress, that it affects you as a whole. Caucasians own America, they don’t have to worry about the same things African Americans do, because they did not face the same racism and hardships.

    Then again racism has also been within the Caucasian population. The Germans and the Jews. The Romans and the Germanic people had also been racist towards each other.

    We should all focus on being better people.

    Intelligence is a word that is seldom understood. The Romans and the Greeks did what they had to do to survive, and so did the African peoples. In fact there are many things Africans know that Caucasians don’t know, and there are things that Caucasians know that Africans don’t know.

    If you check the 2000 American Census, you’ll see that African immigrants are beat every other “race” in terms of academics. Check if you want.

    The point is God created us human and in his likeness, let’s build from that!



  53. Hello all,

    I am 20 years young. white male, middleclass, american.

    I was not brought up racist i was brought up with love and kindness my heart was forged with such things.

    I do not hold any religion to my name nor higher power above me.

    Over the years growing up i never noticed “diffrences”
    when your a kid you dont have time for such things there is to much to do, so much to explore, and so little time to play.

    As the years went by I started to change, started to take the time to question many things. race, religion, intelligence.

    as the days go by i notice more and more patterns to the modern human and its many groups.

    some aggrivate me more than others. more often the patterns of those not of my color, race, sex and creed

    it frightens me to think that i will live my life this way with such dislike and a possible hate growing in me
    I have come to the conclusion of one sure thing about humanity. we all hate eachother. weather you want to admit it or not we have all felt a burning flame in our soul. a dislike for our neighbor. we know its not healthy and we know it will only hurt. but we shouldnt let it get us down.
    idk if im making any sense

    i could give examples of very frequent occurences that ignite this flame.

    -People who look to be from regions of the middle east or india tend drive poorly.(not that it matters its just annoying)
    -Black american youth have poor table manners. (not that it matters…its just annoying)
    -Spanish girls have shitty attitudes(not that it matters its just annoying)
    -middle eastern elders always try to haggle at places of set price sales. (not that it matters its just annoying
    -Hispanic people are very aggressive when it comes to there herritage….if i was to say i was happy about being white it would be wrong in every sense of the statement ( not that it matters its just….ahh well)

    you see i can not tell if these things are so petty that i should turn away because they make me very aggrivated. and over time when this happens again..and again and again. it makes that flame burn harder….think about it people

    im not religious but i understand it is spiritually healthy to love your neighbor….sometimes i just find it hard…..dr watson is old of another time im young weather you older people want to accept it or not racism is a dying thing it will have to be explaned to children in 50 years in america. maby we should just let it die and forget about it. the world would be better off.


  54. This is another pitiful attempt to justify racism. The fact that some people are attempting to defend Watson’s statements makes it clear that there are still plenty of people living with the fantasy that one race is more intelligent than another. It’s also pretty sad to see people arguing that its not really racist because he doesn’t advocate discrimination against black people. The “I like black people even though I think they’re inferior” argument doesn’t stop you from being a racist. You people are pathetic for buying into this nonsense.


  55. copernicus
    gaileo galilei
    charles darwin
    albert einsten
    james watson…the truth teller

    Watson was telling the truth. science is free search for truth.
    Watson was just telling the truth.


  56. Watson says he thinks that Africans are “intellectually” inferior and his motive is to correct the problem. Since it ‘is’ obvious that people evolved differently due to their separate geographical environments then we should accept his statements as non-racist claims- because he doesn’t say that Africans are completely inferior genetically, just in the intellectual, brain department. If someone is stronger at sports, but not as smart academically it doesn’t mean that they are inferior genetically. It also doesn’t change the fact that they will be less likely to be in the top 1/3 of their graduation class. In my medical school class how many people would you think are of African descent? Middle eastern? European?
    Would you guess 2 or 3 blacks/Africans out of a 100?
    This would be the correct number.
    Okay, so how about the whites who may have African genes mixed in? Well, you may have an argument, but the problem with mixing the races is that people assume that when you’re 25% african and 75%european that the 25% african genes should make you dumber if african genes indeed equate to intellectual inferiority. However, I would think that when a European inherits african genes related to cognition -and cognition alone I might ad- that perhaps these genes are spliced and diced (crossovers) in such a way that it does not hold the kind of support one would need to have an argument that negates Watson’s premise.

    Therefore, I think Watson is just trying to help the world and make people smarter…maybe he wants people to find more cures for brain diseases, since he’s pushing a hundred years of age? Would you think a man of his age,wealth, intellect and popularity would just wake up one morning and decide to be racist? This is a man who has worked with many blacks in his time and probably has many black friends. I think his motives are far from what has been fabricated. Okay, so he said that employees may have had their dealings with Africans in the work place. Maybe there are numbers that show who is more likely to get fired and he’s referencing this. I think he was making a point about intellect and not about genetic superiority, which are two different balls of wax. I think it’s better for me to give an example of how the media has not attack Michio Kaku for saying something about hip hop or how our hip hop generation “might not make it”. It’s practically the same statement that Watson said in regard to the african employee work performance, which was in the context of african genes versus european genes. Did Michio Kaku (renowned american physicist/string theorist) get called a racist? Where’s the hype? There is no hype about it, because he is not a white male. The media would dare to attack an american asian scientist and call him or her a racist. It just wouldn’t hold up in this country.
    Why would Watson, especially at his age, apologize and say that his words have been taken out of context,etc. ? It’s a shame that the media twists this around so much just because they want to have the appearance of being fair and balanced. It sounds like many have been duped into believing Watson is a bad man. The media likes to point fingers and make him seem culpable. This is a psychological persuasion tactic straight out of the text book (I know because it was my second major in college). Try it out on your enemies today.


  57. We evolved different color skin, different size and shaped skulls, and are different in every possible physical way, but we are exactly the same intelligence??? Of course not.


  58. Well.. to who wrote the blog..and all the comments… you all may hate what he has to say.. but he has the right to say have the right to judge it as you see fit…

    ..of course it goes without saying though, that James D. Watson has accomplished more in his life then the writer of this article, and all the people who left comments ever will.

    I mean seriously.. he has a nobel prize..and the guy who wrote the blog.. has a…blog…

    nuff said.


  59. African Americans are the greatest athletes in the world,
    and some of the greatest musicians too. Is anyone going to argue with that? Is that a racist statement?

    However, the good Dr. is right. For proof, look at every
    continent on the planet. Africa comes in last in almost every positive achievement category you can name. I am not a racist, I am a realist. I like Obama, I think he is doing a much better job, than George W. Bush or Clinton did, no comparison. But there will always be “exceptions to the rule” and he’s half white.. I also realize Africans are about 20 percent of the US population, yet commit at LEAST 50 percent of the crime.
    US cities are a nightmare in some sections, because they have a large black population. Thats how the suburbs were created, did you ever hear of “white flight”. Whites left the cities in large numbers in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s to
    get away from blacks, just like the blacks migrated north
    to get away from the south in the 30’s and 40’s. At the end
    of the day, we are all human, different and varied in some
    respects, some stronger, some smarter. Wouldn’t it be
    a boring place without all the variety ? The things that make us the same, are much more important than the
    things that make us different.


  60. noooooo. black people are not less intelligent. I am black and have an IQ higher than any other white student in my class. Please stop generalizing all black people because some of us are a lot smarter than some whites.


  61. Not only do we see a strong desire to fade the reality that balcks, on average, are far less rational than Asian and White folks, this fact is also all too obvious when we observe our society and those of Africa.

    I lived in Kenya for 3 years and also traveled throughout Africa, and the level of stupidity, the inability to anything right is, absurd.

    The only question should be: is it better for the world to be ignorant of basic facts (like the average black folks) or be highly intelligent and abuse nature and create detrimental levels of pollution that kills us all?

    Only deseprate, idiots who ignore the fact that it only takes one trip to the “Hood” to learn that there is HUGE difference in intelligence argue the fact (to serve their ego): to be “good” en thus act like imbeciles as one glance at the row of fat, latargic, ape-look humanoids called AA’s should do the trick….and if that doesn’t do it, go visit the local prisons…

    So, in the end, for the world it is best to be an ignorant black person as they have not produced anything helpful or devastating like bombs…thus the nigger wins.


  62. Well I guess this nobel prize winner sure lacks intelligence or is it that perhaps he is a black albino. Lol.

    Summerians (blacks) – invented writing

    Egyptians (mixed with black) – invented mathematics and science plus all of the other technological and artistic invention that later was adopted by the Greeks

    Paper (pulped paper developed in China, papyrus adopted from the Egyptians by the Greeks) – Were these people white? Don’t think so……

    Gun Powder (chinese) – Oh wait, was the inventor of one of the most revolutionary inventions in our history white? Nope.

    So what is now our precious Nobel prize winner talking about. I guess his intelligence went to his feet on this one.

    By the way, I am white but I recognized that the world’s most precious inventions were not created by whites.


  63. Its actually sickly how typical this thread has become, im really no longer interested in this Watson guy or the topic at heart, im just astounded that the basic notion of this whole drawn out thread is that if you don’t disagree with Watson then your a racist, simply pathetic.

    And then it gets better, you get a supposedly African guy who agrees with Dr Watson’s theory, and sadly none of you people can pull your security blanket race card and your suddenly left fumbling for words.

    Quite laughable and I would definitely put this thread at the top of the list for examples of contemporary stupidity and ignorance.

    To Abdul: you need to address Subfives final and somewhat lengthy response he gave you on August 17th 2008, it appears you conveniently forgot to tackle that one.

    Ok now cue the ‘Grape your an idiot and a racist’ comments even though ive not said anything about the comments of Dr Watson, I just love seeing the predictability of online debaters, so please stay true to form 🙂


  64. I don’t know what to say, I cannot really say anything on this topic as it’s completely out of my bounds though I have the mere curiosity to follow up comments of such statements about intelligence of one race over another.

    @Holly, are you stating that Abdul is not as learned as he is seen to be because he took ‘a complex socioeconomic issue and turned it into a debate about color of a person’s skin’.

    Correct me if i’m wrong, I am not at all that bright in this area and especially when involving such ‘complex socioeconomic issues’ as you call it. But didn’t Dr J Watson just state that Black people(collectively covering Africans and African Americans) are less intelligent, intellectually inferior to other races? Whether this is a complex socioeconomic issue I don’t really know, but to me this statement was always about race and not skin color, and Abdul clearly is not dealing with skin color in any of his posts, but rather race. Just go through his post again and correct me if i’m wrong, this isn’t about darker skinned people, its about black people(African Americans and Africans).

    @Poor Africans, as a first hand African I can assure you the drive to learn is there in African countries is evident. People here, for example in South Africa and in Zimbabwe(countries I have been to and especially me being Zimbabwean) education is taken very seriously in modern communities both rural and urban (yes we do have urban communities, I am stressing this because you generalization about Africa is so inaccurate to a point where I find it offensive. In most cases, we are willing to learn, despite the hardships we meet, that the political situation forces on us, the lack of privilege and resources we are determined to overcome it all and work toward a better life.

    It’s almost our second nature now, the first is survival, struggling your way through the very hardships of everyday life even in trying to do what would be seen as a simple task. I am one of the fortunate one who is was born on a fairly safe piece of land and therefore had it easy compared to some people. Some people cannot even access the internet we take for granted from time to time, some will have never seen a computer in their life.

    We are held back by the circumstances under which we live, whether it is political oppression, war, civil violence etc. all these factors limit us to what we can do to change our world, but if the government in Zimbabwe for example was to be uprooted from the very roots of the beloved country, and a new system focused on social equality (in terms of class and power) the country would really prosper,despite all that has happened, people continue with their day to day lives working hard for their families and for a better future, you should read some amazing success stories in Africa of some people who came from extremely hopeless backgrounds and yet they make it. Africans are indeed ambitious, unfortunately,our own leader turn on us and betray us so that only they benefit, it is sad but true.

    I cannot say much about African Americans as I can barely relate myself to them, totally different backgrounds!!! I have to pick up on a point that has come up several times on this blog yet no one has challenged it, who says that “Asians are more intelligent than white people?” Really, why do we all generalize, to me the human species all the way down to an individual, all races have a fair share of their incredible people i.e. Martin Luther King, but the one thing we tend to forget is that we all ARE human, regardless of race, color or backgrounds.

    I for one will not accept this statement unless there is evident scientific proof of the statements that Dr J Watson said and am deeply concerned if there was no scientific proof nor any research to support this. While as an ambitious young man applying for college for September, I am deeply hurt that we continue to be put down because of our race. I mean look at the academic performance of those who do manage to study in the US, Europe or Asia.

    Declaring an entire race, no two entirely different races (since Africans and African Americans are of completely different backgrounds though initially were from the same place) as inferior one way or the other is a huge generalization, I do not think all blacks are better at sport than other races, I for one am not athletic at all.

    Our problem is that we generalise everything, and when we generalise, we divide, and from that conflict occurs. All the wars in history can be reduced to be nothing more than some guy wanting power, it seems this is all we are good at, pursuing power by oppressing others. I am aware that this also is a generalisation that I made, but this is just something we have to deal with, I for one will not separate myself from the rest. We are all in this world together, to look after the environment, improve our own living standards and manantain our beloved planet’s health. I daresay sometimes I feel so ashamed of the human race, we claim to be superior, intelligent, yet we continue to fight among ourselves in the dog eat dog world that we are all responsible for creating.

    I could even go as far as stating that this planet would have been better off without us. We argue about animals being savage, uncultured yet we cause the most harm to the environment that we live in, and for what? What is gained by destroying an ecosystem that has existed before we even came to be, we can be just selfish and no more ignorant than any other mammals, except that the mammals do what they have to to survive, they don’t waste, they don’t pollute, they follow the circle of life. We try to be better than that, yet we end up following the same instincts with far more destructive consequences.

    Our world is dying, people are suffering disasters all around the world, people are dieing of deadly epidemics, people are still being oppressed in the 21st century, slave trade is still evident to some extent(believe me it is, just look up on google (and this is nothing about black or white, this is about women being used as sex slaves, children being used in war as pawns etc.) Not much has really changed, I can even go on to conclude that the human race as a whole is incapable of evolving, for if we really are, don’t you think we would still have problems that we have today? Humanity would have learnt that indeed everyone is equal, therefore no on should be oppressed, manipulated, deprived of their rights, seen as inferior. The human race would have united as one, but what is happening?

    Our world is suffering from all the abuse it was subjected to, and all we care about is which group of people is the most intelligent? In the end everything is not what it seems, the world is not as divided as we make it. Birds do not restrict themselves to one small part of the world, they go around the world as they wish, but we, the humans, the superior species can have trouble going to another piece of land, just cause we were not born there, or we were born on the wrong piece of land, this is all it is to me. For us to claim that we are indeed superior, we need to really up our game!!!
    Excuse any mistakes and grammatical errors for I didn’t have time to structure this essay I guess and go through it thoroughly.
    Interesting discussion overall, covers a very sensitive issue to this day, is quite educative of people’s perceptions, so here is mine. I must thank Abdul for starting this blog discussion, it is very interesting indeed and it is really something we need to think about and get our heads straight. No pointing fingers is needed, we just need to as a human race straighten our own individual views, we need to rid ourselves of the ignorance that we nurture in our hearts about other people of different backgrounds from us. We need to open our hearts and acknowledge one another for our individual qualities, and give each other a chance to understand one another, for that is the only remedy of our dying world, once we unite, we will make a difference, we will save this world, for our future generations to enjoy in piece and love.


  65. Oh Mr. contemptuous white man Watson
    So obsessed with the Negro/Black race
    Who’ve done nothing to interfere with your race’s progress?
    In-spite of the egregious crimes they continue to receive from your race.

    Your race have broken their limbs and had them working shoeless for your pleasures
    While you sat idly, contriving evil malicious deeds.
    Then after they allowed you to take all the glory for their free labor
    You still call them lazy brutes, unwilling to pull up boots, they never owned.

    You claim they’re emancipated from your plantations
    Yet your Prison Industry is fast becoming a privatized scam
    Compelled to remain full at all times
    So that stockholders can see worthwhile gains.

    And while you’ll vote for the privatization of prisons to warehouse black men for profit
    You’ll use all your might to prevent Universal health care or good universal education For those you claim are inferior, since they do poorly on your tests.

    You use their tax dollars to construct your racist conclusions
    While refusing to refund them any portion of the compounding dollars they enabled
    From the centuries of free labor their ancestors amassed.

    But you who inherited the great benefits of their free labor and profits from their unjust incarceration
    You who had the privilege to use your time to stir up malicious trouble and hostility
    Have the nerves to point out (as a sign of inferiority) the understandable discrepancies that must exist.

    Haven’t you learned anything from the story of the dinosaurs?
    Who were the strongest and fittest, as all others have enabled you to be?
    Can you not see that it’s you who are marked for extinction in twelve and two thousand?
    Since you’ve caused too much trouble, trauma and drama for the rest of mankind?

    You are vicious, malicious and blood thirsty
    Endlessly trying to disrupt the harmony amongst all groups of mankind
    You’re addicted to invading other’s territory and stealing their land and resources
    Then pitifully ask why they hate you so?

    Don’t you understand that nature thrives on harmony in diversity?
    And that your insatiable greed for all of earth’s treasures won’t work for long?
    As humanity’s youngest, its your turn to evolve technologies from where you found it.
    You’re not starting from scratch without role models like the Negroes you so hate,
    Whose monuments still stand today, though you’ve relentlessly tried to deny them such credits too.

    It is now a scientific fact that the DNA Primacy you fostered is dying
    Perceptions and beliefs are the controllers of Biology not genes!
    Consequently, it is understandable that Negroes who’ve for so many centuries endured your unceasing oppression and disruptions
    Would develop their Flight/Fight mechanisms over academics
    Since all life-forms are inherently endowed with enough sense to do focus on measures for survival foremost and first.

    So the fact that Negroes might do worst on Westernized academics should not be surprising to any.
    After all; every Negro from cradle to grave lives in a world where he perceives constant oppression and siege.
    What should therefore be highlighted is not their academic weakness.
    But instead, it should be their ability to survive your constant attempts to tarnish and control their minds.

    The pure Souls of Negroes you’ll never succeed in exterminating
    Something that you don’t seem to possess
    So Mr. black-obsessed, black-hating white man Watson
    Before 2012, use your time to cleanse your un-redemptive Soul


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  67. Wow. It astounds me that such an apparently learned man could take such a complex socioeconomic issue and turn it into a debate about the color of a person’s skin.


  68. Of course there are exceptions to the general thesis. But, why are so many blacks upset about scientific discovery? It seems all they (the ignorant blacks, because again I’m black) do is sit here and try to justify their intelligence. If you are productive members of society and make good money there is no reason to be upset at this article or these postings.


    • Klinky Klonk,

      Thanks for your comment and for keeping this conversation going.

      Quick question: in your comment, you refer to “scientific discovery.” For the benefit of me and my readers, would you be willing to share some of this discovery with us, particularly that which proves that “race”—i.e., skin color—is actually a factor in individuals’ intelligence to the exclusion of social, economic, nutritional, and other factors.


      • There was a study conducted by a team of scientists at UCLA last year that seemed to indicate that Intelligence has strong genetic basis:

        It is probably the first study to analyse genetic and environmental factors that affect brain fiber architecture and its genetic linkage with cognitive function.

        If so then Dr Watson may be correct after all (I’m referring to his original statment which he has since retracted). What has not been disputed in what I’ve read so far is that on tests of intelligence, Blacks systematically score worse than Whites, whereas Asians frequently outperform Whites. Yet I never hear Whites complain. Its irrelevant whether the tests are eurocentric or not, as they applied to those born in America which is a predominanyley eurocentric culture. There is no excuse, as with Africans, for African Americans to complain about results of these tests no taking into account their “culture”.

        Why is that Black Africans were the only group so far in human history to be subjected to slavery on such a huge scale? (slavery of Jews by Egyptians was a myth with no scientfic proof it ever happened). I haven’t come across any other group of indigenous people suffering such wide scale slavery. Isn’t it sad that Africa is a continent that seems to be deteriorating? Willigness to learn is one aspect of intelligence. Unfortunately it seems a majority of Africans are not willing to learn. For those Africans that have an education, I am happy for you. There’s no need to demonstrate your level of education to me by writing a fluid and grammatically excellent response to my thread. I’m not questioning you’re intelligence, I’m questioning why there isn’t more of you.

        There is no smoke without fire and so maybe there is something in Dr Watson’s comments afterall.


        • “Asians frequently outperform Whites. Yet I never hear Whites complain.”
          True, BUT white people aren’t being discriminated against and aren’t stigmatized.
          What matters is NOT to discriminate against people on the basis of race. Whether there are genetic differences in intelligence between races is IRRELEVANT to how black people are treated.
          If you are white, just think how you would feel if someone thought you were dumb because you aren’t Asian! It would be unfair and grossly stupid – there are plenty of white people who are score better on IQ tests than most Asians.
          If there are genetic differences in average IQ between races, they are nowhere near big enough to justify making decisions on the basis of race!


    • Hello Klinky Klonk,
      I’m asking my self what that name means,you may help me and let me know.
      I’m so glad that you hold-is it a Phd or whatever Ms it is,congratulations upon it!?

      At such a period in time and historical realities,even if you hold a triplets of doctorates and hold an endeared commentary by your blackness default to address selves(you inclusive)as ignorant but art though who still long for money to make better their society(with money) when they have resources rather from sand to stones glittering and non glits.

      You appear to be one one of the Anglo benefactors including Africans educated abroad who at all available intervals be-little aspirations,hood winking expectations where you incidentally only end up dying so hard to acquire that unpractical but always theoretical MS/Phd of that calibre. I wish you were a practical grad. Lest you are,please let me know, that way we can actually work out a project, an ideal that you seem to inhabit since you call for making something other than sitting to justify ignorant intelligence.

      Happy New year!


      • I love your comment. Many people have PhDs, MDs, MS, Bachelors you name it they have the darn degrees and so they think they are hot stuff. Sadly, these are the same people who lack COMMONSENSE. When you have all these degrees, and you have no commonsense it makes you look more ignorant than the man who has never had a day in his life of formal education. Please people do not get caught up in this degree this and degree that because it divides us. The degree is there to make you feel as though you are above the next person who lacks one, and that should not be the case. People we need to put our differences aside and unite. The great Honorable Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) begged us to Unite. He sang this in his Africa Unite song. We have to unite for the sake of our kids people, otherwise we will be a race of the past.


  69. back in the old days like before the 1800’s there were cromagnans and cavemen. the humans of today are the cave men and the cave people were the idiots tocking jellyfish. all im sat=ying is that there was a huge inherint diference between the two races it wasnt being racist to say the cromagnans were stupid it was just fact.

    now let me ask….perhaps blacks or other people might not be smarter. why is it that indians never evolved passed teepees and homes like that? i dont know im not a scientist. but if there was absolute proof that blacks were incapable of being smarter than whites. would it be racist to tell the public? to let people know? or would it be hidden so that people do not know?


    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . .


      That’s the funniest comment anyone’s ever left on my blog! Thanks for the laugh! You’ve really made my day! 🙂

      Whoo! I can barely breathe from laughing so hard! Before the 1800s there were cromagnans and cavemen? Before the 1800s? Wow!! Reading your comment about some people being more stupid that others . . . well . . . that’s just the height of irony!


  70. I think that after the big racist war in the US, there was a time when the white elites of society saw the black Americans abiding by the law etc, but then they didn’t want that, so they caused them to fight each other n have petty wars about little issues, just as the Brits mainly did to the Arabs,making them fight each other – when they were fine before they intervened wanting their oil and not wanting them to progress.

    Another thing, have you noticed all the ppl that seem to win the noble prizes these days? – they are prominent writers n artists with the views that the lite of the world want others to have!


  71. I’m not racist, but I must agree this is true. Good schools usually tend to have more a lot more white than black people unless the african population is more than 70%. I’ve always noticed that all-african-american neighborhoods have a lot more crime,too.

    I’m friends with 10 african-americans so you can’t call me racist.
    Even they agree with me on this.


    • Yes Colin, I think readers are not getting your viewpoint.
      Personally it is difficult to sieve.
      I dont even know where you belong here,much as you ascertain agreement from the other 10. Not sure if you are calling for equal enrollment,syndication or realization.

      What is the basis for schools ad institutions having more white than black enrolled? If I may borrow this Doctors title-Is it because blacks are less intelligent my dear?

      Thanks a lot,

      Happy new year!


  72. About fifteen years ago the funnel theory came out. like everything scientific its not proven however it is supposedly backed up by alot of evidence. i havent looked to deeply into this theory so i couldnt tell you the specifics of it. Apperently thousends of years ego a great world wide desaster took place and it killed a huge percentage of the world population north of the equator, (a great shift in temterature, meteor, flood, whatever) i dont think it was the ice age however, anyway the reason that “white” people are more genetically simmilar to each other has to do with the fact that their genetic pool shrank due to the dissaster. less people smaller pool of genes less people to mate with. its funny but i guess you could say that white people are more inbred. this becomes fascinating when you throw religion into the mix. scientists speculate that dissasters like these could be linked to religious stories, like the great flood. As a side note “the smartest man in the world” is trying to prove or disprove religion with the use of binary code 0’s and 1’s look it up on youtube just type in smartest man in the world.

    As for my proffesion, I hope to go to dental school. when I finish up my undergrad three to four years from now. for dental school its recommended to major in a science, so I picked the two branches that interest me the most. Although going into reaserch or polocy is more interesting, i also think its more consuming. Devoting your life to your job is for some people, not for me. I couldn’t be away form my family for more that 80 hours a week.

    As for scientists trying to prove that group x is always better than group Y, I think that they are looking at averages. member of group Y could be better than Members of group X.

    Scientists are always going to look into the unknown, and try to make sence of it, but the second that PC, and politics gets into the scientific community like it has, science will not be able to reach its fool potential.

    I think that Africans have a larger genetic diversity becouse of two underlining factors if we dont look at the funnel theory. 1) more space, Africa is such a general tearm its a contenent for goodness sake. If we look at the genetic pool in Rwanda it will be a little different than the genetic pool in zambia. just as the genetic pool in france is different than the one in germany. 2) this one also explains athleticism. slave owners only wanted the most fit people, so naturally more fit slaves mated and more fit babies were born. African americans in general are more fit that Africans.

    well have a good one 🙂


    • anonymous,

      Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with professional obligations.

      It sounds like you’ve chosen a great career path and I’m confident your undergraduate studies will prepare you well for it. I agree that policy—while perhaps more exciting and prestigious—does demand more time away from family, friends, etc.

      Thanks too for sharing the “smartest man in the world” link. It was pretty funny.

      As for the funnel theory and genetic diversity on the African continent, the research I’ve read indicates that this is a continent-wide phenomenon and not regional or country-by-country (see for example Such findings are interesting to me because they seriously question genetic or race-based theories that uniformly attribute characteristics—like intelligence or its lack—to all Africans and people of African descent. This means that even if studies prove that Africans are, on average, “less intelligent” than other populations, the reasons might lie somewhere other than in their genes. Just a thought.

      Well, all the best with your studies.

      Take care.


  73. I understand why you would remove the videos. My intent was scientific, not racist. I have just decrared a double Major in nuerology and Genetics. (That is why this Blog interests me so much)
    As of now I am still reletively nuetral on the issue of nature vs nurture when it comes to intelligence. 70% nature 30% nurture.
    I just wanted to know if you have watched the videos. I put them up knowing that you would take them down. I wanted your responce for a more ballenced view on the subject.
    the fact of the matter is that i want to believe that everyone is equal genetically, but I just cant jump on the bandwagon of PC culture.
    I of cource respect your position in taking down the videos however wasnt this blog made for the “discussions of racial superiority/inferiority and genetic bases of intelligence” you dont have to answer that. Just a thought
    by the way cool jew facts. The boxing woody alan was funny for some reason. i dont think that you disproved my belief that black people are better athletes simply by saying that once upon a time jews tried and failed. the best boxers in the world now are all russian. not kidding all of them. each leage has a russian heavy weight champion. Isnt that crazy. but boxing is a bad example it has more to do with reaction timing and stuff like that. the best sport that can be used is sprinting minimal skill so its a better example. it cuts down on externalities like how good your sparing partners are stuff like that. the best weight lifters are pursian and white. i believe that it has to do with denser muscle tissue ( on average) in the whites and pursians than the blacks. my point is that different races have their own nitches.
    as for blacks having high helth problems, thats because they tend to eat worse at an older age. more money more health contious. well known statistic. poor whites eat worse than rich blacks also. although the six pack comment is silly, it does hold truth.
    the aderson cooper report on cnn had a story on asians and higher test scores. i do think that the issue of iq and race is gaining momentum. i hope to see you on the news battling it someday for more than just sixty seconds.


    • anonymous,

      Sorry for my delayed response. I was away from my PC over the long weekend. I’m glad you understand. I don’t usually censor comments but . . ..

      I’m very curious to hear about the outcome of your studies. It seems the discussion of race and genetics has some people who use science to justify racist attitudest that existed before the science could even prove or disprove them and others who don’t want to see science used to institutionalize racist attitudes. I wonder if there’s a school-to-school variation between these approaches?

      Tell me, what do you hope to do professionally with your degrees once you’re done? Are you considering a career in research, maybe policy? It’s a fascinating field (genetics) but as a Jewish Black person, I get very uncomfortable once people start using science to say People X are this way and People Y are that way.

      Also, I’ve read that there is more genetic diversity among the African population than there is among the rest of the human populations combined, due to the relative ages of the populations. The African populations are older and have thus had more time to undergo more genetic mutation, hence the diversity. You might know more about this but I’ve always assumed that to mean that whatever “shared characteristics” we can see in Black people—athleticism, poor academic attainment, etc.—have more to do with environmental variables than with genes. But I might be totally misreading this.

      Well, all the best with your studies. Stay in touch and let me know how things are going. Also, if you come across any interesting articles or studies you’d like to share, please feel free to post on here.



      • After reading all these comments about the intellect of Black people I had to find out the origin of the one who spews so much hatred. One would think someone like James Watson would be very cautious of what he says about a minority group since he supposedly belongs to a minority group himself, but that is not the case. Watson is nothing more than a bigot and like many of his ancestors he spew out the hatred that he has been taught. Let’s call a spade a spade, Watson tries to get Black people and White people to hate each other, the same old tactic that has been use on us for years the hands of his people. I am sure he admires Bertrand Russel, Albert Pike, Margaret Sanger and all his predecessors who try to promote their eugenics agenda to get rid of the supposedly useless eaters of the world i.e. the black, brown and yellow people. Watson and all the other watsons in the world are afraid of the people with melanin in their skin, hence they have to surround us with poison in out water (fluoride), inject poisonous chemicals in our body (vaccines, all of them) and contaminate our foods with carcinogens (aspartame, saccharin, msg, and a whole range too many to mention. After all we have been through we should never trust these people no matter, always remember that we are a threat to them. He knows well that what he says is a lie. I did 1 year of vocational college education in the US and I was the only melanated student in class and also the student with the highest GPA. When I went for my Associates Degree in a class where over 80% of the students looked white in appearance I also had the highest GPA; the same thing happened when in my Bachelor’s degree program. The college I went to had students predominantly from wealthy background, but yet I was able to obtain higher grades than these students. Matter of fact, while study I was in the vocational college studying, it was not uncommon for the instructors to allow students who did not pass their class to unfairly move on to the next level. It was an eye opening experience for me because I had only been in the US for 2 years. The same thing happened when I was in undergrad school. Many White looking students who literally flunk their courses got a pass grade while the African Americans did not. As for myself, I was determined never to give these instructor a chance to flunk me as I am not into ass kissing. Now were those white looking students smarter than the African American students? I do not think so; they were given opportunities that were not extended to the African American.

        Read in the link below and you will obtain the true identity of Watson.

        Also look at the comment of Bertrand Russel a supposedly “great philosopher”. In his work impact of Science on Society one can see the Eugenics agenda a live and well as is very evident with Watson a Eugenics himself. Of course they are from the same stock and they have great fear of melanated people.

        “Many people would sooner die than think. In fact they do.”

        “I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology…. Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called ‘education.’ Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part…. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.”

        “Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”
        – Bertrand Russell, “The Impact of Science on Society”, 1953

        “Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy. . . . It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fitche laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.”

        “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

        “Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”
        – Bertrand Russell, “The Impact of Science on Society”, 1953, pg 49-50

        To my friends out there I would suggest that you questions every and anything that is presented in front of you. Remember the goal is to create conflicts between Blacks and Whites this is why the distinction is always between Blacks and Whites. Also when someone comes to you and tell you something or try to demean you and your people, it is important to look at their ethnic group, find out who the messenger is, 9/10 times it will go back to the same group of people.

        The same ones who think they have greater IQs than everyone else, the same one who think they are a special group and the same ones who think that without them we would not know how to take care of ourselves and that they save us from genocide of our people even though they are the ones squeezing and sucking the life out of us all. Watch Maafa21 on youtube.

        In closing ” I must say people who are secure with themselves are not afraid to acknowledge beauty in all creature, neither are they afraid to embrace and empower others. An insecure man uses power, deception and greed to fool himself into thinking that he is secure and happy”.


  74. I did not draw an inverse connection between inteligence and athleticism. I oppoligize if that is the way it sounded. What i meant was that saying that black people are more creative, athletic, have better vision (on average) is ok to say. but saying the same thing about white people is not okay.

    NBA mostly Blacks
    NFL more Blacks than whites
    track and field mostly blacks
    the fastest runners in the world are black

    lets get silly

    black people can eat whatever they want to eat and keep their sixpacks

    I believe that black people are better athletes.
    just look at team USA in the olimpics. African americans are a little bit overrepresented.
    Im a jew
    Jews love basketball, but we suck.


    • anonymous,

      Your observations about the representation of Black people—especially men—in professional sports could have as much to do with class as with “race.” Did you know, for example, that once upon a time boxing was a very “Jewish” sport in the US? That was back when being a Jew made it very difficult to find a “respectable” profession. Did you know, for example, that even the great Woody Allen once aspired to be a professional boxer? Same reason Jews ended up in Hollywood: once upon a time, the entertainment/film business was just not considered respectable enough for gentiles.

      Anyway, read this article, which I think does a better job than I ever could of addressing race and the intelligence vs. athleticism dichotomy.

      As for Black people eating whatever they want and still keeping their sixpacks, if only you were right! Are you aware of the crises of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes that is plaguing the Black American community?

      And finally, for what it’s worth, I’m a Jew too. Yet from reading my blog, you assumed I’m Black. You’re only half right. You might argue that my Jewish half is responsible for my intelligence, my beer belly, and lack of athleticism but of course, I’ll disagree with you. 🙂


  75. I have done sum reasearch on this issue and regretfully i have found this.

    please watch these, every issue discussed in previous blogs is adressed here.


    • anonymous,

      Thanks for sharing those links. Unfortunately, I believe that eugenics and discussions of racial superiority/inferiority and genetic bases of intelligence cross the line between free speech and racist hate speech; so I will exercise my right to censor you. The professor featured in those videos is a well-known and controversial figure whose work has inflamed passions on both sides of the issue. What side I take on this issue should come as no surprise to you, and I do not want my blog be used as a platform for promulgating racism.

      I sincerely hope you understand.


  76. thank you for the prompt responce. i am curious, what is this evdence that proves genetic equality. which scientists worked on it, are they credible. 🙂


    • Anonymous,

      To my knowledge science has not proven genetic equality. The more important point is that so far, no scientific evidence has come forward to prove genetic inequality.

      The idea of genetic inferiority along “racial” lines is an idea to which many people continue to cling, but it has not been proven scientifically.

      Proving “genetic equality” would be as impossible as proving that you are not stupid. Imagine, hypothetically, that someone approached you and said, “Hey anonymous, you are an idiot. Now prove to me, scientifically that you are not an idiot.” How would you go about proving that you are not something? What scientific steps would you take? What evidence would you gather? Which phenomena will you record and document? And how would you replicate your results?

      More importantly, what exactly would be the proof that you are not stupid? What if the person who challenged you believes that stupidity is measured according to one set of criteria while you were relying on another?


  77. for those individuals that believe that they are righting a wrong by throwing the word racist around, i politely ask that you think about the meaning of the word, and understand that it caries the weight of hundreds of years of misstreatment. the word racist is highly offensive. I do not believe that Watson is a racist, i simply think that he is an old scientist that has spent too much time on reasearch, and not enough time with people. in short, i think that his intentions are purely scientific, he is just not to good at sensitivity.


  78. I just wanted to say thank you to Abdul for creating a page where individuals can freely discuss their racial beliefs. I am a middle eastern man who does not believe that the discussions of race should be seen as a social taboo. I have read each blog and I have noticed that the team arguing the old scientists point have only been able to deny the legitimacy of scientific data. I will call this side team Abdul. Aside from denying, throwing the word racist around, and attacking teem Watson, teem Abdul has not presented any clear data.
    I have a few questions to ask Abdul. Please keep in mind that I am, and will stay neutral on this issue until legitimate statistical evidence is given on both sides.
    Why hasn’t Liberia succeeded as a free black nation?
    Why are crime statistics so squed ?
    Why don’t more black people rise up and overcome?
    Why hasn’t there been any data arguing for team Abdul?
    Why is it accepted that black males are better athletes, and have 19% more testosterone, however it is not accepted that whites are smarter? (on average)
    Looking forward to continuing this conversation.


    • Anonymous,

      Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. If you truly had read every post I’ve written in response to Dr. Watson’s comments, you would have had no need to ask me the questions you outlined above.

      Every one of those can be answered from a sociological, political, or economic standpoint. “Race” as you understand it cannot explain all these differences. Liberia is an impoverished country and has been plagued by political corruption and exploitation. I don’t have time to get into a discussion of economic exploitation and underdevelopment but there are plenty of resources on the Web. Why havn’t Romania or Moldova succeeded as free White nations? Why hasn’t Pakistan succeeded as a Muslim nation? And why hasn’t Yemen succeeded as an Arab nation? Your question is silly.

      As for crime statistics being skewed (I believe that’s the word you were looking for?), I believe again that can be explained not by an examination of “race” but a discussion of politics and economics. If there was a predisposition among Black people to be violent or criminal, would you not expect to see all Black people—regardless of education or income level—locked into the criminal-justice system? And how do you explain White people who end up on the wrong side of the law? Sure, most of them tend to be poor and poorly educated (just like the Black people who break the law) but are we to accept White lawbreakers as “exceptions” and Black lawbreakers as the rule? If so, I think the answer to your question lies more firmly in your perceptions and preconceived notions and not in any rational analysis.

      Why don’t more Black people rise up and overcome? Have you heard about political systems? Have you heard about systems that preserve themselves? How come more Middle Easterners haven’t risen up and overcome? How come most Pakistanis live in poverty? We can ask the same question about most countries in the world and I don’t see how the failure to “rise up” (whatever rising up entails) is unique to Black people.

      As for data, I urge you to dig around this blog some more. I don’t remember anyone presenting any real data that proved Black peoples’ genetic inferiority, but there is plenty of data out there disproving Dr. Watson. In fact, he himself said there was no scientific basis for what he said. Look it up: I even wrote a post about that. From a scientific standpoint, you should know it’s very hard to prove a negative. In much the same way as Dr. Watson cannot scientifically prove that he is not a racist, it is very difficult for Black people to prove, with data, that they are not genetically inferior. Any number of tests can show any number of results, which are then open to any number of interpretations. The fact that a country is impoverished is not proof that it’s people are unintelligent or genetically inferior. Until science discovers a gene for intelligence—which so far continues to elude us—we’re going to have to discuss “intelligence” in real sociopolitical and economic terms and not from a genetic-predisposition standpoint. Are people who are malnourished, uneducated, illiterate, worn down by the stresses of impoverishment going to perform differently on tests of “intelligence?” Absolutely. But how we choose to interpret those test results and the conclusions we draw about those peoples’ genetic superiority or inferiority are completely subjective.

      Who has accepted that Black males are better athletes? I certainly have not accepted it and I welcome more “data” from you. Even if your uncited “statistic” about Black men having 19% more testosterone is accurate, what does that say about Black men’s and White people’s intelligence? Where is the data that proves that high testosterone results in lower intelligence? Why is it that in your mind, athleticism is inversely related to intelligence? If Black people are more athletic (something I disagree with but you seem to believe), how/why does that mean that they are less intelligent than White people? Conversely, how/why does White people’s being “smarter” correlate to their being less athletic than Black people?

      So you see, anonymous, we can go round and round in circles trying to have these discussions. With the exception of your 19%-more-testosterone factoid, you have scarcely provided any data to prove that Dr. Watson was right that Black people are less intelligent. We cannot look at economic and political realities and draw “scientific” conclusions from them. That would be as silly as looking at the fact that American society incarcerates and executes a disproportionate number of Black and Latino men and concluding that all White people are evil racists. All Arabs are not terrorists simply because some use violence against civilians to accomplish their political goals. Similarly, all Black people and Africans are not stupid, lazy criminals simply because some are. That is not an intelligent way to discuss these issues.


  79. I am black, very black indeed and live in mama Africa. As for Watson, That was parochial, prejuduced and rushed conclusion which is driven by hate.
    First, there is nothing the whites have invented nor is there any social structure they have which is hard for an African to comprehend ( Watson that’s crap)
    Alittle advise to my white brothers, necessity is the mother of invention (we simply didn’t need what we you needed and there fore we didn’t invent) Let it be known that; competition, passion, diligence and discipline are key to success in any area, and just as some Africans are illiterate because they have not gone to school, others are literate because they have gone to school, like wise some people have invented because they needed and ventured to invent.
    We rarely criticize whites and we are indeed indifferent about them here in Africa, why do they go to suc ridiculuous lengths to mud smear blacks?
    Lastly there is no living white today who is superior genetically than a black person! We are black, proud and unapologetic.


  80. It may seem racist but this is guy is one of the greatest scientists and a Nobel Prize winner. He made a claim, be skeptical but respect it.


    • Anthony,

      Thanks for your comment.

      With all due respect, I reserve the right to respect Dr. Watson’s right to free speech. But the principles of free speech do not require me to respect his actual opinion.

      So, to sum up: right to express opinion, I respect. Opinion, I’m not bound to respect.


  81. the thought of black people being less intelligent is too general of a solution to be all true. he based his studies on all black people for ex. african americans and africans at the same time. now i think we could understand africans having a lower intellect, they don’t have much choice on education at all. education sparks and boosts your intellect. african americans on the other hand are being educated and when you compare and african american with an african you really can notice the difference.


  82. this is for all you people out there… trust me nobody cares what race or background u r from as long as u’re on the top.wear your skin color with pride and to hell with the rest of the world.i’m not white n i’ve never let that get in my way.i’m doin graduation in biotechnology n i’m in the top five in my class.

    n as far as Dr. Watson is concerned his comments are way too can anybody compare intelligence based on skin color?

    n just where are v indians and asians???we happen to be more than 1/3rd of the world population and he very conveniently seems to have left us out!!

    wen v talk about african intelligence , a lot of other factors come into play..take for eg. india…though india seems to be doin very well economically a lot of people are denied some basic needs such as shelter, food , water etc..n if u ask them to take an IQ test they won’t do well(for obvious reasons)whereas the rest of us with good schooling will score really race doesn’t really play an important role.when people are unable to get one square meal a day what do u expect them to do?similarly there is way too much poverty, corruption, illiteracy etc in these african nations.give them time n they’ll do well.

    n whichevr jackass said AIDS n intelligence are corelated… lemme tell u dts not the case.India has the second highest number of people affected by this disease and yet v score more on an IQ test.

    @pk.. stop cribbin dt ur parents wanted a nerd!!n dude MTV is doin well in asia too!and more importantly some people are not good at studies .mayb dts y they r doin manual jobs(not everyone can work in labs u see)

    and ya i don’t know abt experiments backing this intelligence thing but i’ve heard that african people are better at sports probably because they have more mitochondria in their cells(mitochondria causes energy production).. i personally haven’t tested it though.


  83. I feel blacks have just as much potential as any other race. I think underachievement has more to do with culture than IQ.

    Asians comprise of a small fraction of the populace, yet in California they are close to 50% of UC enrolled students. 49% of asians aged 25 have at least a Bachelor’s and also have the highest proportion of college graduates of any race or ethnic group in the country. They also have the highest median income out of all races.

    This is not simply due to IQ. I personally know many stupid asians, but even they finished at universities.

    It is due to the extreme importance placed on education and the cultural/familial pressure to achieve. I’m Korean myself, and during elementary school if I got B’s I’d be punished. During summers, I had to take extra classes and tutoring sessions for everything, along with SAT prep schools and Korean language classes.

    I was constantly compared to other higher achieving peers and pressured to outdo them.

    I have a Bachelor’s in Visual Communications from Westwood College. I mean a BA should be considered good, yet still I am considered a failure as far as my parents are concerned because I didn’t go to a big name 4 year university.

    Now how many black kids have this kind of pressure to succeed in school?

    Latinos and African Americans have the lowest scores and UC enrollment in California, and guess what, culturally they have the LEAST pressure to succeed.

    Research shows black and latino kids on average study less and watch more TV or play outside compared to whites and asians. When I was younger, all my Mexican friends ran free all day long, never did their homework, and watched TV as much as they wanted. Their parents didn’t care. I was so envious of them. Now I realize this lack of expectations is exactly why many of them are now working minimum wage jobs or some type of manual labor.

    I know many highly educated and successful Mexicans and blacks, and most of them had strict parents who placed high importance on education. I believe this is the difference.

    This is exactly what Bill Cosby has been saying for years. Set the bar HIGH, and even if you fail, you’ll still end up better than most. His son Ennis was a high achiever before he was killed, and this is probably because Cosby taught his son the importance of education. His show was well loved and portrayed positive black role models. He lived through the civil rights era and has tried so hard to set a higher standard for his people. Yet they call him a sellout for denouncing the ignorance that is being glorified these days.

    I think if a shift of priorities and values takes place within the culture we will see just as many blacks in skilled professions as we do in sports or entertainment, but thanks to BET, MTV, and the media in general, I don’t see it happening too soon.

    Ignorance is just too profitable it seems.


    • “I feel blacks have just as much potential as any other race.”

      And why do you “feel” that, despite all evidence pointing to exactly the opposite?


  84. Abdul,

    First of all, let me say that I am intrigued by the fact that you’ve managed to keep this blog going for more than a year now, and to my own starndads thats trully amazing. I sat down and read all the the responses from people, and for that I now have a deeper anderstanding on issues about race. I also can’t bilieve how inteligent you are, because you have managed to win every argument presented upon you.
    Furthermore, i’m a 21 year old college student, and I came to the U.S. from kenya about 6 years ago. The one thing I want to point out is the fact we have racist educators in this country, and for that reason I’m paying bitter consiquences for their actions. I lived most of my life in kenya, and might i add that there was no one time in my childhood was I ever seen as a person with no bright future. kenyan teachers always thought and told me that i was bright. To keep a long story short i basically had the easiest time in high school. I never studied, all I did was pay attention in classe and i would get good grades. I tried to get into advanced cources that would give me an edge in college since my plan was to be an engineer, but my advisor would always tell me that that was not a good idea. She simply thought highschool was my last stop. Now I’m in college behind by a whole year because i have to catch up.
    My point here is to basically say that people of color get low expectations from anglo saxons, and because that reason a lot of colored people aren’t reaching their true potentials. I hold this to be true because I experienced it first hand. The race card is already out their and the only we can do is to try to convince people from revelling to their children. Or better yet tell thier children that its not even a true card only and allusion.


    • Hi Eli,

      It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I sympathize with you wholeheartedly because of your experiences.

      I had a similar experience too when I arrived. I was put in all remedial classes in my US high school, which I attended for two years. I had to retake many subjects that I had already covered in Sierra Leone, where I’m from. I was put in remedial history and math classes. And I did so well in my classes that I was able to transfer into Advanced Placement (AP) based on teacher’s recommendations (when AP classes were available, of course because we didn’t have AP classes for all subjects). But while most of my regular classes had had majority Black students in them, my AP classes had close to 50% (sometimes more) White students. When you consider that my high school was majority Black (90-something percent) but that the AP classes were 50% or more White, it makes you wonder what was going on. The really sad thing is that there were a fair number of Black teachers at my school and they were perfectly happy to have low expectations for me. In fact, it was a White male teacher who transferred me from the regular US History class into the AP History class in the middle of the year. I went on to take the AP US History exam and I scored a 4 (5 is the highest score), the highest score in the school. And I had only been living in the US for a year at the time.

      Long story short, I went on to college, made Dean’s List every semester, still had plenty of time to party, and graduated with honors. Yet I still continue to meet plenty of people whose behavior towards me gives me the impression that they don’t think I’m intelligent. But I have no control over their behavior. I can only control how I react to them.

      So, that being said, I’m happy to hear that you’re in college and are getting caught up on your coursework. College is a little more challenging than high school, so you probably won’t be able to get away with never studying. 🙂

      I wish you all the best in your academic pursuits.

      And thanks again for your comment.


  85. Abdul Kargbo,

    I read the article through the link that you posted. I replied with a rather lengthy, yet meaningful commentary on the first section of it. I hope it is of interest to you, and with any luck, maybe it will prevent any future comments from uninformed racists that lack logical thinking and tact.


    • exphys,

      I read through your other comment and was very happy that you addressed the haters in a rational, logical way and with answers based on science. That’s the trouble with racism: it might have started out as an excuse that justified the exploitation of other people’s land, resources, labor, and bodies but over the centuries it has evolved into something of an ideology. The committed racists are dogmatic in their adherence to these ideas and believe that individual personal traits are rooted in markers of “race.”

      But at the end of the day, with very few exceptions, those who put forth a race-based argument have no science to back them, only sentiment and emotion. To use your example of incarceration statistics, someone who is already unsympathetic to Black people will see those figures as further proof of Black people’s dishonesty, laziness, or criminal tendencies. A sympathetic person (like yourself) will see those numbers as proof of over-arresting, over-prosecution, and over-conviction. But at the end of the day, countries without large, skin-color-minority populations (like many European countries) still have populations that are over-represented in the criminal justice system and/or under-represented in higher education. For a long time in England, it was the working poor. In Central and Southern Europe, it’s the Roma. And in countries with large non-White immigrant populations (like West and North Africans in France), it’s those people who are more likely to wind up in jail and less likely to end up in college.

      So while “race” might be a convenient culprit, those folks who ignore history, politics, economics, psychology, jurisprudence, and virtually every other academic discipline in their discussion of “race” are simply intellectually lazy.

      Glad you’re not one of those, and even gladder to have you my side. 🙂

      By the way, I wrote a lengthier response to your longer comment here.


  86. @exphys,

    Thank you so much for you intelligent, insightful, and sympathetic comment. It’s refreshing to get something other than the usual insensitive and sometimes outright racist remarks.

    In response to the rest of your comment, I agree wholeheartedly with you. You bring up a vital point about the misperceptions of class based on “race” (i.e., skin color), and I am truly sorry that you have experienced bullying and threatening behavior at the hands of Black people. It’s no consolation but I too have had similar experiences: all I can say is that some people are just *ssholes and don’t know how to behave themselves. It’s a pity and it makes me sad to think that you would be targeted for assault or physical and verbal harassment simply because you are a White person.

    But such is the nature of racism and the racial consciousness/tension it breeds. We notice difference, attach meaning to that difference, interpret that meaning as a negative trait, and use that percieved negativity to pre-judge and devalue people. Once people have been devalued, it becomes easier to harass and/or do violence to them.

    Sadly, it cuts both ways.

    Again, thanks for your comment. I would love to continue this conversation as you strike me as someone well-informed and genuinely sensitive to the issue. Also, if you have the time or inclination, take a look at a longer and more detailed post in which I lay out my issues with Dr. Watson’s statements.


  87. Abdul Kargbo,

    I must say, after reading the majority of submissions on this blog, you have astounded me with your intelligence, and broad outlook on this matter. I say this truthfully, not out of sarcasm. I personally am a young adult, caucasian male, and I feel that Dr. Watson is a disgrace to anyone who is in any scientific field of study. I am personally a physiologist, and I have worked with many human subjects for my research…. of many different races. Physiologically, all races within the United States are virtually identical, with the exception of a few genetic markers for susceptibility to certain diseases. Based on your apparent education level, Im sure you have taken basic biology courses that teach us that the human gene structure is the building block of almost every physiological aspect of the human body. If the supposed “races” had any major discernable difference in genetic structure, it would appear in the individuals physiological makeup.
    I truly apprecaite the fact that you use logic, biological science, and anthropology to build and execute your statements. I am in complete agreeance with every statement that you have made thus far, and would like to hear your opinion on my statements.

    B-dog, Dave Morris, and John Anderson,
    Based on your commentary, I can only assume that you are of caucasian descent as well? In my opinion, you are a disgrace to the white race. For those Africans/African Americans out there reading this, please know, that all white people are not like these ignorant wastes of oxygen. Oh, B-Dog/DM/JA, to avoid confusion…. Oxygen is the component in the air (give or take 19-21%) which we utilize to live. It is a gaseous element found on the periodic table #16. Your accusations about the “black race” as a whole hold no scientific merit, especially since your comments were stated so intelligently. Please feel free to pick up a book, and expand your education, because it is obviously much needed. If you are confused by my statements earlier, or have anything of value to rebut my claims, please feel free to respond to this blog.

    Black Girl, BlackGyal, KeiKei, Malissa, Jessica, and Aalishna Edwards,
    I realize that you are all very disgruntled by the claims made by Dr. Watson. As I stated earlier, I am a caucasian, and by no means do I agree with what he said. Some of the most intelligent people I have ever met have been of African descent. However, responding to a blog with curse words and very informal slang does not help the issue. I realize that comments were made out of frustration and outrage to some of the commentary and Dr. Watson, but to rednecks such as B-dog, Dave Morris, and John Anderson, they look at it as you just helping their poorly stated points.
    I am personally against racism, and it bothers me that it still exists in this day and age. While comments from Dr. Watson hurts you all as individuals, your comments are equally as ignorant and racist. No race is less intelligent than any other. As with most statistical data applied to a population, intelligence would more than likely fall into a normal distribution, and every race would have its outliers: some extremely intelligent, and some extremely uneducated.
    Claims that black people are better at sports yet are less intelligent are absurd, and I disagree whole heartedly. I used to be an intramural powerlifter, and one of my teammates/good friends was an african man. We were almost the same weight/build/body composition, yet I was stronger than him. However, almost every semester, he obtained better grades than me in very similar classes. Point proven.
    Racism is a nasty issue that goes both ways though. I grew up dirt poor, in a single parent household, in a very bad neighborhood. Despite this, I have heard time and time again, that all white people are rich, stuck on themselves, and uptight. Since I was born, I have never fit one of these criteria. I worked hard ever since I was a kid to get out of the neighborhood I was living in so I could go to college and get an education, even though I had to take out student loans and work 40 hours a week while in school to pay for it. There are many names that unintelligent people use to describe people of African descent, and it is very unforgivable. However, with as much as this hurts African Americans, I have been called countless names such as “Cracker, white boy, rich-a$$ white boy, cracker-a$$ mf’er, etc…”by African Americans. Despite popular belief, intelligent white people do find this to be degrading and hurtful. I have never referenced an African American in a degrading manner, and I would prefer to not be referred to in such a manner as well. I have been pushed, shoved, threatened, and persecuted by African Americans for no reason other than the fact that I am a caucasian, yet I have never held a grudge. As you see, racism works both ways, and we all need to change our ways and be more accepting of eachother. Still to this day, two of my best friends are African Americans, and in my eyes they are my equals, and i dont consider them to be any different from myself.


  88. Well seeing as African’s were still living in tribes 150 odd years ago, until white men brought them over to north america, it’s pretty ludicrous to rule out the possiblility of evolutionary differences.

    I’m not neccesarily saying blacks are less intelligent then whites, i’m just saying that while whites were indulged in newtechnology and living in modernised homes, black people were still dancing around fires and sleeping on the dirt.

    This is mostly the reason why africa is such a terrible place now. Basically whites brought over modern weaponary(guns) and other things to communities that were not yet civilized.

    All points aside im not totally ignorant i realise that there are extremely intelligent black people, and extremely dumb white people, and vice versa.


  89. There was an article in April this year about curvy women.
    “Women with curvy figures are likely to be brighter than waif-like counterparts and may well produce more intelligent offspring, a US study suggests. Researchers studied 16,000 women and girls and found the more voluptuous performed better on cognitive tests – as did their children.”
    As far as I know African women are one of the curviest.
    Who is wrong then??
    Personally I think Intelligence has completely nothing to do with the race or body shape. It’s all been made up by idiots for other idiots excitement.


  90. Dear Nick,

    I cannot agree with your stance that the advancement of Greeks and Romans is a point that could justify the bigoted remarks of Mr. Watson.

    With that set aside, I thought I might point out that the Egyptian civilization was the most advanced for its time. The pyramids, considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world, were built in Africa some 2000 years before Rome was founded.



    • I am against racial profiling, however, I cannot stand it when Egyptians are made to represent blacks.
      The Pyramids were not the products of a black race.


  91. dudes,

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I think we can all agree that Black people are not less intelligent than White people. No need to engage in the we’re-smarter-than-you debate. There are certainly variations within and across populations but the data’s not yet out there that shows one population to be more intelligent than any other.

    The idea that White people are all than every Black person is a silly idea made up to justify the oppression of Black people and to help marginalized White people feel better about themselves.

    It’s pointless to engage with people who think they are automatically more intelligent simply because of the color of their skin.


  92. i think that blacks are very interligent and whites are not very intelligent.over 65% of blacks are a levelers and whites what are you? i know you some prisoners accused of stealing a sweet from your teacher bag.


  93. Jon Anderson,

    That’s the funniest comment I’ve read in a long time. I really hope you’re not White because you’re not doing White people any favors!

    You actually come on here talking about how Black people are inferior yet you yourself cannot type three words without misspellings or grammatical errors. WTF!!!???

    Where is the DNA proof of Black people’s stupidity? Even the renowned geneticist Dr. Watson did not claim that there was any genetic proof that Black people are less intelligent.

    So please, Jon Anderson, explain this to me. What have you accomplished in life to prove that you are more intelligent than every Black person on the planet? Which scientific breakthroughs have you accomplished? Which books have you read? And most importantly, how can you believe you are more intelligent than anyone while writing like an illiterate?

    Oh, I get it. Through an accident of birth, something you have no control over, you happened to come out of the vagina of a White woman. Somehow, the fact you have White skin has led you to belive you are more intelligent than millions of Black people you’ve never even met.

    However, your inability to write a single correct sentence in English—which I bet is the only language you speak—convinces me you’re not so smart after all. In fact, your inability to even recognize that you are borderline illiterate makes me wonder about your grasp of reality.

    Consider this a reality check, Jon Anderson: there are developmentally disabled people out there who write better than you. Think about that for a moment.


  94. Black people, ur inferior, deal with that! geez what a fucking children u r! its fact, negros have a smaller brain, a smaller IQ, and their DNA shows that they are, in general, more stupid than the white and the asians. by the way, asians are the smartest. DEAL WITH THAT! i’m white, but u dont see me crying like a baby…..wat the hell is wrong with u people??? ur more stupid than white people.period!


  95. Black people are very very smart and kind they were never mean to us and its not there fault they are black and we are all children of god no matter the colour.


  96. This article should be titled “An Inconvenient Truth”… as most of you seem not to be able to handle the truth… Want to know another inconvenient truth?.. Jews are the smartest (no I’m not Jewish)! It all makes sense now doesn’t it… People hate blacks because they are idiots (to put it bluntly)… and people hate Jews because they are jealous of them. Do some research if you don’t believe me. There have been numerous studies on this very topic.


  97. @Abdul Kargbo

    I appreciate your quick reply and fair analysis of my points. The short definition I gave of intelligence was not meant to be all encompassing. It was my attempt to describe what I think most people think intelligence is. But I might be wrong about that? People have the greatest ability among animals at manipulating the environment to satisfy their desires. In order to satisfy desires we must solve all types of problems. When we speak of intelligence, is this not what we all basically have in mind? At issue is whether or not population groups, distinguished by race, vary in intelligence because of genetic differences. It’s obvious that individuals vary in intelligence and other behavioral traits. But it’s not obvious that there are significant differences in behavioral traits between large populations consisting of millions of individuals. Watson suggested that there is a significant difference in intelligence between a large population group, based on race, and his own. He has no proof for this and as I said before promoting such an idea is harmful. But in trying to show that he is wrong I think you made some claims that are not quite correct.

    In your reply, you said:

    “I agree that problem-solving skills could be a component of intelligence”.

    By saying “could be a component” you seem to not be sure that problem-solving is a component of intelligence? In your example about the hip urban teenager and the teen in Sierra Leone, you seem to be saying that there is no way to compare the two teen’s problem-solving ability…because they are from different environments? This seems like saying that, person X is good at doing job A and person Y is good at doing job B. Jobs A and B are different. So you can’t compare their intelligence because the jobs are different? And furthermore, intelligence has nothing to do with how well they do their jobs? If that’s what you mean, it seems wrong? I think it’s logically possible to compare these individuals if there is a valid test of intelligence. I don’t think we need to deny reality at this level in order to show that someone like Watson is wrong. We all agree that individuals vary in intellectual ability. The variation is the result of the interaction between genes and environment, not some unchanging genetic cause.

    You said:

    “ As for intelligence being similar to spirituality or rationality, I don’t entirely agree.” And also; you said “I believe rationality is a system of thought that, among other things, emphasizes a reliance on proof and evidence, i.e the scientific method. But again I would hesitate to say that rationality has anything to do with intelligence.”

    Again, this seems to me like you are denying reality in order to show that Watson is wrong? And I think you inadvertently make a mistake similar to the one in which some people make when they claim that Blacks are intrinsically better athletes than whites?

    First, I think in the context the terms are being used, they represent personality traits. But even so, I can’t see how rationality has “nothing” to do with intelligence? You described it as a system of thought…as in thinking, which must have something to do with intelligence! Anyone who is thought of as “highly” rational is certainly considered intelligent. If they are thought of as highly emotional we normally think they are the opposite of rational? As I said before, I think these traits are aspects of personality in the context of our discussion. If they are, then we’re faced with the research which strongly indicates that variation among people in personality traits is the result of gene-environment interactions just as intelligence is. If this is true, then I don’t think you really get to chose to be emotional or rational as you suggest, anymore than you choose to be intelligent.

    Secondly, culture is not something an individual controls. The individual is affected by the culture in which he finds himself. Even if you actually “choose to believe what you believe” your tendency to have a certain attitude is an expression of some personality trait, which takes us back to gene-environment interactions. Yes, you can select this or that religious system or be spiritual (I think the difference between religious and spiritual is rather superficial). But I think your notion that spirituality is voluntary and changeable does not show that personality traits are fundamentally unlike intelligence as behaviors which are grounded in our biology.

    When I wrote that I was shocked by your claim that there is no scientific evidence that intelligence has a genetic basis, maybe I took that statement out of context. But it seems that it can stand apart from what Watson said? I think your statement is misleading. I just take for granted that intelligence…something based on brain function must have much to do with genetics. That’s why I mentioned fish, chimps and humans. Your point that fish have no need for abstract three-dimensional thinking is off the point. My point is that a fish is not as intelligent as a human because they lack a genome sufficient to produce intelligence equal to chimps or humans regardless of environmental influence. Our behavioral traits are a product of our genes interacting with the environment. The best environment in the world will not enable a fish or chimp to perform intellectually on par with a human. Why not? Genetically they are not evolved to be as intelligent as homo sapiens. Of course human population subgroups of different colors and hair textures are the same species. But it does not follow that the behavioral differences have nothing at all to do with genes. The very fact that we are all of the same species and yet have measurable differences shows that versions of the same genes react differently in the same environment. You just can’t say all the differences we see have “nothing” to do with genetics. Now that does not mean that population groups (based on color, hair, height, geography etc) are stuck forever at some arbitrarily selected performance level relative to some other population group. But it does suggest that individuals are stuck at some level. You can’t make any particular individual a world class scholar or athlete…at least not until someone figures out how to alter our genetic code in just the right way.

    You asked if was arguing that entire races are more athletic or physically capable then others. No, I’m not making that argument. I think, as you explained, socioeconomic factors (environment) explain the higher frequency of certain racial groups in any given sport. Quite often people observe a higher frequency of a particular racial group in an activity and erroneously jump to the conclusion that that racial group is the best at that activity because of race.

    I agree with your notion that the challenges facing entire populations can not be explained by genetics alone. We must examine the social problems at all levels. But I don’t think that it’s quite accurate to characterize the fundamental argument as being the argument that everyone who shares the same skin color, hair texture, stature, etc is identical—or more similar to one another than to people of other “races”. It’s not clear that Watson made that claim. Watson’s faulty claim was that a particular population group is less intelligent than his own.


  98. Subfive,

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I apologize in advance if my response doesn’t address all the points you raised in your comment, but I hope that gives us the opportunity to have a dialog; after all, one comment each probably won’t resolve the issue.

    On your first point about the definition of intelligence, you wrote:

    Intelligence…that is problem solving ability is the characteristic, which distinguishes humans from all other animals and as such, it seems reasonable to accept that it might vary among human population groups”

    I agree that problem-solving skills could be a component of intelligence, but it is just one component. But even if we look only at this one component, we can see that it too will be subject to cultural bias and/or situational contexts. For example, a hip urban teenager from Brooklyn might have a high ability to “survive” in a high-crime neighborhood in, say, Chicago. She might quickly be able to figure out the subway/public transporation system, find a job, figure out where the best shopping deals are, etc. Her ability to solove problems in Chicago would definitely be greater than that of a teenager who’s lived all his life in a village in Sierra Leone. But similarly, that village teenager has greater problem-solving abilities in his own cultural/situational context. I don’t see what intelligence has to do with these kids’ ability to survive in different contexts.

    As for intelligence being similar to spirituality or rationality, I don’t entirely agree. Spirituality does vary from person to person, and perhaps even from culture to culture, but I think of spirituality as something chosen, something voluntary, something changeable. I would measure spirituality by the degree to which a person or group expresses a belief in the supernatural, the extent to which s/he wants to increase her/his knowledge of and connection with the divine, etc. I’m not a religious person, but I am spritual. Or perhaps it’s mere superstition. But although what I believe can be the result of the environments/cultures in which I’ve lived, to a large extent, I have chosen to believe what I belive. Watson’s understand of intelligence, on the other hand, is not something chosen. Rather, it is immutable and fixed (other commenters on my blog have discussed the unfixed and mutable nature of the intelligence Watson addresses so I won’t go back to that).

    Likewise, I believe rationality is a system of thought that, among other things, emphasizes a reliance on proof and evidence, i.e., the scientific method. But again, I would hesitate to say that rationality has anything to do with intelligence. One could argue that religious societies, relying on faith and miracles as they do, are less rational and thus less “intelligent” than more rational societies, but that would mean that religiousity and intelligence are mutually exclusive. However, the Jesuits are famous for being the most educated and erudite members of the Catholic clergy, but one would not suggest that their religiousity—much of which is founded on “irrational” [read unprovable] beliefs—renders them less “intelligent.”

    On to the scientific basis of intelligence:

    The idea that there is no scientific evidence that intelligence has a genetic basis is shocking to me! Do you believe that the difference in cognitive ability between fish, chimps and humans is not due to genetic coding”

    Watson himself admitted there is no scientific basis for his statements. I have yet to see anything that says there is a genetic basis for intelligence, which explains differences in “intelligence” between different races. I’ve argued elsewhere (see the post For Dr. Watson and Other Racists, Racism’s Beauty Lies in its Simplicity) that the huge genetic variability among African populations (the greatest in any human population) rules out the possibility that their “lower intelligence” (assuming that it can be convincingly proven that they are indeed less intelligent) has anything to do with genetics.

    Secondly, the “difference in cognitive ability between fish, chimps and humans” is due to the fact that these are three different species. Of couse their “intelligence” levels would be different. Part of the reason for this is that the species’ survival needs are different. Of what use is abstract three-dimensional thinking to a fish? (not that I know for sure that fish are incapable of such cognitive feats). More importantly, the “races” of humans—population subgroups distinguished by skin color, hair texture, physical stature, language groupings, etc.—are, unlike fish and chimps, NOT separate species!!! There is only one species of human known as homo sapiens and we are all members of that species.

    Certainly, some people are taller or shorter or faster or stronger or able to jump higher than others. I hope you’re not arguing that entire races are more athletic or physically capable than others. Individual members of some groups may show greater physical or athletic prowess than individual members of the same group, or of other groups. Same with intelligence. Individual members of one group may show greater “intelligence” on tests than individual members of their group or another group.

    Case in point, look at the European football (soccer) leagues. How is it that Germany (with an all-White, all-German) team did so well in the most recent Euro 2008 tournament? How is it that the all-White, all-Italian team beat the mostly-African French team in the 2006 World Cup? Because there are good athletes in every population. If you want to know why so many Black Americans end up in sports, look at social, economic, cultural, and historical constraints and not at skin color. Once upon a time, professional boxing in the US was dominated by White boxers forced into the profession by socioeconomic constraints.

    If you read my other, longer post on the subject, you will see that I favor a more rational, academic discussion of the issue. I don’t believe that a racial analysis will yield more information than a sociopolitical/socioeconomic/sociocultural analysis, and I prefer to try to understand differences among individuals and groups along these lines, not on the basis of skin color.

    I don’t believe individual accomplishments are due entirely to training or environment, but again, the focus must be on individual. But neither do I believe that the challenges facing entire populations can be explained by genetics alone. The sheer fact of genetic diversity rules out most genetic explanations. On an individual basis, we are all different. But the fundamental argument that everyone who shares the same skin color, hair texture, stature, etc. is identical—or more similar to one another than to people of other “races”—is a flawed one.


  99. @ Abdul Kargbo

    I understand the desire to attack Watson about his claim that Aficans are less intelligent. Promoting this idea is just plain harmful. But I can’t help being curious about this issue. Intelligence…that is problem solving ability is the characteristic, which distinguishes humans from all other animals and as such, it seems reasonable to accept that it might vary among human population groups? Just as some populations groups are on average taller, faster or whatever trait you arbitrarily choose to measure. Defining populations can be quite arbitrary too. Skin color is a salient characteristic and we can’t help but to break people up into that kind of population group.
    Abdul you said something that struck me as a bit inconsistent with your belief that African/Black populations don’t have less intelligence.

    Abdul wrote this @ Lucy:
    “I do agree with you that some people—perhaps even cultures?—are more spiritual but again, I don’t think rationality or spirituality or emotionality have anything to do with intelligence. Not the type of intelligence Dr. Watson was referencing anyway?”

    It seems to me that intelligence is just another characteristic…like rationality, spirituality or emotionality. But we do place a very high value on intelligence…whatever it is. If cultures can have more of the later three then might one or the other culture have more intelligence? Now you might object to my suggestion that a culture is like a population group? Here’s a dictionary definition of culture: “the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.” Africans are a particular group of human beings and it can be said that there are African, European or Asian cultures. So it seems to me that the belief (you did say perhaps) that some cultures are more spiritual, rational or emotional is consistent with the claim that some groups are less intelligent. There is evidence that this is the case based on the certain mental test. What evidence do you have which suggest that some cultures are more spiritual?

    You said that you don’t think rationality has anything to do with intelligence!? Really, why not? Rationality: “The quality or state of being rational; agreement with reason; possession of reason; due exercise of reason; reasonableness.” I can imagine why you said you don’t think spirituality and emotionality have anything to do with intelligence but it’s not clear to me why they do not? How do you measure spirituality?

    Abdul said this @ KIRAAA O_O
    “To date, there is no scientific evidence that intelligence has a genetic basis and so there is no proof that entire populations can be more or less intelligent than entire other populations. Certainly the result of “intelligence tests” can be skewed by social and historical realities—as you rightly point out in your comment—but even these tests are seriously flawed in terms of cultural bias, etc”

    The idea that there is no scientific evidence that intelligence has a genetic basis is shocking to me! Do you believe that the difference in cognitive ability between fish, chimps and humans is not due to genetic coding? Do you really believe that the difference between a writer such as yourself and the average person who has been in school for twelve+ years and yet cannot write a good paragraph is due entirely to the environment? Do you believe that the difference in jumping ability between an Olympic caliber athlete and the average person is due entirely to training? I believe that some intelligence test are flawed due to cultural bias but I just have a hard time believing that that explains all the difference in performance between individuals and the various populations group that we can see.


  100. Wow!

    Thanks for that comment, Sam. It’s always good to get positive reinforcement.

    Thanks too for reading my blog. I hope you get a chance to read some of the other posts and weigh in with your thoughts and comments.

    Thanks again. You just made my day. 🙂


  101. Abdul

    I have read all your comments on the page and i have to say your intelligence is actually mind blowing. I found everything you said both logical and interesting.


  102. Lucy,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I have to disagree though about the “rulers” being more mathematical and logical. I don’t see how power equals mathematical- or logic-mindedness.

    I do agree with you that some people—perhaps even cultures?—are more spiritual but again, I don’t think rationality or spirituality or emotionality have anything to do with intelligence. Not the type of intelligence Dr. Watson was referencing anyway?



  103. People are not created the same, of course there is a difference in different races. Does it mean one is smarter than the other, intelligence is very subjective. I would tend to think the ones that rule the world are more mathematical and logical rather than emotional and spiritual. Does this make it right, it’s just how the human race has evolved.


  104. Jessica,

    While I agree that Dr. Watson doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I have to admit that your threat to shoot him in the head along with your use of the word “niggas” doesn’t give me a much better impression of you.


  105. Patrick,

    I don’t think Watson was referring to scientific research. He actually said there was no scientific basis for his words. Watson may not be a racist—in other words, I can’t prove that he’s a racist—but I think what he said was pretty racist.

    In some of my follow-up posts on the subject, other commenters touched on the issue of IQ testing. And in my uber-long “Racism’s Beauty Lies in it’s Simplicity” posts I explained why there could be no scientific basis for Watson’s statements. Put simply, Black Americans and Africans are not genetically identical, so even if the science says conclusively that both groups are less intelligence—which it doesn’t—the explanation would have to lie elsewhere, not in genetics (which is Watson’s specialty).


  106. To Abdul, Re: #89

    Actually, I think Watson is referring to some tangible research, i.e. its not just his racism that’s coming out. That doesn’t mean he’s not racist though!

    Although I may be wrong, there may actually be no such research…


  107. Patrick,

    It’s nice to run into you again. Thanks for reading my post(s) and for leaving thoughtful comments.

    I agree with you entirely about Watson’s comments. He eventually retracted his words and admitted there was no scientific basis for them.

    Anyway, regardless of what the science says, I fear some people will use any information to argue that some are genetically superior and others are genetically inferior.

    We’re all entitled to our own opinions I suppose.


  108. I havent been able to read all the remarks but some of them were certainly interesting and I could spend hours commenting on them.

    I do think it is pointless to discuss these things without knowing the scientific basis on which Watson’s comments were made. As some have pointed out, intelligence is a highly subjective thing, and his results cold be biased based on what definition or test of intelligence he used. It would also be important to assess whether his measure of intelligence could have been influenced by environmental/ experiential factors.

    But I think a more important note is that he has utterly failed to use anything approaching tact on this subject. His statement that “people who have worked with blacks [know that they are not as intelligent]” is so ridiculous. I mean, how intelligent can this guy be? That is totally a matter of perception, (i.e. the people who work with blacks) which is often flawed. If it were even shown somehow scientifically that blacks in the workplace are not as intelligent, that would still leave the very likely possibility that this was caused by environmental factors such as less access to education, etc. I can’t believe he would even think this is evidence in any way to support his theory.

    I think some of his findings are not necessarily harmful- for example maybe it is true that exposure to sunlight affects libido (who knows?) But the way he has presented these findings totally lacks in tact.

    Nick, I think also that if history were any indicator, then the Chinese would have to be considered the most intelligent by your logic, since they advanced the most at the earliest stage in history. However, I doubt this reflects on the genetic intelligence of the population, but rather other factors at play in their region at that time. In any case, that assumption is highly questionable.

    I think its important to note that Watson says the difference is negligible. For me, the best starting point is to assume that human beings are equal, because this enables us to work for equality and fair treatment, rather than getting stuck squabbling over silly things like this.

    Abdul congrats for your post which has stimulated such a lively discussion!


  109. Much is made of the present Black IQ score of 85. White racists use it to show why they feel that Black societies, including ancient ones, have accomplished little. Not only is the Black IQ the same as it has always been, but it is irremediable, as IQ is, so the White racists say, 80% genetic.There are some serious problems with this analysis.

    First of all, one must understand just what an IQ score really is. An IQ score is merely a relative score, and as scores rise, the tests are regularly re-normed at the 100 average here in the US. Therefore, the 20 point IQ rise has been completely masked.
    Whites scored 100 and Blacks scored 85 in 1925. In 1995, after a 20 point rise in both groups, Whites scored 100 and Blacks scored 85 once again. Do you follow? The regular renorming 8of the tests reduced the gains to invisibility. Further, a score of 85 is not necessarily “low” and a score of 115 or even 130 is not necessarily “high”. With average set at 100, the scores work like this: 66% of the group will score between 85 and 115 – 15% of the group will score between 70 and 85 and another 15% will score between 115 and 130. 2% will score below 70 and another 2% will score above 130.

    Suppose we ran into some aliens on another planet who had managed to design their own IQ tests. Suppose they were 10 times more intelligent on average than we are. Suppose they normed their tests exactly the way we do above.

    The aliens who scored in the lowest 2% might still be, say, seven times smarter than the average human! If they gave their tests to us, we might receive an average score of 30, or below the lowest 1% of their society. On their test, that would be considered seriously retarded. Do you follow?

    Now suppose we went to another planet and found another population. Suppose this group of aliens was not very intelligent yet. Suppose some of the brighter ones had set up their own IQ test with the score breakdown above and normed for their population.

    We might find that the upper 2% of their population, scoring over 130 on the test, actually has an IQ equivalent to humans of 85. 85% of us would be considered “gifted” on their test. Understand?

    The tests are relative. Set at 100, 15% of any population will score 70-85. Whether or not that is “slow” depends on the intelligence level of the population itself.

    Second, Blacks of all ages, not just Black children, are reducing the Black-White IQ gap. Between 1972-2002, Black IQ at age 24 rose from 79 to 84.5, a gain of 5.5 points. A similar gain was seen amongst Black children. Even racists Arthur Jensen and Phillipe Rushton agree that the Black-White gap is not immutable. To continue to harp on this theme in face of contradictory evidence is either ignorance or White racism.

    White racists are in agreement that the Black average IQ of 85 is “low”.

    To this they ascribe all sorts of Black problems and pathologies.

    White racists take it further and say that an average IQ of 70-85 (depending on the region) prevents Blacks from creating decent and civilized societies anywhere on Earth.

    Are the studies of no value that show African-Americans or Asians doing differently than so-called “white” Americans on standardized IQ tests? That is, is the work of people like Herrnstein and Murray worthless? No. It is valuable data, but it is also explosive data because of our racist political history. Such data will inevitably be exploited by white supremacists, twisted for their own political goals and used not to improve racial relations in America but to encourage further racial strife. Such data consists mainly of correlations. And while correlations should convince orthodox empirical scientists of nothing, to the racist researcher, correlations are the heart and soul of their work. The furor that The Bell Curve caused died down quickly because there occurred an ongoing saga which usurped its political and entertainment value. In fact, Herrnstein and Murray, in chapter after chapter, call for social reforms to improve the status of blacks in America. They may be disingenuous calls, but they are nevertheless inconsistent with the notion that the social condition of blacks in America is due to genetic factors. If genes led to the black underclass of young thugs who murder each other on a daily basis in almost every city in America, then there would be no point in calling for educational or vocational programs, no point in urging a change of focus for black men and women in their families, as even the black supremacist Louis Farrakhan has recommended with his million man march.

    One can’t deny that the majority of young men killing each other in gang wars are minorities. But one can deny that the reason they are so violent and immoral is because of their race. That is false and an insult to the majority of blacks and other minorities who are decent, law-abiding persons. One can’t deny that minorities are undereducated as a group and underrepresented in our colleges and universities, and in the professions and skilled trades. But one can deny that the reason minorities are underrepresented is because their race makes them genetically inferior and incapable of competing with “white” America. Even so, it is true that many minorities are not in college or working as doctors or lawyers or teachers or auto mechanics, etc., because of their race.
    It is possible that some day we may be able to look at people of different races and see them as human beings without losing sight of what is special and unique about racial or ethnic membership. We do not need to be colourblind, nor should we strive to ignore racial differences. But they should be seen in a proper perspective: significant in forming us, but irrelevant to our status as human beings capable of both the highest moral and intellectual behaviour and of bestial depravity and moronic incompetence.

    Being a member of the race regarded as the race with high intelligence gives one a right to superiority and justifies inequality, regardless of one’s individual deficiencies. It also justifies racism, since if inferior people are succeeding they must be cheating the truly superior people out of their just inheritance. It also justifies believing things about oneself that have no objective validity.


  110. if blacks ARE not so INTELLIGENT then please tell me why are we about 2 have a BLACK MAN in head of the government OH in case he doesn’t get assassinated BEFORE!!!


  111. well really it doesn’t matter if u black or white it just depends who that person is as an individual && if that the case blacks look better then whites but i couldn’t really say that it depends on that person but you is ugly just as well as your personality


  112. Adam,

    Thanks for the clarification. While I disagree wholeheartedly with Dr. Watson and his legion of racists who continue to maintain the intellectual inferiority of Africans and people of African descent, I feel that these arguments can easily and rationally be repudiated without relying on the personal, professional, or scientific accomplishments of individual Black people.

    After all, Watson’s beef is with the Black population as a whole and, in my experience, whenever a racist is challenged with the question of the accomplishments of exceptional Black people, the tendency is to simply treat those Black people as exceptions. But racism is an ideology that is antipathetic to all Black people and bringing up exceptional Black people is not, in my opinion, the best challenge to racism. As Black people, we don’t all need to invent or discover something in order to rise above the racist’s narrow view. AFter all, most Europeans and people of European descent have and will never invent or discover something, but that does not mean that White people are unintelligent.

    The problem is that our frame of reference is so skewed by racism and racial prejudice that any accomplishment by individual White people is interpreted as a positive reflection on all White people, while any accomplishment by individual Black people is taken as an exception.

    Hopefully we can someday move beyond crude racial totalization to the point where all people will be judged only on their own merit as individuals and not on the basis of their skin color or hair texture.


  113. In response to Aalishna Edwards:

    Unfortunately, the following were not invented by black people. I am unsure about the stove, however. Black historians have seized upon such inventions without investigating the details.

    1. Air conditioning: Dr. Willis Carrier built the first machine to control both the temperature and humidity of indoor air. He received the first of many patents in 1906 (US patent #808897, for the “Apparatus for Treating Air”).

    2. Cell phone: The father of the cell phone is Martin Cooper who first demonstrated the technology in 1973.

    3. Traffic lights: The first known traffic signal appeared in London in 1868 near the Houses of Parliament. Designed by JP Knight, it featured two semaphore arms and two gas lamps. The earliest electric traffic lights include Lester Wire’s two-color version set up in Salt Lake City circa 1912, James Hoge’s system (US patent #1,251,666) installed in Cleveland by the American Traffic Signal Company in 1914, and William Potts’ 4-way red-yellow-green lights introduced in Detroit beginning in 1920. New York City traffic towers began flashing three-color signals also in 1920.

    4. Open heart surgery: Surgery on the actual human heart muscle, and not just the pericardium, was first successfully accomplished by Ludwig Rehn of Germany when he repaired a wounded right ventricle in 1896.

    5. Gas mask. Not Garrett Morgan. The invention of the gas mask predates Morgan’s breathing device by several decades. Early versions were constructed by the Scottish chemist John Stenhouse in 1854 and the physicist John Tyndall in the 1870s, among many other inventors prior to World War I

    6. Almanac: Mesopotamia – modern day Iraq.

    7. Pencil Sharpener: An earlier device of a similar type was devised in 1888 by G.H. Courson (patent #388533), and sold under the name “President Pencil Sharpener.”

    9. Typewriter: The first working typewriter known to have actually been built was the work of Pellegrino Turri of Italy in 1808.

    10. Tricycle: In Germany in the year 1680 or thereabouts, paraplegic watchmaker Stephan Farffler built his own tricycle at 22 years of age. He designed it to be pedaled with the hands, for obvious reasons


  114. first of fucking all im not stupid you dumb ass bastard gey ya fuckin cocky ass old head out ya ass and say something meaningful for once bitch is that intelligent enough for you old head!!!!!

    GET AT ME~~


  115. I’ve been fascinated with this thread of posts, some displaying obvious intelligence, and some…well, not.

    Do I believe that people with dark skin have less intelligence, generally, than people with light skin?


    Do I believe that people in less developed parts of the world have less MEASURABLE intelligence than people in more developed parts of the world?


    Do I think it has to do with genetics?


    What about all the comments about how it’s generally accepted that black people run faster and jump higher than white people? Should I be offended at that? I even heard someone say that white people are more likely to inbreed than people of any other race. How should I react to that?

    I read the article that Aja mentioned, Mr Alibi makes some interesting points and obviously has quite a bit of frusteration about the affairs of his country. I can relate. His argument that Black Africans may be unintelligent because they allow criminals to run their countries sounds hauntingly similar to a point I’ve been trying to make ever since George W. Bush first came into office. I don’t agree with Aja’s comment that Mr. Alibi is a self-hating black man. I think he’s fed up with the way things are going in his homeland and he wants to spur people into making changes.

    Maybe I can be that person here in the States.


  116. when you suffer you have to stop that suffering using any means necessary .

    Black people and all other races in this world we share suffering ;those people who think they are clavers , they don’t have enough time for sleeping ,for one reason they want to survive , but the nature doesn’t give them that chance .

    When we see people like that man in Austria who incested his doughter for more than 20 in savage manner and you come in South Africa nowadays killing of black foreigner is going on ..
    I think it will be better to know that nobody is superior to another. On this world the best gift we have is nature ,
    let care about it coz is only thing can help us to survive in peace without these distractions stories……….


  117. small correction 🙂

    Thanks for your reply.

    It is an interesting debate. I read an interesting essay a few weeks ago on this subject.I’ll try find it and post it.

    Anyway, I think that the politics and economics of Africa is governed by the ‘intelligence’ ‘reasoning’, or whatever you want to call it, of the people. I don’t think the violence and self destruction of Africa is comparable to Asia or South America.
    Having said that, Africans by nature are friendly amazing people.
    Such is the contradiction of this continent.


  118. Thanks for your reply.

    It is an interesting debate. I read an interesting essay a few weeks ago on this subject.I’ll try find it and post it.

    Anyway, I think that the politics and economics of Africa is governed by the ‘intelligence’ ‘reasoning’, or whatever you want to call it, of the people. I don’t think the violence and self destruction of Africa is not comparable to Asia or South America.
    Having said that, Africans by nature are friendly amazing people.
    Such is the contradiction of this continent.


  119. Simon,

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I have to, however, respectfully disagree with your point. You are comparing apples and oranges and trying to conflate two issues that are separate.

    Africa’s impoverishment has more to do with politics and economics than it has to do with individual or collective intelligence. I repeat again that only 20 years ago, many Asian and Latin American/Caribbean countries were as impoverished as Africa and, despite significant economic growth in places like India and China, huge pockets of the population continue to live in poverty.

    Individual or collective intelligence is not uniform across populations, and I have yet to see any convincing scientific proof to the contrary. Individuals capability of living up to their full potential is significantly limited by the political, social, and economic factors that impact their lives. Factors like health care, housing, education, transporation infrastructure, access to productive economic activity, and physical/personal security. It wasn’t so long ago that the same arguments about intelligence was made about London’s Eastenders and other poor and working-class populations in Europe.

    I can go on and on but for me, it’s a question of belief. There’s more than enough evidence to support what I’m saying but if you insist on looking at things from one vantage point only—that skin color affects intelligence—no amount of information will change your mind.

    Thanks again for engaging in this debate.


  120. Watson is on to something! i am african, lived here my whole life but have been fortunate to travel all over the world. Open your eyes. He is opening a debate not about individual intelligence but about collective intelligence. This is the kind of intelligence that advances society. Africa is plagued by intolerance, violence, poverty, bad services and corruption. This is also in countries where education is high – like Zimbabwe. These are countries that have had independence for a while. For those who have not seen it, it will be hard to understand.I think Watson has seen Africa for what it is. South Africa is Africa’s most advanced country. Refugees and job seekers from all over Africa come to South Africa to find something they cant get from their native country. South Africa has more white people than any other african country. Even with the abundant amount of natural resources that nature provides most African countries, people are starving while their politicians are making huge fortunes. Africa is different – no doubt about it. Don’t mistake racism for observation.


  121. Dear commenters,

    If you are responding to a comment left by another reader, please indicate which reader you are responding to. Otherwise, it looks like your comments are addressed to me, which is totally fine. However, if that’s the case, I urge you to reread the above post because I am in now way defending Dr. Watson or agreeing with him.


  122. 1. Air conditioning was made by a black person
    2.Cell Phones were made by a black person.
    3.Trafic lights were made by a black person.
    4.the first successful open heart surgey was done by a black person.
    5.Gas Mask was invented by a black person.
    6.Almanac was made by a black person.
    7.pencil sharpener was made by a black person.
    8.stove was made by a black person.
    9.a type writer was made by a black person
    10.the tricycle was made by a black person.

    i could list alot more things.
    And you white people say black people are stupid. Let God have mercy on your soul.


  123. Thats a shame. You are so racist. Some blacks are stupid and some whites are stupid. Thats their decison to be like my friend said. A LOT OF BLACKS ARE VERY INTELLIGENT AND CLASSY. idk how you could say that you racist dog.


  124. Like my homies said WE BLACK AMERICANS ARE CIVILIZED AND INTELLIGENT! It’s some peoples choice to be stupid. White people shouldn’t steriotype us! HALLELOOYER!


  125. this is an intelligent young black female who has a g.p.a average of 4.0. in advanced math and science. now tell me that im not smart. not all black folks are stupid and not all white folks are stupid. but both of the races have their under acheivers. u are bein racist. dat aint right. stupidity AINT genetic. i might talk different, look diferent, act different, but we all got the same brain.


  126. B-dog,

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Dr. Watson’s words were not based on any scientific research. What he said was nothing more than the opinion of an old White racist. His being a famous geneticist does not mean his words were based on any science, and he himself has admitted as much.

    As for mud huts and AIDS, you obviously know very little about Africa. Yes, it’s the poorest continent but what does that have to do with genetics and intelligence? It’s a matter of economics and politics. Not long ago, Asia was full of mud huts. Today there are booming economies all over the region. Does that mean that Asians became more intelligent over the last 20 years? Oh wait! Everyone knows Asians are the smartest people, right? So how do you explain all the mud huts in Asia prior to the last few decades? You’re using circular reasoning, which makes me wonder about your intelligence.

    And for the record, there’s plenty of AIDS in Asia too, as there is in Russia and other parts of Europe. What does AIDS have to do with intelligence?


  127. He is right, so right believe it or not there is living proof, disbelief is this man is inncorrect, he has only showed us the truth.

    If you just his discoveries, you probably are making comments of violence like Jow3LL. which further proves your intelligence is lower.

    Africa – Mud huts and AIDS

    Western World and Europe – LIVING PROOF THAT HE IS RIGHT.


  128. KIRAAA O_O,

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment.

    While I think your sensitivity to the historical persecution of Black Americans is commendable, I have to take issue with your acceptance of Black people’s purported lower intelligence.

    To date, there is no scientific evidence that intelligence has a genetic basis and so there is no proof that entire populations can be more or less intelligent than entire other populations. Certainly the result of “intelligence tests” can be skewed by social and historical realities—as you rightly point out in your comment—but even these tests are seriously flawed in terms of cultural bias, etc.

    My problem with Dr. Watson’s comments is that he basically implied that Africans are less intelligent, which is why social and economic policies aimed at alleviating poverty in Africa are doomed to failure. There are plenty of other reasons why these policies have been failing; e.g., political instability and corruption on the African side and neoliberal economic prescriptions that aim to continue colonial relations on the part of the West. But Watson ignores all other factors in favor of a race-based cause. That’s simply racist.

    Secondly, he goes on to say that anyone who’s ever had to deal with Black employees knows that they’re less intelligent, basically conflating Africans with Black Americans—I can only assume Watson has no experience with African employees. But again, he’s wrong because Africans are not genetically identical to Black Americans so even if both groups were really less intelligent, there would have to be some other explanation for this besides skin color, i.e., race.


  129. First, what is “white people”?

    if he is speaking of the Anglo Saxons, he should remember that around 1500 years ago they were living the same way that some African tribes live today.



  130. Wow, well where I live there’s some really dumb white people, but there’s also dumb black people, there’s also dumb Asians, dumb Mexicans, I can go on and on.

    In general.
    I don’t mean to offend anyone.

    Blacks score lower on tests IN GENERAL. From what I observe.

    Majority they don’t grow up the same way as white people, plus they’re surrounded by peers (that I mean black people) and the standard is lowered, so they don’t feel as pressured as much.

    White are like the top since like, er… they industrialized, and they still are so they have high standards.

    Asians have a different standard probably from various sources… they were never enslaved either… I forgot what I learned in history…

    Blacks were like from freed from slavery not so long ago.. takes a while to bounce back from slave status which is kind of was the lowest class… (I’m not trying to be mean T__T)

    Latinooo people were like, in dependance, so pretty low.. class.

    (what I’m trying to say is, why I think black people “intelligence” is lower is cause of slavery) p: and it takes a while to bounce back, simple as that. *GENERALLY*

    However.. since everyone is treating everyone “equally”, the world is kind of getting more stable isn’t it :DD until like someone decides to lauch bombs or something ;-;


  131. “… In old Greece, as Aristotle says, that occurred by fact the towns that lived more to the south, like the Egyptian, were naturally more wise people and ingenious than the Barbarians which they lived in the regions you cold. Sometimes the Germanic blonde-haired people were considered Barbarian, slow and incapable of civilization. And they were treated like such by the most advanced empires of skin darkened by suns of the South which demonstrates that the stupidity is not property of any race.” Jorge Majfud.


  132. Look Chance,
    nice. You’re comments are very Bill Cosby (Blacks should pull themselves up by the bootstraps…please.). There are issues with your figures.
    First and foremost, affirmitive action is there for a reason?
    Do you think it’s as easy for me to get a job as a white person? I could do all the studying I want in the world, get a masters degree and it STILL wouldn’t make my skin light enough for a position without suspicion of me being a
    drug dealer
    or a prostiute with eight kids.
    Because there’s no way for me to make you believe that I am w o r t h y enough to go to College, worthier than Samantha Smith who will stroll right up and take my spot no matter the credentials.
    If you want further proof there are studies.
    It’s called white privilege. For some reason its so invisible to people who beifit from it.
    Wake up.


  133. well it appears to me by your ignorant “theory” that its the white folks that are of less intelligents. go and sit your old dirty looking self down some where and stop putting out false information. At lease us African Americans are smart enough to know when to shut up about something that could get us in trouble.


  134. That is outragous what kind of crap says that black people are less smart than white people? What kind of science proves that? I mean who would let a person say that? That is so retarded it makes me angry. James Watson is stupid to even say such a thing.I mean, look at Christophor Columbus who killed so many native americans in America and then had the nerve to say he found America. Look at George Bush he’s the stupidest nut in America. He was starting wars in Iraq just for his personal gain.


  135. Black gyal and Black girl are chatting so much sense.
    Its true. Who is he saying that black people are less intelligent? Well if that was the case then chinese people are the worlds greatest seeing as they first invented guns, bombs and explosives which whites then went over to AFRICA to exchange for slaves. Its pathetic how just because he’s a famous doctor he can go and write stupid articles with NO PROOF.









  138. My studies in genetic science is a way for me to learn what makes us as humans tick. There are many things that make us humans tick genetics is just one of the many tickers that’s all. Also, I recommend many blacks start studying the subject too it will help them understand themselves better. What I said about blacks and IQs is well verified this is not something new it’s common knowledge.

    my knowledge about the IQs of blacks now how does this make me a person who believes blacks are inferior? All racial groups in America have general collective IQs not just blacks.
    Many blacks criticize but have never studied the subjects that they criticize others for speaking about. I am a visionary and I predict that my studies in genetics will become acceptable in the future by America and the world in general. The subject of genetics will be accepted in America publicly someday guaranteed. Anyone who has studied IQs knows that my information is accurate.
    Lower moral standards by fellow blacks continue to create more suffering among blacks than white racism. Whites will pay someday for their trouble making but blacks will also pay for this unprovoked black on black negativity.


  139. The national black IQ of America is 85, and 85 is low. When blacks have some high school education up to the level of the 10th or 12th grade their general IQ is 85. It is a fact, that not all blacks have IQs of 85 some have lower IQs from 84 on down to the 70s. Blacks who go to the universities (college) and graduate their IQs go up to 100. Now not all black college graduates have IQs of 100 some have IQs in the 90s, and IQs in the 90s are mediocre. Some black high school students have IQs past 100 and some black college graduates have IQs past 100 after they graduate. These IQs could be 103, 107, 111, 115, 121, 130, 135, and above. But when you hire blacks and give them affirmative action and their IQs are not a minimum of 100 this often leads to trouble and incompetence.

    The major problem with blacks is really not their low or high IQs it is the lower moral standards that they live by. They bring their lower moral standards to the work place – and this creates most of the problems that plague Black America in the work place. Whether it be government federal, State, or city jobs blacks bring too much suffering to these jobs, and the people who suffer the most at the hands of these affirmative action black employees are blacks themselves. Blacks are often treated better by employees from other racial groups. Blacks seem to have some kind of characteristic in them that they inherited from their African forefathers — that makes them mistreat fellow blacks.

    It was this same characteristic that helped put blacks in slavery — during the times of the slave trade black African Kings would sell blacks from conquered tribes to white Europeans. The reality is that affirmative action has out lived it usefulness, it did a great job at trying to remedy some of the past racial injustices in America. Black pathologies and the Lack of a moral sense that too many blacks show at affirmative action jobs has created a lot of suffering in black America.

    If it was not for affirmative action many employers, government, federal, and city jobs would not hire a lot of blacks. So the unemployment rate for blacks would be higher. Other non-white employees from other non-white racial groups have negative trouble makers in their racial groups who create problems at work also, but blacks by far have the most


  140. Well, this is interesting.
    Let me start 1st by saying, i’m “white”.
    I have alot of friends of different “races”.
    In my expirience ive come to believe that intelligence does not come from race or culture or anything like that. It come from using your brain. Giving your brain exercise. Keeping away from substances that kill brain cells. And keeping yourself healthy enough, mentally and physically so that your brain can focus more on solving the problems of life.
    The main problem that Africans, African-Americans, as well as Latino-Americans have, is that more often than Caucasians they lead a stressful life. If you lead a stressful life, your brain is more focused on just basic survival in your society. Your brain will focus on menial tasks be it working at a low paying job, selling drugs, stealing, or whatever it takes to pay those bills. And why do minorities resort to these negative ways of life? Some think its the only way. Some are forced into it by circumstance. Some are raised that way. Some have their parents taken away by violence. There are an infinite number of reasons why. And what do the lower-class minorities say? Blame the White man. Sure the White man started lots of trouble in the past. And there is still tension today. But he is not to blame for what is going on today. Its not easy to come back from what has happened in the past. But for White, Black, Asian, and Latin
    the challange is the same: Make your way in life, and make the most of it, and out of yourself. Get an education, get a degree, and get a well-paying career. Don’t sit at home and collect a welfare check, or run the streets. It only leads to death or prison. I know the Black, Latino populations in America can do better for themselves, they just have to believe it.


  141. Dr. Watson,

    Alex’s comment was stupid beyond belief and does not merit serious treatment on this blog.

    Alex ignores history, politics, sociology, and economics, focusing instead on skin color. That’s racism in its essence and I will not dignify his remark with a response.

    Enough has been said on that issue. The Sudanese have nothing in common with Black Americans besides a history of oppression and marginalization. The violence in both places has nothing to do with either people’s skin color. Nor does the poverty. There are factors beyond skin color that determine how people live.

    If it gives you comfort to believe that there is violence in Sudanese and Black American communities because both people are dark-skinned, go ahead.

    Intelligent people know better.


  142. Hello and thank you all for writing such wonderfully diverse and challenging statements.

    If at all possible, I would like for someone to respond to “Alex”. There seemed to be a lack of interest in responding to his simple yet highly effective (and slightly exaggerated) arguement.

    I look forward to your comments. Thank you.


  143. I m not surprised by Dr Wtson ,coz he knows himself that they are some Black intelligents than him but he want to ignore that.

    To say that more than 800 millions Blacks living on this earth are less intelligent than Whites (including Dr Wtson himself) that is exageration

    Maybe he was joking ,but if not this man is dangerous for the good of world society .


  144. if you are saying that all black people are less intelligent than white people, then that’s a sterotype. Each black person has their own mind and thoughts. I have met some blacks who are smarter than some whites. This is just another racial comment to prove that white people think they are suprerior than black people. No little DNA test or what ever can prove that. Your skin color doesn’t prove who is smarter than who. Your mind has nothing to do with skin color. So stop degrating blacks as useless, non-intelligent people. We are the ones who changed history it self. If you considered us less intelligent than white people. Then what are all of those inventions that we created too. Basically this test proves NOTHING and you are just racist man.


  145. Genetics?, I investigated about this theory, and found out that it’s totally INCORRECT.
    Well, first I wonder no explain and proves about the theory, only the “results”.
    Maybe Watson knows about genetics and other things, but psychologist had proved that there aren’t races with more IQ than other.
    Also I’d read that Watson made big mistakes, forgetting the social-economic situations of the tested persons.
    Also on 1978, the General Conference of the United Nations for the Education, Sience and Culture (UNESCO) said something like “All theory that involves a supremacy or inferiority of racials or etnics groups, that gives the right to control or eliminate another, or that make ‘values’ (like moral or something like that) justice based on a racial difference, it don’t have cientific fundament and it’s opposite to morals and etics believes of humanity”

    If there are differences on the IQ poblations it’s more logic that depends on the enviroment than the genetic
    Read something here

    “The classification into races has proved to be a futile exercise for reasons that were already clear to Darwin.”


  146. Bash, Tukam Dixon, Diame, afrikan0, OreFad, and Walter,

    Thank you all for your comments.

    It saddens me how determined and—dare I say desparate—some people are in their attempts to argue that Black and African people are less intelligent, despite all the evidence to the contrary, or more accurately, the lack of scientific evidence to prove this alleged lack of intelligence. I’ll repeat what I wrote elsewhere in response to the likes of Dr. Watson:

    At the end of the day, the beauty of racism lies in its simplicity and Dr. Watson’s remarks demonstrate this simplistic thinking. For people who can’t be bothered to study social sciences, economics, and politics, race “theory,” racist thinking, and outright racism are ideal. Everything about an individual or group can be explained simply by looking at skin color, hair texture, or any of the other signifiers of “race.” The underlying social, political, and economic order is never examined and challenged, so power relations remain intact. The racist in turn remains assured of his or her own superiority, itself the product of nothing more than an accident of birth that resulted in his or her having been born with the “correct” skin color. The racist never needs to compose a concerto, write a great novel, or even read one for that matter. She or he is more than content to know that other people who share his or her skin color have done so. This also absolves the racist of the need to prove his or her own intelligence, because that burden of proof is shifted onto people who were not fortunate enough to have been born with the right skin color or hair texture. Dr. Watson—in lending his voice to the question of Black and African people’s intelligence and industriousness—has joined a long and disgraceful line of pseudo-scientists who have, for centuries, attempted to argue that non-White people, be they from Africa, Australia, Asia, North America, the Caribbean, or the Middle East share one unifying characteristic: Their dark skin means they are not equal to Europeans. Even worse, Dr. Watson has thrown a bone to modern racists who—without considering science, economics, or politics—have always believed Black people are less intelligent than White people.


  147. What a tedious discussion, especially from (the former African) James Watson. With his “advanced” (????) knowledge of DNA (and presumably the supporting palaeontological evidence), he should be well aware by now that everything is African, including himself, even if he and his more immediate ancestors developed an interesting and colourful variant from the original norm of skin colour and texture. Remember dear professor, and anyone else that may entertain your ideas, that every knowledge and every invention today began in Africa, after a long “walkabout” that led to everyone alive today, to the construction of the pyramids on both sides of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, to the “Black Buddhas” with thick lips and kinky hair recorded forever in stone throughout the far east, the great Greek philosophers who had more wisdom than our good professor today and did not entertain his racist ideas, through the ugliness of Hitler and the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and to the everlasting beauty of all the world’s art that began in the Blombos caves of South Africa some 70,000 years ago. Without that first step out of Africa, the world of knowledge we now enjoy would not be. If Dr. Watson was a Christian, I guess he would be praying for forgiveness from the “Black Jesus” for insulting His people.

    I wish all readers of this column a wondrously informed and knowledgeable 2008.


  148. As usual I have to say Happy New year to You all not forgetting Doctor Watson~All along I have been thinking of a make believe~of a PHD? Is it like a Permanent Head Damage? May be Desmond Tutu,said it~*What is black empowerment( I will say modern empowerment) when it seems to benefit not the vast majority but an elite that tends to be recycled* This a smart cleric also talked about a full menu of rights? He wants it!
    You tell more~share articles get out of the way for the information to flow is not a bad or rough word~simply get out of the way~and more so,I’m not rough men! Many times,I carry the blame?

    According to OUR own or THEIR own?,John E. Pfeiffer:-
    Africa is not only the original home of humanity, it is the cradle of its intellect. It was on Africa’s savannahs, riverbanks, highlands, deserts, and forests that the first men and women used the power of their minds to shape their environment in ways that suited them. Here man established himself as a tool maker and hunter and advanced social animal. Over the course of millions of years, groups of prehistoric Africans of the genus Homo reasoned, judged, understood, and created the basis for much of the technology and industry that exists in the world today.

    See we mostly choose not to speak or even simply write or even make mistakes~even mistakes are great! We have exported absolutely raw material and earned pretty much nothing in return~And for a reason,the likes of you have sincerely written~and continue to write:-
    ‘So that a united Africa ,the poverty stricken continent, good for nothing as some will call it, the mockery of the past decades, shall in unity, love, peace, courage and determination, rise above all things socially,politically and economically to become the heaven on earth that every man will wish to be a part of.
    So help us GOD~OUR MAIN LIGHT 🙂
    Cornelius Adjetey, A Brother from another MOTHER!

    Let me wish you a holly jolly new year in French:-
    Les libertaires bonne année!
    Zestfufully, or contraire,I wont be tied to the French Franc and system like my umbilical cord to be extra conversant of Paris streets than Mombasa or Kinshasa the world’s largest French speaking city that never even makes it to the records.
    At AUM we sincerely wish you well in your endeavors!
    Look and do think about US! The Youths have been ignored as they perish watching useless stuff not forgetting porn in our cosmopolitanised social world. We have some belief in such forums with care!


  149. He seems to be ignorant of human beginnings with
    writing, medicine, mathematics, et al. Maybe he never heard about the Antediluvians, the Egyptians, the Phoenicians, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Hebrews, the Kingdom of the South, Great Zimbabwe, Songhai, Mali, Timbuktu, Djenne, the Dogon…not to mention our accomplishments during our sojourn here in the west…inventions vital to things such as blood transfusions for one…


  150. There is a way how we do not need to argue actually~See it is great to research even you know that some hopeless fellows have tried to research but failed, but anyway there is no need of so much discussing! You need to QUIT talking and acting social economic fake life but be happy and live well!
    Lame,blind, limbless and stupid people may only win awards these days! Find a way how not to be mad but simply stupid like!You will know what speaking about can be!

    BUT,Here is a non RACIAL solution to help both the great unthinking and the thinking giants who understand the WORLD better or not better!

    I WISH HE HAD WRITTEN ABOUT THIS~I WAS NOT BORN ONE BUT THOSE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT FILLS THEIR MINDS~I cried profusely when I was taught that people sold people~no body understood why I cried~thats why most don’t understand~they better do! I will never forget that blackout day in my life even though I was simply young! SIGN IT~THANK YOU!


  151. Dr Watson should be removed from his Nobel Prize. I am back African & proud, qualified CIMA from Edinburgh, HCIMA and MBA from London. Does that make also dump because Watson say so?. If Alfred Nobel knew what this wicked old man have been saying he would have taken his prize from him instantly.

    Those black people reading this rubbish from Dr Watson, you must write the Bobel Prize Org urgently like I did & you must demand an apology from her not from this crazy racist doctor. Someone said the American black know only how to shoot each other, that nay be true but who have denied them to obtain education? who made them feel half of their own who not long ago refused to take a seat in a bus or even dine in the same restaurant with a white person. The fact is clear to those who really need to know. Watch a film called TRADING PLACES.


  152. Rezwan,

    I’ve never heard of anyone who isn’t actually Black claiming to be, but if you wanna be Black, it’s fine with me. Lord knows there aren’t enough of us graduating from Ivy League schools. 🙂

    But I think when Dr. Watson said what he said, he was referring to Africans and Black Americans, not specifically brown- or black-skinned people, and certainly not South Asians.

    I’m sorry. You must be very disappointed. 🙂


  153. My girlfriend says I am pretty black – not as black as coal, but blacker than caramel and perhaps shades lighter than oreo cookies. However I am a South Asian. I was wondering does that make me dumb?


  154. Less than 2 generations from nazism it amazes me how any one comes to even speculate on racial differences.I feel very fortunate to be around some very intelligent people from all races.After working in in R@D at the protein purification plant at Genentech I am now in pharamceutical sales and travel very extensively.

    Any one can clearly see this was a very,meticulous,well thoughtout plan to smear a whole race of people.Watson at 80 was put out to pasture and it behooves me to realize that these suspensions/retirement and whatever else ramifications he encountered was planned well in advance(quip about “black employees” is ridiculous).

    I am white,very athletic and have no doubt in my mind or any one elses that blacks are superior in 2 of the 3 allys (mentally,physically, and sexually).
    Watson admitted sexual superiority for melanin gifted races.So these bigots really need to zero in on the mental debate.

    I listened to a debate on talk radio and a black guest mention something I never thought of….if whites could not find any genetic difference they would invent one.He said,contrary to Watson,that whites people are already operating on basis that whites are superior.

    He went on to ask the talk show host do you know of any widely reported studies are speculation about white people (as a race) that negative in nature, the host admitted he really couldnt say.But this constant, corrosive, drip drip reports about blacks keep coming with courteousy of the the media every 3 months are so.

    Watson’s stars really lined up for him.His book about to be published,a shot at Obama for prez (plantings seeds of doubts for his potential voters) and his retirement.


  155. I am reading all this trash. Simpleton whites now think they have the intellect to cast judgement on Black folks. We have been here before. Western scientific communities once held, whites were physically superior to Blacks. This point of view is now a joke. If we accept IQ test as the measurement of biological superiority, then Asians especially East Asians are the superior race. Asian IQs are higher than whites. Affirmative Action programs were never a programs for African Americans. The wording was “women and minorities.” In fact, white women have been the biggest benefactor of Affirmative Action. Also it seems that Affirmative Action in higher education in the California university system was benefiting whites more than any other group. It was whites hurting Asian applicants more than Blacks. I am less intelligent than a white because I don’t know what a caboose is(what if my country don’t have trains?). It is cowardly and pathetic of Western society to compare themselves to people who are poorer and still developing the material/social structure for bringing about modernity, especially towards people they have had a hand in stunting development. This IQ debate is an attempt for whites to remain relevant. We have seen the ascendancy of Asians. The white race is no longer the superior race both physically and intellectually.



  156. to add to ‘to me”s point, when members of a particular group are told over and over that they are inferior in some way, while beginning to believe and internalize this, they also become angry and resentful, further diminishing their chances at constructive progress, development, and peaceful coexistence with those imposing these views, be it in africa, the us, or anywhere else in the world.


  157. To me, it looks like it’s exactly these kinds of justification that ‘Black’ people who don’t want to work hard (for example) can use and get away with. By categorizing ‘Black’ people as ‘Dumb’ (lets face it, that’s what people like Larry are really trying to say) they take away whatever willingness that these people might have had to educate themselves, read more, go to college and so on. When we have big names like Watson saying ‘Sorry, you’re doomed because you’re Black’, the average ‘Black’ kid would grow up thinking himself to be inferior and assuming that he would never be good at certain things, so why bother? And then we have people like Larry, who spend 40 years in Africa, and think poorly of the people who inhabiate the place. Perhaps, you ARE right Larry. They are dumb, dumb enough to let you stay in a continent where you had no respect for the average people.


  158. Larry,

    As an African who has been living in the West for almost two decades, I am constantly amazed at how many ignorant, unintelligent, inarticulate, and barely literate Europeans I encounter on a daily basis.

    And, as an African who also lived in Africa, I have always been struck by the fact that many Westerners who live in Africa seem unable to shake their racism and prejudice. I wonder if that’s a hereditary factor that persists despite good nutrition, education, socioeconomics, etc.

    But more importantly, geneticists and other scientists have denounced Watson for his views. He himself has stated there is no scientific backing for his claim.

    So, whatever is causing the lack of intelligence you perceive among Africans, at least we can rule out a genetic, race-based explanation.


  159. No westerner living in Africa (as I have for nearly forty years) would ever challenge Watson. The relatively low average intelligence of Africans is a central fact that permeates life there, and goes a long way to explaining the unremitting disaster that is Africa. As in any population, there is high variance but it is notably rare to meet someone who is clearly bright, and depressingly commonplace to deal with people who have trouble with complex ideas. I must emphasize: there are plenty of exceptions, but the average person is noticeably less intelligent than the average European or Asian.

    Of course, the is no way to determine whether this pattern is due to bad nutrition, bad education, a culture which discourages innovation and creativity, or whether it might be partially influenced by heritable factors. But it is an inescapable fact of life that has dramatic implications for the continent in a world which is changing rapidly and getting ever more complex.

    — Posted by Larry


  160. odiri,

    Thanks for the comment, and for the inspirational lyrics. 🙂

    To paraphrase the great Jedi Master, Yoda:

    Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

    Nick, Dr. Watson, and all the other haters out there need to get to the root of their fear of African and Black people. That’ll be an important first step towards making this world a better place.


  161. Many people will come and go, making statements such as this. As a black man, I know that our history and destiny has been manipulated by colonization, slavery and destruction of our culture and arts by superior fire power and at present, poor political leadership.
    Imagining that the gloomy economic situation of Africa is a result of low intelligence would mean that North Koreans, for example, are of lower intelligence than South Koreans. The Saudis would be more intelligent than the Hungarians and Polish.
    Africa has her challenges but she is coming round. This is inevitable.
    To all you black/African Haters (Nick, Dr Watson and Tony)

    If I could give you the world
    On a silver platter
    Would it even matter?
    You’d still be mad at me

    If I could find in all this
    A dozen roses
    Which I would give to you
    You’d still be miserable

    In reality, I’m gon’ be who I be
    And I don’t feel no faults
    For all the lies that you bought
    You can try as you may
    Break me down but I say
    That it ain’t up to you
    Gone and do what you do

    Hate on me, hater
    Now or later
    ‘Cuz I’m gonna be me
    You’ll be mad, baby
    (Go ‘head and hate)
    Go ‘head and hate on me, hate on
    ‘Cuz I’m not afraid of it
    What I got I paid for
    You can hate on me

    Ooh, if I gave you peaches
    Out of my own garden
    And I made you a peach pie
    you would still slap me high

    What if I gave you diamonds
    Out of my own womb
    Would you feel the love in that,
    Or ask “why not the moon”?

    If I gave you sanity
    For the whole of humanity,
    Had all the solutions
    For the pain and pollution

    No matter where I live,
    Despite the things I give,
    You’ll always be this way
    So go ahead and Hate on me, hater
    Now or later
    ‘Cuz I’m gonna be me
    You will alway be mad,
    Go ahead and hate on me, hate on
    ‘Cuz I’m not afraid of it
    What I got I paid for
    You can hate on me

    You cannot hate on me
    ‘Cuz my mind is free
    Feel my destiny
    So shall it be

    (By Jill Scott)


  162. Abdul…

    There is an article by a Nigerian Journalist called Idang Alibi, that you should read. i will like very much to read your take on this self hating African man.

    i think the article is on or simple google it adding Dr watson to the search.

    Anyway i look forward to read your views on this article.



  163. Natalie,

    Thank you for your sensitive and insightful comments.

    People like Dr. Watson and Nick need to be challenged. For them, silence is never the best answer. They will just think they are right if we remain silent. Notice Nick has not returned to repeat his ignorant remarks because our speaking out helped him understand what a racist fool he is.

    As for the rest of you comment, Natalie, I cannot agree more. Thank you for contributing your voice and perspective to this conversation. It’s good to see that there are many, many White people who do not agree with racists like Dr. Watson, Nick and Tony Maione.


  164. Lauryn Hill is one of my favourite artist, in her last album she said that if you allow yourself to be subjected to other people opinion a part of you dies. i think black individuals should listen to this.

    why do black people allow themself to be affected by racist comment that justice inequality and therefore racism?

    just because someone is black does not mean that they dont have the feelings that makes us humans. they have feelings and someone them especially the younger generation can internalize racist comments like that of Dr watson and therefore causing further damages.

    Why do we white continue to judge people by our standards.

    and why we feel the need to constantly go on (centuries after centuries, generation after generation) about how black are less intelligence that us or other races. They have heard it so many times already do you think is time we stop doing this now.

    the reason why white racist like Dr watson and others do this is because of the deep down insecurity that we have, the fear of africans discovering this insecurity and their own strength.

    we just want to keep them down generetion after generation, century after century. why? to continue to promote the idea that they are less than us, which is pretty stupid if you think about it.

    The fact people like Tony Maione and nick, are trying to justice this obvious racism is shocking and disapointing, shame on you two.

    Tony i have lived in italy, italy is one of the places in the europe that promote black inferiority to white. just take a look at the senegal people (and other Africans and blacks) that live in italy and see how they are treated.

    Take a look at the football company in europe. they have african/black player but never black managers, why?

    we should be carefull what we say to people.

    Good point Aja, interesting read.

    i am interested to find out Tony’s views on Mustafa’s question.

    nice one susan be husband.

    abdul why do feel the need to explan and fight back. my African friend mother alway say silence is the best answer given to a fool like Dr watson and other racist bigots like NicK or people like Tony who is trying to excuse Dr Watson.

    abdul just look at yourself, and other black people like Aja, and many others, also from the stat from Dave’s post, is an evidence that dr watson is an idiot, and not to be taken seriously.

    please excuse my grammer error.


  165. You see Tony

    Being a member of the race regarded as the race with high intelligence gives one a right to superiority and justifies inequality, regardless of one’s individual deficiencies. It also justifies racism, since if inferior people are succeeding they must be cheating the truly superior people out of their just inheritance. It also justifies believing things about oneself that have no objective validity.

    for now, I have got to build up my younger cousins, nephew and nieces emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) to counter the likelihood that their IQ will be questioned someday simply because of the colour of their skin.

    thanks Susan you are a great friend


  166. Tony please read:

    Far from the modern conservative utopia of a “colour-blind society,” Euro-centric racial chauvinism seems to rear its ugly head in the popular press every few years or so — from the eugenics of Arthur Jensen to Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein’s Bell Curve to Dr. Watson, renowned for his role in describing the double-helix structure of DNA and for representing America on the international Human Genome Project.
    Watson told the London Sunday Times he’s inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really. He expressed a hope for human equality but added that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true. And here we go again.
    But did you hear about the recent work of African-American economist Roland Fryer of Harvard University and University of Chicago economist Steve Leavitt, who co-authored the popular book Freakonomics?
    Fryer and Leavitt responded to Watson’s scientifically-unfounded claims by pointing to Department of Education research that includes test data of the mental abilities of one-year-olds.While you might think it would be impossible to capture anything meaningful at such a young age,” Leavitt writes, “it turns out that these measures of one-year-olds’ intelligence are somewhat highly correlated with IQ scores at later ages, as well as with parental IQ scores. They found “no racial differences in mental functioning at age one, although a racial gap begins to emerge over the next few years of life .The observed patterns are broadly consistent with large racial differences in environmental factors that grow in importance as children age.
    Much is made of the present Black IQ score of 85. White racists use it to show why they feel that Black societies, including ancient ones, have accomplished little. Not only is the Black IQ the same as it has always been, but it is irremediable, as IQ is, so the White racists say, 80% genetic.There are some serious problems with this analysis.

    First of all, one must understand just what an IQ score really is. An IQ score is merely a relative score, and as scores rise, the tests are regularly re-normed at the 100 average here in the US. Therefore, the 20 point IQ rise has been completely masked.
    Whites scored 100 and Blacks scored 85 in 1925. In 1995, after a 20 point rise in both groups, Whites scored 100 and Blacks scored 85 once again. Do you follow? The regular renorming 8of the tests reduced the gains to invisibility. Further, a score of 85 is not necessarily “low” and a score of 115 or even 130 is not necessarily “high”. With average set at 100, the scores work like this: 66% of the group will score between 85 and 115 – 15% of the group will score between 70 and 85 and another 15% will score between 115 and 130. 2% will score below 70 and another 2% will score above 130.

    Suppose we ran into some aliens on another planet who had managed to design their own IQ tests. Suppose they were 10 times more intelligent on average than we are. Suppose they normed their tests exactly the way we do above.

    The aliens who scored in the lowest 2% might still be, say, seven times smarter than the average human! If they gave their tests to us, we might receive an average score of 30, or below the lowest 1% of their society. On their test, that would be considered seriously retarded. Do you follow?

    Now suppose we went to another planet and found another population. Suppose this group of aliens was not very intelligent yet. Suppose some of the brighter ones had set up their own IQ test with the score breakdown above and normed for their population.

    We might find that the upper 2% of their population, scoring over 130 on the test, actually has an IQ equivalent to humans of 85. 85% of us would be considered “gifted” on their test. Understand?

    The tests are relative. Set at 100, 15% of any population will score 70-85. Whether or not that is “slow” depends on the intelligence level of the population itself.

    Second, Blacks of all ages, not just Black children, are reducing the Black-White IQ gap. Between 1972-2002, Black IQ at age 24 rose from 79 to 84.5, a gain of 5.5 points. A similar gain was seen amongst Black children. Even racists Arthur Jensen and Phillipe Rushton agree that the Black-White gap is not immutable. To continue to harp on this theme in face of contradictory evidence is either ignorance or White racism.

    White racists are in agreement that the Black average IQ of 85 is “low”.

    To this they ascribe all sorts of Black problems and pathologies.

    White racists take it further and say that an average IQ of 70-85 (depending on the region) prevents Blacks from creating decent and civilized societies anywhere on Earth.

    Are the studies of no value that show African-Americans or Asians doing differently than so-called “white” Americans on standardized IQ tests? That is, is the work of people like Herrnstein and Murray worthless? No. It is valuable data, but it is also explosive data because of our racist political history. Such data will inevitably be exploited by white supremacists, twisted for their own political goals and used not to improve racial relations in America but to encourage further racial strife. Such data consists mainly of correlations. And while correlations should convince orthodox empirical scientists of nothing, to the racist researcher, correlations are the heart and soul of their work. The furor that The Bell Curve caused died down quickly because there occurred an ongoing saga which usurped its political and entertainment value. In fact, Herrnstein and Murray, in chapter after chapter, call for social reforms to improve the status of blacks in America. They may be disingenuous calls, but they are nevertheless inconsistent with the notion that the social condition of blacks in America is due to genetic factors. If genes led to the black underclass of young thugs who murder each other on a daily basis in almost every city in America, then there would be no point in calling for educational or vocational programs, no point in urging a change of focus for black men and women in their families, as even the black supremacist Louis Farrakhan has recommended with his million man march.
    One can’t deny that the majority of young men killing each other in gang wars are minorities. But one can deny that the reason they are so violent and immoral is because of their race. That is false and an insult to the majority of blacks and other minorities who are decent, law-abiding persons. One can’t deny that minorities are undereducated as a group and underrepresented in our colleges and universities, and in the professions and skilled trades. But one can deny that the reason minorities are underrepresented is because their race makes them genetically inferior and incapable of competing with “white” America. Even so, it is true that many minorities are not in college or working as doctors or lawyers or teachers or auto mechanics, etc., because of their race.
    It is possible that some day we may be able to look at people of different races and see them as human beings without losing sight of what is special and unique about racial or ethnic membership. We do not need to be colourblind, nor should we strive to ignore racial differences. But they should be seen in a proper perspective: significant in forming us, but irrelevant to our status as human beings capable of both the highest moral and intellectual behaviour and of bestial depravity and moronic incompetence.

    Thank God I never fully internalized the idea that most, if any, of my school mates were more intelligent than me. But, I did assume that everyone outside my family did. That’s why I never asked for help in school. I wrongly thought that asking for help amounted to an admission that black people were, in fact, inferior, as was periodically pronounced from the ivory towers of academia and other corners of the race conscious IQ industry. Fortunately, I was able to flip that negativity into motivation. But when I read about the remarks made recently by the esteemed biologist James Watson, I winced at the thought of how many black youngsters might continue to internalize the destructive but persistent message that they are inherently less intelligent. And I wonder if they too will turn that negativity into motivation.


  167. Susan B’s husband,

    Thank you for your reading the blog and posting your comment. I agree with you entirely.

    The people who are respectfully “considering” Dr. Watson’s words are also working from the racist premise that Black people—regardless of where they live or are from—are universally the same, i.e., less intelligent than White people. But let’s remember that the belief that Black people—first Africans and Australian Aborigines, then Black Americans, then Black West Indians—predates genetics and IQ testing. It has existed and thrived even in the absence of “science.” In fact, it has popped up and thrived wherever and whenever Europeans have had to interact with non-Europeans. In the context of colonialism, etc., the interactions between Europeans and non-Europeans have never been equal or fair, so is it any surprise that Western attitudes towards Black and African peoples are always so one-sidedly negative?

    Susan B’s husband, thanks again for contributing to this discussion and for presenting your thoughts in an eloquent, articulate, and comprehensible manner.


  168. I’m Susan B’s husband and a psychometrician. At her urging, I am responding to the remarks on Africans’ IQ. First, such a low average score must have been partly the result of a written test applied to illiterates, or a complicated non-verbal test for which the goals were not made clear. (If you were handed a test in Swahili and told to mark boxes on it, you would likely score in the retarded range as well.) But an IQ test, unless very limited and carefully designed, is also partly a test of literacy, test-taking experience, and cultural knowledge.
    Aside from the language barrier, I would be willing to bet that a couple of weeks’ instruction in testing and Western conventions would have vastly improved the African subjects’ scores. If so, the test was only masquerading as an IQ test, if we believe that IQ is relatively fixed in each person.
    Second, there is plenty of evidence that even intelligence conceived of as entirely culture-free can be improved with practice up to certain limits. I do not have the capability to be a professional rugby player no matter how much training I get, but practice would certainly make me better at the sport. On the other hand, the greatest natural athlete in the world will not be good at a sport without some training. In the modern Western world, most of us have had the opportunity to train our intellects up to our highest potential. Therefore, we tend to view IQ test results as a reflection of our upper limits of intelligence. A century ago here or today in Africa, this was/is not the case.
    However, this does not imply that the best way to improve Africans’ intelligence is to train them up to be able to do well on Western IQ tests. I suspect that training in logic and practice at thinking would vastly improve the Africans’ “African Intelligence”, whether or not it is the same as our “Western Intelligence”, and that the African version would would serve them better at succeeding within their own cultures.
    Finally, I will note in passing that cultures and religions vary more in Africa than they do in the homogenized West, so even referring to an “African IQ” is a gross oversimplification of the issue.


  169. Tony Maione

    From you you comment is sounds to me that you have not done enough research on Dr Watsons interview. His comments were disrespectful to Black Africans all over the world, and some people like myself would in fact interprete it as racism.

    i can see that you have kindly commented on my post, but there are thing in my original post that you have not comment on which i would very much to read your views on.

    why does intelligence comparative studies alway compares Africans (blacks) and whites, but never black and Asian, or Asians and whites?

    why is it that people with black skin l(ike that Australian aboriginals, africans etc) have lower IQ. i have an interpretation for this but i just cant be bother to explain at this time.

    if the findings were the opposite your and fellow White men’s reaction be different?

    if the findings showed that Whites are less intelligent than African would the findings be published, i think not.

    When i was in the UK, a friend said that there is no way that a white man would allow his race to come second (especially with respect to intelligence) to Black African.

    am sorry Tony if am coming a racist and disrespectful, but a comment like that of Dr Watson, only promote the idea that Africans inferiority to White, and that blacks are stupid, an idea that has been promoted for centuries and can be seen in all social institutions in the West, a reason for my leaving the West for african. There are things stated in your comment that reflex this views, like dismissing Daves comment with regard to African attainment ((Attainment is not the same thing as intelligence))

    Blacks in the west are not treated as individuals, rather as a group, so is is hard for me to treat you as an individual especially from your initial comment.

    Define “intelligence.” All the research is proving is that whites are better adapted to a eurocentric definition of intelligence. Develop an afrocentric IQ test and let’s see who does better. (et el aja)

    well i hope you child feels better


  170. Thanks Dave,

    You have highlighted a substantial body of work on attainment by different group and it certainly does make interesting reading. I was aware of some, but not all of this material.

    Attainment is not the same thing as intelligence. Over whole populations the studies referenced do appear to indicate higher than average levels of academic ability (perhaps coupled with application?) within certain groups.

    There may be socialisation factors. Members of certain groups may believe that they need to outperform their competitors in the employment market – having to pedal harder to get to the same place is an issue that I have heard before.

    Alternately there may simply be a disposition based on some other factor for this higher level of performance. I remain open-minded on the underlying causes of the differences.

    Different people are equal. I believe the differences to be interesting and worthy of study.

    Thanks Mustafa,

    Although you have little to go on other than a name, you’ve correctly guessed that I am a white man. I’m an immigrant to the UK from Italy.

    The body of knowledge Dave highlighted indicates that the population I come from enjoy far lower levels of academic attainment than most others. That does not cause me anguish at all. That work is only accurate on a population basis and is utterly meaningless on an individual level. It shows, just like Charles Murray’s book did, that the data means nothing on an individual level and that we should deal with the individual in front of us rather than the group we think they may belong to.

    Mustafa – by referring immediately to my ethnicity, do you think you are dealing with me as an individual or as a member of a group that you have certain (possibly accurate) views on? I’m sure the answer is no and that you do not seek to treat anyone differently based on your perceptions of the ethnic group they may belong to. I certainly don’t – I’m a scientific determinist which informs my attitude to Dr Watson and that is why I remain uncertain on this point.

    It remains the case that if somebody asked me whether I believed there to be a link between ethnicity and certain measures of intelligence I remain unable to give an answer either way. Any answer I would give would be based on scientific analysis of the existence of a link or not.

    I accept that it is possible for scientists, like any other people, to be racists and vice versa. I don’t believe Dr Watson to be a racist for reasons that I’ll cover below.

    It is probably fair to say that we lack a definitive study on this point. It is also possibly fair to say that if there were found to be a difference either way it would be minimal and possibly within the bounds of statistical error and only relevant over large populations. There are other factors that might cause differences between communities too and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to design a study that negated these factors. I would also wonder whether the benefit that could be gained from carrying out such a study would outweigh the resources needed.

    Nevertheless that in itself, and my views on all persons being of equal value, regardless of their differences, does not immediately lead to the conclusion that Dr Watson is wrong.

    My main interest in Dr Watson comes from his views on Tay Sachs disease which is a degenerative metabolic disease which is passed on by autosomal recessive inheritance. One of the interesting things about this disease is that the gene is 10 times more common in the Ashkenazi Jew population than in general population.

    Whilst speaking in Germany some years ago Dr Watson suggested that all foetuses carrying the gene be aborted in order to remove or at least massively reduce the incidence of this terminal disease. The foetuses would not grow up, and pass the gene on to their own children being the logic. Of course such action would have any enormously disproportionate effect on the Ashkenazi Jew population. To air this views in Germany may well have been highly insensitive.

    The first time I read these comments I was shocked – I have a daughter who suffers from a different metabolic disease albeit with a much better prognosis than Tay Sachs. Then I realised that if you strip emotion away from what Dr Watson said, in stark narrow terms he is right – the consequence he seeks would be achieved by the measures he suggests. That is the nature of scientists – see a problem, find a solution. Very often the solution will not have been considered in any wider context and may have all sorts of other unintended consequences rendering it an academic exercise only.

    Dr Watson’s views linking ethnicity and intelligence may have been formed in an equally insular way. Alternately, he may be a racist. I don’t have enough information to make a conclusion.

    What is certain is that he has made an enormous contribution to one of the greatest scientific advances of the 20th century. His work is underpinning the work of Craig Venter who is getting ever closer to creating life which gives us some more issues to debate.

    Thanks again.

    Tony Maione


  171. Two things-I would appreciate publicity and seat not sit with that dreaming giant and great scientist on a round table!
    I shall appreciate first,greet him later on and address him in some languages that we was born not speaking-he will revise his remarks and definitely the book-whatever BIBLE it is-others he will add on himself and finally give me a Jambo!


  172. Nick, you are absolutely an idiot! Go back to your history, unbiased history that is. Go back to Noah’s three sons; historical scholars will be happy to share their very educated wisdom with you by showing you the historical contribution that Blacks have made in history. Where do you think the original letter of the alphabet comes from? Who are the Egyptians and what contribution have they made? Do you understand Hieroglyphics? Do you know who the Phoenicians are and what their contributions were? Etc. Let’s talk about African American contributors to America. Who finished building Washington, D.C? And I’m not talking about forced slave labor. You eat peanut butter? Who came up with that? Used soap lately? Washer agitator, the original hazard suit, that has brought about fire uniforms, space suit, hazmat uniform, who designed the new armed forces uniform? Stop at a traffic light lately? Nick, the list goes on and on. If you ever decide that you don’t want to be an ignorant, demonic idiot, please shut your biased mouth and do some research. Most white Americans destroy, downplay, steal, or demonize what they do not understand, and this they did to a people who they could not understand so you could feel superior! Are you superior? Not! That is why you have to kill us, maim us, imprison us, demoralize us, among other things, just so you can feel superior. Check out true history, and not the one White people have twisted and bend in their favor. Check out true history and, NOT the one they use to keep another group of people down. Their fear caused them to attack and attempt to destroy another group of people by stealing them, killing, them, and oppressing them, all in the name of feeling superior? Look at the history of Whites, they have plundered, destroy, and stolen everything they have ever “gotten” in history. America belongs to Indians and Mexican, but where are the Indians and Mexican? They are on reservations, or stuck behind an imaginary border. California, Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Utah, and other border states belonged to them. Why? “Because you feel you are superior. Idiot!


  173. Tony Maione, from your comment it wouldnt come to me as surprise if you are fact White individual.

    Please answer me this, why does very comparative with respect to race whether being looks or in case intelligence alway comes down to black and white. never asian or white etc

    And as know suprise, surprise the whites has always come top, so do you think that is racist pseudo-science about black intelligence come as a shock to African? no it doesnt. For centuries, blacks all over the world have been dealing with the whites dehumanising africans.

    So does your comment come as a surprise to me, no it doesnt as it is what i except from people like you.

    and also, is alway a matter of race.

    if i were i say africans are stronger than White, with no scientific evidence to back it, what would be your response?

    Please dont come here to make comment on issues you obviously know nothing about or have first hand experience about.


  174. African Immigrants:

    African-born blacks comprise 16 percent of the U.S. foreign-born black population and are considerably more educated than other black immigrants (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2000). The vast majority comes from minority white countries in East and West Africa (e.g. Kenya and Nigeria), and less than 2 percent originate from North or South Africa (World Factbook 2004; Yearbook of immigration Statistics 2003).

    In an analysis of Census Bureau data by the Journal of Blacks in higher education African immigrants to the United States were found more likely to be college educated than any other immigrant group. African immigrants to the U.S. are also more highly educated than any native-born ethnic group including white Americans (Logan & Deane, 2003; Dixon, 2006; Journal of Blacks in higher education, 1999-2000; Onwudiwe, 2006; Otiso and Smith, 2005; The Economist, 1996). Some 48.9 percent of all African immigrants hold a college diploma. This is slightly more than the percentage of Asian immigrants to the U.S., nearly double the rate of native-born white Americans, and nearly four times the rate of native-born African Americans (The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, No. 26 (Winter, 1999-2000), pp. 60-61).

    In 1997, 19.4 percent of all adult African immigrants in the United States held a graduate degree, compared to 8.1 percent of adult whites and 3.8 percent of adult blacks in the United States, respectively (The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, No. 26 (Winter, 1999-2000), pp. 60-61). This information suggests that America has an equally large achievement gap between whites and African immigrants as there is between white and black Americans.

    The Canadian sociological literature on immigrants also paints a similar picture, however, less stark. All visible-minority immigrant groups whether from the Caribbean or India do better academically than their native born (non-visible) cohorts, on average. Both foreign-born and Canadian-born blacks have graduation rates that exceed those of other Canadians. Similar patters of educational over-achievements are reached with years of schooling and with data from the 1994 Statistics Canada survey. (Guppy and Davies, 1998; Boyd, 2002).

    In the UK, 1988, the Commission for Racial Equality conducted an investigation on the admissions practices of St. George’s, and other medical colleges, who set aside a certain number of places for minority students. This informal quota system reflected the percentage of minorities in the general population. However, minority students with Chinese, Indian, or black African heritage had higher academic qualifications for university admission than did whites (Blacks in Britain from the West Indies had far lower academic credentials than did whites). In fact, blacks with African origins over the age of 30 had the highest educational qualifications of any ethnic group in the British Isles. Thus, the evidence pointed to the fact that minority quotas for University admissions were actually working against students from these ethnic groups who were on average more qualified for higher education than their white peers (Cross, 1994; Also see, C, Dustmann, N, Theodoropoulos, 2006).

    According to the report The State of Working Britain, published by the Centre for Economic Performance at the highly regarded London School of Economics, 21 % of adult blacks in Britain with African origins have a university degree. Only 14 percent of adult white Britons are college educated. It has also been shown that black immigrants from Africa earn more money than do native born white Britons (C, Dustmann, N, Theodoropoulos, 2006):

    Of the African-born population in the United States age 25 and older 86.4% reported having a high school degree or higher, compared with 78. 9% of Asian born immigrants and 76.5% of European born immigrants, respectively. These figures contrast with 61.8% percent of the total foreign-born population. Immigrants groups in general tend to have higher high school graduation rates than the native-born general American population.

    Those Africans born from Zimbabwe (96.7 percent), Botswana (95.5 percent), and Malawi (95 percent) were the most likely to report having a high school degree or higher. Those born in Cape Verde (44.8 percent), Mauritania (60.8 percent), and Somalia (63.3 percent) were the least likely to report having completed a high school education (Dixon, D., 2006)..

    Of the European born those born in Bulgaria (92.6 percent), Switzerland (90.5 percent), and Ireland (90.4 percent) were the most likely to report having a high school degree or higher. Those born in Portugal (42.9 percent), Italy (53.7 percent), and Greece (59.9 percent) were the least likely to report having completed a high school education (Dixon, D., 2006).

    Of the Asian born Mongolia (94.8 percent), Kuwait (94.7 percent), the United Arab Emirates (94.5 percent), and Qatar (94.3 percent) were most likely to report having a high school degree or higher. Those born in Laos (48.1 percent), Cambodia (48.4 percent), and Yemen (49.9 percent) were the least likely to report having completed a high school education (Dixon, D., 2006).. (Most people think the Asian group includes Orientals exclusively, this is not true)

    Dodoo (1997) finds that while African immigrants are indeed the most educated of black groups in the U.S., he finds a negative return on African immigrants’ education attainment for diplomas obtained outside the United States. However, the same does not hold true for Caribbean immigrants. Although he finds that among blacks – native and immigrants – Africans earn the most, when earning-related endowments such as educational attainments are included in the analysis, this expected African advantage disappears (Dodoo, 1997).

    Distortion and Group Differences:

    In the United States researchers often muddle group difference data by aggregating divergent geographical, historical, cultural and ethic groups into crude and arbitrary categories with whom they then compare with the general population. This in practice misleads unwary readers into the false belief that those aggregated group mean scores objectively characterize the individual groups who have contributed to the overall figures. Take for example: Only 5.3 percent of Central American immigrants have earned a bachelor’s degree, and only 19.5% percent have graduated from high school (Davy, M. 2006). This difference is often coupled with data relating to South American immigrants who, according to the Migration Policy Institute (Dixon, D., and Gelatt J., 2006) 23.4 percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher and 74.3 percent reported having a high school degree. These skewed grouping methods; the Hispanic category in this case, creates the false impression in the minds of readers that South American immigrants are poor students based on the fact that they speak Spanish or Portuguese, alone.

    The African born and Employment:

    The African born are concentrated in management or professional and sales or office-related occupations. Of the employed population age 16 and older in the civilian labor force, the African born were much more likely than the foreign born in general to work in management and professional occupations as well as sales and office occupations. Additionally, the African born were less likely to work in service, production, transportation, material moving, construction, and maintenance occupations than the foreign born in general.

    Ethiopians, Sudanese and Somalis, who mostly immigrate as refugees, do not do as well as their counterparts from English speaking African countries such as Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya. The reason was because most people from the three countries immigrate to the United States as refugees and asylum seekers, following crises in their home countries (Otiso and Smith, 2005).

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  175. Tony, all your points are valid.

    However, I must point out again that Dr. Watson did not cite any scientific studies. He used anecdotal evidence about people who have Black employees. Where’s the science there? Secondly, Dr. Watson DID say the races are not equal. Did you see the quote? Here it is again, as reported by CNN: “He went on to say that although he hoped everyone was equal, ‘people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.'”

    I’m a strong believer in science and where there is scientific evidence, let it speak for itself. But Dr. Watson does not provide any scientific proof for his speculation on the intelligence of Black people, using only a racist anecdote to prove a racist point. Whether or not Dr. Watson is correct, let science be the proof. In the meantime, I will continue to denounce him. He is living proof that racists and scientists are not mutually exclusive categories.

    I repeat that if he had suggested there is an avarice gene which predisposes Jews to greed, he would have been crucified. How many people would have been defending his right to free speech? But because he expressed his racist opinions towards Black people and Africans, he’s being defended. As a Black person, I’m sick and tired of having to defend against racist insinuations that I’m less intelligent or whatever, simply because of my skin color and hair texture. Not a day goes by without someone saying or doing something that disparages, devalues, or even dehumanizes people of color yet we’re expected to stay silent and accept it. Well no more! Scientist or not, Dr. Watson has to be challenged and taken to task for his racism and insensitivity. He’s been getting away with it for too long!


  176. I’ve been thinking about the views Dr Watson has presented linking intelligence with race.

    (1) The definition of intelligence Dr Watson is basing his views on needs to be understood.
    (2) There are a number of definitions of intelligence around which there are arguments as to their appropriateness and validity. That isn’t really the main point at hand – this discussion is not primarily concerned with different definitions of intelligence rather on whether there is or is not a link between Dr Watson’s definition and race. It is important that Dr Watson’s definition is within the set of potentially acceptable definitions.
    (3) Dr Watson refers to experimental work that has been carried out and bases his views on his interpretation of the results of that work.
    (4) I have not seen anything in this thread which casts scientific doubt either on the experimental work to which Dr Watson refers nor to his interpretation of that work.
    (5) Responses which are not based on solid scientific foundations are meaningless – the advancement of knowledge must not be based on anything other than the most reliable experimentally tested hypotheses available at the time.
    (6) My understanding of his views is that (a) the difference in intelligence is small but not small enough to be dismissed within the bounds of statistical error and (b) only relevant when considering whole populations.
    (7) The difference such as it is could arise from the testing methodology or other socio-economic factors or the bounds of statistical error in this field could be larger than previously thought. Conversely, Dr Watson could actually be correct.
    (8) The point on populations as a whole is vital – the lack of understanding of that point is clear in this thread.
    (9) Considerations on the utility derived from scientific investigation in this area are missing – just what do we expect to gain from this work and where will it take us? Do we want to be taken to that place?

    I am undecided on whether to accept Dr Watson’s views purely on scientific reasons or not. I certainly would not dismiss them on non-scientific grounds. I uphold Dr Watson’s academic freedom to advance his views, based as they are on scientific underpinnings.

    This is not an issue of race. If Dr Watson’s views are correct that would simply imply a difference between certain populations. Differences are not the same as inequalities – people can be different but of equal value. This is an issue of science.


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  178. Mustafa,
    Thank you for that response.

    I am not surprised that there are still people willing to accept the views of prejudice.

    However in order to defeat this type of stupidity we need to allow these morons to voice their views and then academically prove that these views are false.

    I a firm believer of free speech.

    The fact that Dr Watson has been allowed to return back without being publicly confronted, is, in my opinion allowing him to stir up the flames and depart in safety.

    He could just be looking to publicise his book, in which case, he has won.

    Or it could be that what he is saying is, that the tests themselves were weighted against the average Black African i.e. the black person would come out with a lower score because it was written from a white and western subjective perspective.

    That was one possibility after reading the article however the comments on this article point to a different, eugenics ideal and demonise the old fart, sorry molecular biologist!

    Could it not be that a 79 year old,views the world through old prejudiced glasses? In which case he needs a visit a beliefotician.


  179. Gomez, completely misunderstood i think not. He is going exactly the same thing that alot of people have being going in the past. and this attitude is what is responsible for the unachievement of black people in the west today. The idea that blacks are good at sport but can think.

    For years societies (especially the west) have being trying to dehumanise africans/black for as long as we could remember. first it as the look, that africans compare to other race are ugly.

    It does not come to me as shock that Dr watson or other white person would come with is conclusion. one question, why does comparison studies of different races alway come down to black and white.

    This is one of many way in which the Whites promote white superiority over black. we have seen this done over and over again and i can assume you that this is not the last time that a stupid narraow minded, attension seeking man like Dr watson would come up with his own theory about white Superiority over black or any other race for that matter.

    i have been to some sites, you should read some of the most ignorant comment made by some white people with respect to Dr watson comments about Africans. it just shows that alot of white people believe this rubbish, and as long as they do, black in the west are in big trouble.

    Someone tell me where is the is the scientific evidence to back this findings,

    Dr Watson is another idiot, trying what alot of white before him has done.


  180. Hi, I work for BBC World Service radio on an international discussion programme called, World Have Yours Say. Today (Monday) we are discussing what is acceptable debate, in light of the reported comments by Dr James Watson. The programme is on air from 6pm to 7pm London time (1pm to 2pm East Coast Time in the States). If you would be interested in taking part in the discussion, please email me back with your phone numbers to or call me on +442075570635 and I will call you straight back.

    Many thanks

    Martin Vennard


  181. Mightyminnow
    I too was fascinated by this gentleman when reading the Times UK and mused if I should write about him. He was afterall suggesting I was a dimwit.

    Does mixed race give me an edge?

    On the other hand is he being completely misunderstood!


  182. So you might think this a very inappropriate time for some 79-year-old white professor to be digging up long disproved theories of black racial inferiority.
    But American scientist Dr James Watson has been all over the British newspapers with his theory that black people are less intelligent than white people.
    He went on to say that he hoped that everyone was equal, but that “People who have to deal with black employees find this is not true.”
    He has been taken seriously because he is a Nobel Prize winner. But he was awarded his Nobel Prize nearly 50 years ago. In more recent years he has a history of unpleasant remarks about race, gender and sexuality.
    In 2001, he wrote an article for a German newspaper advocating diagnostic tests early in pregnancy for untreatable diseases such as Tay-Sachs. He made it clear that he thought such children should be aborted. But Tay-Sachs is a condition that is restricted to Jews.
    Steven Rose, a professor of biological sciences at the Open University, said of Watson’s most recent outburst about black people: “This is Watson at his most scandalous. He has said similar things about women before, but I have never heard him get into this racist terrain. If he knew the literature in the subject, he would know that he was out of his depth scientifically, quite apart from socially and politically.”
    But there is a long history of racist pseudo-science about black intelligence. In 1855, the US secretary of state, John C Calhoun, argued that “Scientific confirmation is proof of the necessity of slavery. The African is incapable of self-care and sinks into lunacy under the burden of freedom. It is a mercy to give him the guardianship and protection from mental death.”
    A 19th century British psychologist, Sir Francis Galton, estimated that black people were “two grades” below white people in general mental ability. He was just one of a whole generation of scientists who peddled notions of black intellectual inferiority.
    They often argued that black people literally had smaller brains. As late as 1916 a scientist called Lewis Terman wrote: “Black children are uneducable beyond the nearest rudiments of training. No amount of school instruction will ever make them intelligent voters or capable citizens in the sense of the world. Their dullness seems to be racial, or at least inherent in the family stock from which they come.”
    theories about black intellectual inferiority obviously strike a chord with the British. Otherwise his remarks could not have been taken as seriously as they were.
    Dr Watson’s words will be forgotten before all the leaves have fallen from the trees and Christmas draws near. But many notions of inherent black inferiority still linger on in the British psyche.


    • I always shake my head when ”superior” white PIGS go on a killing spree and savagely SLAUGHTER their next ” future IQ” in elementary classrooms in the universities amphitheatrers or in movie theatrers.

      I painfully smile when after every cold-BLOODSHED the white ”specialist ” SPITS out that the ”highest IQ” species are VICIOUSLY mutilating each other because they’re ”mentally ill” or their brains are not functioning properly.
      Did I hear that RIGHT? The brain of the ”superior human being” is not functioning properly!

      I find myself on the floor for laughing so hard when I hear another white ”expert” with a huge IQ I suppose RAMBLING nonsense such as we need to seize the GUNS in our society, ”superior” white society shall I say . Our people are dying at the hands of GUNS or Guns have violence, or we need to remove guns out of the WRONG people!

      Hello! Am I missing something here.

      How come the ”superior IQ” creatures can have CRACKS in their ”sane ” brain that are so deep that they’re mutilating each other day after day?

      How come the PALE pigs and the self – PROCLAIMED most ”fully -formed humans”, who claim to be ”inherently good” with the highest moral standards can have WRONG people among them?

      How come species which classify themselves as ”superior humans” and brag themselves to have ”self-control” over any natural instinct and impulse need guns to be taken away from them otherwise they are unable to contain their strong URGE to MURDER people or to stop the never ending vicious BLOODSHED? I have heard and read Whites claiming they have no animal and wild behaviour in them. Somebody else has them .
      Really ? Hum!
      I thought the PALE skin or the PING-GREY COLOUR of the Europeans is a VACCINE against any MORAL defect and failure, any CRIMINAL thoughts or hatred they may have.

      The same white PALE-face PIGS who call another HUMAN beings ”sub humans” and all criminals are constantly mass killing each other .
      The same who are RAPING and SODOMIZING their OWN little girls and boys behind close doors.
      A white girl revealed her white father violently RAPED her from the age of 4 until 12 before he gave her some break. The incestuous rapist father stops because the girl was developing breast and pubis hair. The pedophile white father told his 12-year-old daughter that she is now too old for him ! Indeed, this white male has just clarified the definition of CHILD rapist for those who are still puzzled by this amoral deviation.
      Other white girls were not so ”lucky”. Their fathers RAPED them from 4 or 6 until they reached the age of 17 or 18 . A white woman said she ended up killing her father who was molesting her and her younger sister. She had to serve 18 years in jail for that .
      A white male, Murphy, who called himself a priest RAPED and sodomized over 200 little boys whom he supposed to care for and protect.

      All I can say is whites know no shame that why they can still claim those self serving views and throwing around HATRED and demeaning words and names calling towards other Human beings.


  183. To nick,

    In 2000, the eminent professor shocked a scientific audience at the University of California at Berkeley by making connections between skin colour and sex drive.

    He said that a chemical called pom-C, which produces melanin, also affected other factors including sex drive and weight, and made a correlation between sun exposure and libido. This was why black people and Latinos had reputations as lovers — something, he said, of which the English could not be accused. Bizarrely, he also came to the conclusion that fat people were less ambitious than thin ones. “Whenever you interview fat people, you feel bad because you know you’re not going to hire them,” he said.

    He is also an advocate of abortion where genetic screening reveals undesirable traits.

    In 1997, he even said a woman should be allowed to abort a foetus if tests had shown it would be a homosexual and the mother deemed this undesirable.

    It is fitting that a scientist with such controversial views has worked in the most controversial science of our time — genetics.

    so how is this finding different from his current stupid comment?

    please answer me nick.


  184. It’s funny that so many people claim speaking out against this man’s statements is an attempt at being politically correct. In the science world, as any scientists knows you don’t make a claim that you don’t already have sufficient evidence to back up and you look at all the facts. He obviously didn’t. All these scientists today with fancy equipment and high priced laboratories still can’t rebuild a pyramid built without all of that.
    I’d also point out that it’s funny he mentions Black and White people with no mention of Asian, indigenous, or any other groups. This alone shows his way of thinking when it comes to Black people. He lets his negative views towards them influence his scientific work and therefore makes baseless claims, which haven’t been proven even to the most minimal extent.

    Someone needs to tell him to read up on who it was that brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.
    Define “intelligence.” All the research is proving is that whites are better adapted to a eurocentric definition of intelligence. Develop an afrocentric IQ test and let’s see who does better…


  185. There are no suprises here, we live in time of controversy.
    It appears it always a convienent pratice to mock ethnic minorities & women for shock value especially blacks the PROBLEM RACE.
    Dr Watson is not saying anything new which we haven’t already heard about black peoples, the difference is that he has openly brough it to debate again. We all know blacks run faster , have higher libidos, have lower IQ all based on scientific thesis/ explanations by eminent white scholars/scientists.
    Intriguingly, white people always seem to the persons espouing these stories, we never hear eminent black scholar/ scientist making prouncements on biological race differences between white’s and blacks .
    One wonder whether these prouncements and therories has any thing to do with insecurities and ignorance of a few racist bigots


  186. Lucian,

    Sounds to me like you’re grasping at straws in an attempt to make me look stupid. I’m not even sure what you’re referring to but I guess I should probably have used quotation marks around “prove” and “intelligent” in the sentence you referenced.

    So let’s try that again. Hopefully this’ll make my meaning more clear:

    Likewise, I can go to any number of economically deprived rural or urban communities in the United States and test any number of poor and poorly educated people and “prove” that White people are less “intelligent” than Africans.

    There. Is that better?

    And what’s up with the poor grammar? “who is the ignorant now?? who is the ignorant??”

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume English is not your first language. For future reference, though, in English, you don’t use an article (“a/an” or “the”) before an adjective if the adjective stands alone. So for example, you should never say something like “Who is THE ignorant now” because there’s no noun after the adjective (“ignorant”). However, it’s perfectly correct to say “Who is ignorant now (without “the”) OR “Who is the ignorant PERSON now (with a noun after the adjective). And, of course, you should know to use capital letters at the start of a sentence. 🙂


  187. just look at germans, after the second world war they were ruined and now are the greatest country in the world, and than look at sudan or other african countries they are still organized in tribes, like the afro-americans here all they know is shooting each other.


  188. Likewise, I can go to any number of economically deprived rural or urban communities in the United States and test any number of poor and poorly educated people and prove that White people are less intelligent than Africans.

    who is the ignorant now?? ha?? who is the ignorant?? you messed up at the end,sierra leone boy!


  189. Watson is a nincompoop. First, how are we defining intelligence ? Through standardized test scores and grades earned in school…. Please, that relates more to socilogical conditions than genetic factors. Family structure, income and environmental conditions influence and help shape what we call “intelligence”.

    Now if Watson said, “Blacks score lower on standardized test and get lower grades in class due to unequal access, institutional racism and other uncontrolable environmental factors”. I would probably have to agree because that would be a truer statement, especially given the sociopolitical climate in this country.

    Watson sounds like an old, sex pervert that probably visits Thailand quarterly to get his fix from little brown boys. He totally fits the profile.

    And Nick, please do some reading, it’s obvious that you need to read Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James. That’s your start point, I gurantee you’ll be surprised.

    People like Watson really don’t even deserve press coverage.


  190. I totally agree with K’s Comment to “Think before you speak.” People don’t realize that even comments making fun of someone who smell bad can be devastating to others. There are some people who have generic disorder or illness that cause them to emit foul odor. Imagine how horrible and embarrassing that would be if you had that problem.


  191. This is very interesting. If Dr. Watson and Nick’s comments are true, then I guess the Chinese are more intelligent than the whites because they were the first to develop explosives and some of the first weapons that are still being used today like guns, bombs, ballistic missiles. Anyways, both Dr. Watson and Nick don’t realize the importance of trade, culture and social environments. Obviously they have never been to Africa either.
    And it really anion me when people still think Africa is one big country.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the main reason why the northerners (middle east, Europe, Asia) became more advanced during the A.C. period is their cultural belief about education (mainly because of religion) and trade. They also had to do it to survive all the wars that are still going on today.


  192. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy learning about different cultures/races and by far is not racist-after all my spouse is bi-racial. But it saddens me when minorities, especially blacks are constantly being verbally attacked for belonging to a “DIFFERENT race and culture”. When people are sad they hurt the same. Hurt knows no color, race, gender and certainly has no intellectual ability, unless I’m not smart enough to notice.

    Please people, think before you speak!


  193. Empty vessels make the most noise! Nick & Watson (no Dr. in my eyes, or else he would have known better; but I guess thats a different story) seems to be empty intellectually thats why they made commments like the ones they did. I work w/ different races of people on a daily basis and by far whites are not the smartest-just very good at pretending/faking/make believe.


    • I’d rather not get involved in this redundant discussion, but I will say that Dr. Watson’s title is well-earned. In case you haven’t read the article, he and Francis Crick pioneered the molecular structure of DNA. If not for this achievement, the discipline of bioinformatics would be nonexistent, or would have come about later than it had. This consequently means that the human genome may not even have been mapped yet, were this the case. I’m not entirely sure you know anything at all about biochemistry, but such a feat as that which he’d accomplished in the fifties is a testament to his title. I have a textbook opened in front of me co-authored by Dr. Watson (Watson; Baker; Bell; Gann; Levine; Losick. Molecular Biology of the Gene, Sixth ed.), and it seems comprehensive enough that his credibility need not be questioned by those that have no clue what they’re talking about.
      And, dear blog author, do not bother responding. Your pseudointellectual nature is undesirable. While I find Mr. Watson’s comments to be rather cutting, I don’t think it’s sufficient to warrant your attention. Let an old man have his ramblings, and maybe focus on something more important to write about. It is a younger generation that will determine whether or not race and intelligence are genetically linked. I will not be back here, although I’d just love to see what you have to say after reading your response to nick. Pitiful. Enjoy your blog.


      • Anyone who thinks that their race is intellectually superior to another is suffering from severe delusions. The fact that you actually buy into Watson’s ideas indicates your own lack of intelligence, and throwing pathetic insults at the author of the blog doesn’t make you sound any smarter.


        • This is one of the reasons history is so convoluted in the U.S., our media entertainment uses white actors for ALL historical roles when truth be told no one would have been white at those times. Egyptians would have been of dark skin, it hosted several huge ports throughout its history connecting it to the Mediterranean and land trade routes linking to Ethiopia and Persia, all dark skinned. During the time of Moses white people would still be living far north in tribal systems and it wasn’t until the Roman empire started enslaving these northern tribes that white people were ever even introduced to the rest of the world, that would have been around 2500 years ago. The Romans were not white just like Moses and the Egyptians weren’t white, the Roman empire even had several African emperors. White people only came in to a position of power after the Roman empire collapsed and trade routes were cut off, and even then they were plagued by the Persian empire spreading throughout Europe and rampaging Vikings from even farther north throughout the Dark Ages. White culture only truly came to power with the rise of Christianity and Catholicism, which was about 1200 years ago.

          But since all our historical movies feature all white casts people confuse that with actual history. The Egyptians, Moses and the Israelite’s, the Roman empire, the Mediterranean, Persia…NOT WHITE.

          white people were incorporated into the Roman empire eventually…but that is only once the empire started expanding their legions northward moving all the way up towards Ireland. There were several slave led revolts that rampaged across Europe against the Roman empire by white tribes.

          So maybe you should do a little research yourself before spouting nonsense. Also I said that white people didn’t come in to power until AFTER the Roman empire fell…which is historically accurate. White people were the lower caste which is why they flocked to the new religion of Christianity as it was rising.
          You people of very ignorant and truly need to study real history,

          Pale people is a very new concept on this planet, they are the recessive mutation of Albinism, a small tribes of African albino migrated north and mated with the Neanderthal and give birth to the pale tribe, therefore Pale people have Rh- blood. Your own white scientist have also confirmed intelligence is govern by the master molecules, which is Melanin. Melanin govern the body and all it’s organs proper function , the Brain and all the organs are surrounded melanin. Count Constantine once quoted, imagine the race we now called our slave, gave us Science, Maths, speech writing, Art, astrology, Medicine, Engineering and architecture. Whites have not created anything more that racism, they stole history.. Understanding the Pale RH blood..When someone calls you monkey, genetically inferior, a Slave and a liar. They are subconsciously projecting their own truth and inferiority complex on to you, and if you listen to their words you will understand it is what they have discovered about themselves and they are wishing to change place with you. “A wise man hears one word and understands two”.


      • It could be argued that they didn’t not pioneer much but only “discovered” lost science. The Egyptians and Sumerians know of the double helix and showed it in their art and science. Then when we talk about the creation of the “Adamu” worker bees created by the Annunaki, we are talking about genetic experiments to create the first “men”. Wouldn’t one have to understand and master molecular structure and biochemistry in order to create man?


  194. Thank you, Derrick.

    Two more points for Nick.

    First, only an ignorant person would try to equate Black Africans with Black Americans simply based on skin color. Black Americans have been in the New World for so long that they have much more in common with White Americans than they do with Black Africans. For someone like Nick, however, skin color takes primacy so whatever factors limit Black Africans’ and Black Americans’ “intelligence” must be based solely on skin color, not poverty, disenfranchisement, malnourishment, etc.

    Secondly, I’m curious about the studies Dr. Watson alludes to. Who was studied? Poor, rural “Africans” or wealthy, well-educated urban Africans? I come from an upper-class background in Sierra Leone and I had a fantastic education in Africa and the guys I went to school with are all super intelligent, super hard-working, and now super successful in their chosen professions. I challenge anyone to test our “intelligence.” Likewise, I can go to any number of economically deprived rural or urban communities in the United States and test any number of poor and poorly educated people and prove that White people are less intelligent than Africans.

    The problem with people like Nick and Dr. Watson is that when they look at people, they see only skin color (i.e., race) and ignore all other factors like economics, class, culture, etc. That’s why they think that Africans’ “lack of ‘intelligence'” is somehow related to Black Americans’ “lack of ‘intelligence.'” After all, they have the same skin color, right, so they MUST be the same.

    It’s disappointing that someone like Dr. Watson still holds such archaic and outdated notions. After all, genetically speaking, there is MORE diversity on the African continent than there is in the entire rest of the human population because the African populations are older and their genes have had much more time to mutate. This means that a “British” person is more genetically similar to a “Chinese” person than two Africans from neighboring tribes. If there is a biological or genetic basis for race (and I maintain there isn’t), then there would be many more different “races” on the African continent than there are in the rest of the world. However, because racism and race theory are based on morphological difference (skin color, hair texture, physical stature), real genetic and cultural differences are overlooked or deliberately ignored in favor of a totalizing approach that focuses exclusively on people’s physical attributes.

    Consequently, ignorant people like Nick can convince themselves that Black Africans and Black Americans are, after all, one and the same.


  195. And let’s not forget the expropriation of all white expropriations, Jesus Christ himself. At any rate, thank you Abdul. The only point I wanted to make, which you have in essence, is that while Nick or Mr. Watson may not want to come off as racist, they are unmistakably and absolutely ethnocentrist. Western society bases its measure of other cultures on its own values (machinery, technology). Humans inevitably value what their own culture excels at, and excel at what their own culture values. Measuring another culture by these same values is self-serving. It’s like me saying “I’m the best at tennis, therefore, because no one else is as good at tennis as I am, I am the best of all people.” Ridiculous. That said, as Abdul pointed out, Western society still is not the shining beacon of intelligence and technology it pretends to be. It’s simply the culture that’s been writing the history books for the past century.


    • “It’s simply the culture that’s been writing the history books for the past century.”

      And the one sending people to the moon, and the one creating the most wealth the world has ever known, and building technology that many Africans would consider magic, and producing the most food ever, and waging the most violent wars ever, and curing the most diseases ever and mastering all modes of transportation ever, and more.

      By almost every metric, Western society is the shining beacon of intelligence and technology. The only way the rest of the world will ever catch up is through disease.. and even then, they won’t catch up; it will have to be the Western world that is destroyed to bring back some parity.

      Sorry to be 5 years late to the party, but this comment was so stupid I had to react. Humans value food, water, shelter and comfort (wealth). Once those needs are taken care of, then comes entertainment, knowledge and education and the arts, not necessarily in that order. The West has this in spades, even if not evenly distributed; but there is more than enough for everybody.

      You can’t say that about the rest of the world, and you can’t say that about any civilization in history. Even the best civilizations of the past relied on slave labor and millions in what today we would call poverty and ignorance.


  196. Nick, you might not intend to sound like a racist but you’re certainly coming across as one.

    First off, the definition of intelligence is vague. People think intelligence is a measure of knowledge or technical ability and most “tests” of intelligence focus on this. However, there is always a cultural and geographical context for this. You do what you need to survive and not much more. The ancient Greeks and Romans did what they needed to do to survive. Their “technology” was both home-grown and borrowed. Take the chariot, for example, a major component of the Greek and Roman armies, which was adopted from the Egyptians. As for the “Africans” you refer to, I can only assume you mean Black Africans or sub-Saharan Africans. The fact that generations of Africans survived, traded, made music, created art, and basically thrived south of the Sahara is proof of their intelligence. Why produce machines when there’s an abundance of manual labor? Of course, there were lots of other social, cultural, and economic constraints that affect innovation and the production of new technology but basically, you produce what you need. People who live in cold climates might show more “intelligence” when it comes to staying warm and not freezing to death. Likewise, imperial cultures like the ancient Greek and Roman societies will show more “intelligence” and innovation in machinery, weaponry, water delivery systems, etc.—all necessary for providing for and protecting a lot of people scattered over a wide territory. Nomadic peoples, then, would have had less need for armies and heavy machines since they have to pick up and go. Does this make them less “intelligent”? I don’t think so but, based on your comment, I assume you do.

    So, Nick, to answer your question, you are equating “intelligence” with the ability to build machines and urban infrastructure, products of a very different geographical and cultural environment. Of course, art and literature flow out of the social and economic changes produced by that sort of urban society but that’s another issue. AND nomadic or other non-urban societies also produce art and literature. However, ask yourself this: “If the Greek and Romans were so ‘intelligent,’ how come they never conquered the Sahara desert or the dense tropical jungles south of the Sahara?” Don’t forget that there were thriving societies in both these areas. Why don’t you look at is from this standpoint, that these people were MORE intelligent than the Greeks and Romans because THEY were able to build successful societies in these harsh environments?

    And, for what it’s worth, you’ve clearly never heard about the great urban societies of sub-Saharan Africa, North, Central, and South America, the Middle East and Asia. If you had, you wouldn’t say something as ignorant as “the ancient Greek and Roman societies were far more technologically advanced than any other societies of that time.” Clearly, you’ve never heard about Dahomey, the Congo Kingdoms, the Futa Djallon Kingdoms, or any of the other great urban societies in sub-Saharan Africa, further proof of your ignorance.

    Moreover, you talk about race as if it were something real. You’ve probably been raised to believe that the ancient Greeks and Romans were “White” in the same way the English or Germans are. It’s not the case at all. The ancient Greeks and Romans were a lot closer to North Africa and the Middle East in their culture, religious belief and practice, etc. Again, you are relying on an arbitrary and frankly racist reading of history. Hannibal and St. Augustine were both from what is today Tunisia. St. Anthony lived in a cave in Egypt. Yet these men have all been claimed by Western society and “Whitened” so racists can convince themselves that all the great thinkers of the classical period were White.

    A little knowledge is indeed a terrible thing.


    • I’m just throwing this out there, but blacks and hispanics do score lower on IQ tests than whites. It has been proven numerous times. I don’t think my psychology textbook or BLACK professor are lying to me…


      • That’s because you are SHEEP. You believe what you are told because it sounds convenient to you. BUT you are not objectively analyzing. Most people are just followers, just like you, anyway.

        By the way, the fact that your professor is black doesn’t make him less of a follower and so happens to the author of your book, who simply can’t get her/his facts straight. After all, the author is just a person trying to sell a book.


        • What a soft argument Kitty. The research on goup IQ variances, although touchy for those on the lower end of the spectrum, are indisputable (unless you want to create an empty gesture of racial bias amongst IQ tests in general) Playing the “racist” card every time you disagree with unfavorable findings smacks of bigotry – supposedly the same trait you find objectionable. Watson was only pointing out that you can’t expect the same from a first grader as you would a high school student.


        • You’re profoundly retarded; the IQ gap is FACT. The only “controversy” is its cause. The cliched argument is that the tests are biased, although every test ever designed, including those painstakingly designed to eliminate any bias, has yielded the exact same results.


        • Alex you can’t judge Intelligence on ability to score high on a man made test. A test can be created in such a way that certain people would do good on and others poorly not because they are less intelligent, for an example,If you gave a test based on the baking of cakes to a Baker and a Carpenter, who would you expect to pass and who to fail. If the Baker Scored high and the Carpenter very low, does this make the baker more Intelligent than the Carpenter? From this example do the math


      • Alex, IN REPLY to what you just mentioned about the IQ test scores, they are different and they must be different because of the different environment the test takers are brought up in. The tests are never standard since we all have different backgrounds, experiences and different languages.


      • Alex,

        I am a special educator. It is true that blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately represented in the area of special education do to lower IQ test scores. But there is also research that proves that IQ tests are culturally biased (basically created by Europeans and designed for European success). This research is presented through valid studies and is written about in Collegiate level Education textbooks. My point is that the cultural biasness of the IQ testing are WIDELY acknowledged and in fact, it was written in the law that one cannot be diagnosed with a disability solely based on IQ scores because of it’s biasness. So using IQ statistics is not a valid support for the racist notion that African Americans and Hispanics are somehow “less intelligent”…it is, rather, a way to propel old racist ideas.


      • IQ tests are actually racially/culturally skewed to the advantage of the upper classes. There is data supporting this as with SAT scores. As a child in a mentally gifted program, we took several different IQ tests over 4 years. I scored 125 as my lowest and 147 as my highest. They were all different and the reason is that they wanted to track how well we did while being tested on IQ tests from different parts of the country and world.


      • While we are just throwing things out there; IQ test are not a proper measure of intelligence. There are several issues with the development and scoring of these test. Other factors play a huge role in the testing process as well. I cannot believe that anyone with access to pivotal information regarding a subject that they choose to comment on will not perform research to validate their stance on any issue.


      • Who do you refer by “Hispanics”? Hispanic is basically a cultural empire created by Spain. You find there black hispanics, amerindians, Spanish mestizos -half white, half amerindian, white criollos and chinos. Some Hispanics have one or more mixtures. Obviously, a black hispanic will test lower than a mestizo, and a mestizo lower than a white; but a chinese will get the higher score from all.


    • You are projecting your thoughts in an utterly racist way. Before pointing out people as racist, I suggest you shut the fuck up.


    • Umm… chariots were NOT a major component of Roman armies, you’ve watched Gladiator too much. And the chariots Greeks and Romans did use more likely were adopted from the neighboring iron age Celtic tribes they warred with (the Celts developed this technology independently). The Romans did conquer the Sahara and maintained control of it with only one legion (I think Britain required four). The Greeks also conquered a large swath of Africa and founded Ptolemaic Egypt. Just sayin’, you should probably get off the dude’s back about not doing his research.


    • why is it that it appears that showing each other up seems to be more important than understanding the relative truths in what others are saying. seems like blogosphere is somewhat mean spirited. We all have a little knowledge, because we can’t have it all. be kind to each other. its intelligent.


  197. Well I guess SOMEONE should point out to the premier geneticist Mr. Watson that since race doesn’t exist biologically, he needs specifiy exactly which ethnic-group or kline of blacks he’s referring to. Oh, my bad, as a scientist he hasn’t taken the time to even think that far ahead before making assinine statements! Is this really the 21st century?


    • Race does excist genetically. He told you that. There is a gene that controls melatonin content in the skin and that he believes it is linked to aggression. You will never hear a real genetisit tell you there isn’t any difference. They will usually say something along the lines of, “the differences in the genetic make up between races is so insignificant there is virtually no difference between races”.

      For perpective, ONE nucleotide difference in the gene that codes for hemoglobin can cause a person to have sickle cell enemia, but if you look at the overall genetic makeup, there virtually is no difference been a person with sickle cell and one without.

      Now, tell me that person can run a 10k marathon without drugs at age 40.


      That is a valid scientific arguement even if you don’t like it personally. And I agree, there shouldn’t be hate in anyones heart, but he is not hating black people and calling for their extermination. Thats in the opinions and brains of the people accusing him of such.


      • I am a geneticist and I will tell you there isn’t any difference. I have seen absolutely no data that suggests that the activity of melanin is any way linked to intelligence. Making sweeping statements about an entire group of people without even a glimmer of research to back it up is horribly racist, and Watson has succeeded in embarrassing the scientific community.


        • 30-50 years of past achievements shall say (I mean only if equal opportunities and field is same level) which race is better at what. Again we can talk about average person from any race, cuz person from lower scored race can outperform person from high scored race.

          These are undeniable facts:
          1) Average Black person is superior to whites or any other races in fast-running or any sports related to fast-running.
          2) Average black person is definitely the lowest intelligent among all races.
          If you agree first point (which anybody hardly disagree), then second point is also must be agreed.
          3) Different races definitely show some difference in intelligence and physical capabilities just like they show obvious differences in physical features (ignore skin color cuz very closely genetically related ethnic groups differ by skin color sometimes, but feature is very important and completely correlated with genes).


        • Your “understanding” of his comments as implying a correlation between melanin and intelligence speaks volumes about your own intelligence. And you’re a scientist? I find that extremely difficult to believe, but if it is true, it’s a sad commentary on what it takes to be a scientist today.


  198. I think Dr. Watson is guilty of nothing but lacking tact. His points are valid and not necessarily racist. I think most people who have any knowledge of history would agree that the ancient Greek and Roman societies were far more technologically advanced than any other societies of that time. If we are to beleive that human intellect evolved at exactly the same ratedespite race and geography, than there would be overwhelming evidence that Africans made similar advances in enginerring and science during the same era as the Greeks and Romans. Unfortunatley, the historical evidence shows that this did not happen in Africa. So we need to ask ourselves why this didn’t happen in Africa. In 2000 B.C. the failure of Africans to make intellectual advances was ceratinly not due to racism. They were the only race in Africa.

    I’m not putting forth this argument to sound like a racist. I just think that we have no chance of fixing the problems that face Afican Americans if we ignore this issue of intellect.


    • ell about the greeks and romans nick, I simply believe it to be an issue of era and time period. The arabs were far more advanced in thier time period than pre industrial Europeans much like egypt was. Also, such technological advancements seen in Europe simply need the proper social setting. An increase in the putting out system and the cottage industry. Africa along with other continents did not have the settings needed for industry. What about the mayans for example? YEARS ahead of any European of that time scientifically, but the Europeans did not have similar religions or prerequisites for such technology. Simply put, the Europeans were first to industrialize but not because they are the best, simply because they happened to be the first.


      • The Romans and Greeks were the most advanced cultures in history, the Mayans didn’t even have the wheel, the Romans had breakthroughs that were insane for that time, they invented roads, just imagine, would you rather live a life without the Romans or Greeks never existing or the Mayans and Egyptians?


      • Yet again, every civilization you mentioned were caucasians. Many tribes in Africa still don’t know what a television is…. Black people stayed at a primitive state when the world around them evolved drastically. There are thousands and thousands of tribes in Africa that still don’t know what a wheel is.


        • What are you talking about? You like most racialists (note I say racialist) have absolutely no idea about Africa, its people or its hsitory. ‘Thousands and thousands of tribes’ !!? What are you talking about? Traditional tribal communities represent 1% of the African population.
          You base your abusrd and ignorant beliefs on a distorted view of history that has existed for around 300 years and matured in the last 150 in order to jsutify european imperialism and its ‘mission to civilize the world’ (read rape, murder pillage and enslave). This world view needed a moral justification which it could only find in racism and concepts of racial superiority and inferiority.
          So history has been manipulated and above all African history has been outrightly denied. There is ample evidence to show the vastness and greatness of Africas ancient and modern civilisations before colonialism. Look them up if you want to really come across as educated (at the moment your pseudo intellectual routine is failing miserably to impress).
          The context of modern Africa and African-America cannot be seen separately form the context of european colonisation and imperialism, this is a before and after. The destruction that europeans wrought on the African continent in the last 400 years is the source of the present day situation, not some absurd inferiority notion that makes it oh so convenient to gloss over the crimes perpetrated against Africa by europe.
          Now I could give you all sorts of links for you to go and educate yourself, as a historian I have countless and know how this process works, but I know that such an exercise is a waste of time with your like, you are wedded to this idea of racial hierarchy although there is absolutely no proof of its existence, you have a fixed agenda that (as the world has evolved and increasingly subscribes less and less to the old view) has matured from gross racism to this attempt at intellectual persuasion. You are not interested in truth as such and therefore just like this buffon ‘scientist’ you and your kind are essentially irrelevant to this whole debate.


        • They were the workers, not who planned the structure of pyramids. They did what they told to do. I am not supporting or opposing any sides, just wanted you to see the difference between the brain and the worker.


    • so…Nick…what about Egypt? Or Nubia? Both were thriving civilizations well before the Greeks and Romans. I thought you had knowledge of history. I guess the veil of prejudice wont allow you to take into account that the most advanced and intellectually capable Greeks and Romans marveled at the pyramids, that had been standing centuries before the height of ancient Greece, and received schooling on the continent of Africa.

      Ever notice all of the obelisks in the architecture? I wonder where the Greeks got that idea. No need to wonder, here it is: The word “obelisk” as used in English today is of Greek rather than Egyptian origin because Herodotus, the Greek traveler, was one of the first classical writers to describe the objects. Don’t fall for some old prejudice elitist that wouldn’t accept the truth even if he discovered it himself. Equality of the intellect is not the issue, respect for the cultural differences is. All races and civilizations borrow from one another. There are just some who do this and claim that knowledge for their own.

      I dont know you, big guy, but you’re better than this


      • Nick I imagine you believe people that looked like you designed the pyramids. The Greeks studied in the temples of Africa. Plato was stabbed in the back for bragging about his African teachers. If you look at the major inventions they were developed or created by Blacks ( with the exception of gun powder) Once you guys discovered White historians tried to fabricate history. The reality is very few humans use much of their mental capacity. But you are what is known as a White _____________. I’ll let you fill the blank. You’re bright enough to do that.


        • Nick I imagine you believe people that looked like you designed the pyramids. The Greeks studied in the temples of Africa. Plato was stabbed in the back for bragging about his African teachers. If you look at the major inventions they were developed or created by Blacks ( with the exception of gun powder) Once you guys discovered White historians tried to fabricate history. The reality is very few humans use much of their mental capacity. But you are what is known as a White _____________. I’ll let you fill the blank. You’re bright enough to do that.


          • Blacks are from sub Saharan Afrika, the Egyptians were not black. Look at north Afrika today, they are not black peoples countries.


            • Of course being outside under the blazing equator sun will make their skin darker than Lilly white just like the people who live in that same region today don’t have white skin. Obviously they are not black either.


    • researching for a study i came across this.i reply several years later but still i hope you read this. sorry for my english.i am greek by the way(not that it matters).
      What makes Dr. James Watson theroy, a racist theory is the fact that he doesn’t include all the things you said. He does not say that black people in the 16th century are stupid, nor he sais that the political-economical and social enviroment forced a rapid evolution of white race,and so black people left behind. He simply sais that black people are Less Intelligent. First of all i would really like to see his evidence. what is it? is there something in the blood like cholesterol? i have 10, you 20 etc? They say we only use 10% of our brain. and what, black people use 8% and less? we share the exact same DNA, bone structure and blood with black people and chinese people and people in general.
      As far as what you said about greek and romans. yes they were advanced. and egyptians were maybe more advanced. That would made them kings of the world today….. but wait, noone of them are kings now. On the contrary greeks stragle to survive and egyptians just made a revolution because they were paid 1$ for a days labor. so evolution is a tricky thing. It takes many many many many years for species to evolve. different races don’t have that time. The differences that appear in time (in my opinion always) is caused by many reasons. One of the greatest reasons is interacial communication. In greece many tribes and races faced one another. Ideas were spread, colture, art, money. And the same story repeats itself over Europe where people interact. But in Africa (like Ameriica before the colonization) there wasn’t such thing. The climate was really bad for travellers and explorers to visit. So the inhabitans didn;t recieve new ideas and so they did not create a new aand better comunity.
      i respect your opinion but i trully believe that it’s wrong. not racist, just wrong because you haven’t seen yet the whole picture off human evolution.


    • Oh, poor Nick and Dr. Watson! I suggest you do some reading about Ancient African Civilizations, like Songhay, Ghana and Mali and cities like Timbuktu, and Ancient Egypt, then get back to me! Knowledge is power you know! By the way, your comments are RACIST! I pray God Almighty heals your heart and soul!


      • discussing predominant characteristics of various DNA groups doesnt make one a DNA-ist nor does identifying characteristics of racial groups make one a racist. However, if pitbulls generally are vicious dogs, when I encounter another pitbull, I will be wary until I learn otherwise. It’s simple self-preservation. Those who ignore reality, whether it be a raging tornado or a live grenade, are doomed.


    • Nick, you are ignorant and dumb as fuck. The Roman and Greek stole all the knowledge from Ancient Egypt who was BLACK Africans until Europeans painted them white


      • DNA history evidence suggests Egyptians were closer to whites and closest to Middle East. Society basically evolved and moved out of Africa. Don’t mean to burst your bubble about the pyramids though…


    • DUH, Nick…..HISTORY, not HIS STORY bears TRUE witness that the greatest of ALL civilizations is found in Africa. Aristotle, Socrates went under the tutelage in Africa of men titled Inotep. Then brought that wisdom and structured it under theri names. WE led in Science, Mathematics and early Medicine. GREEK and ROMAN Societies led in FREAKISHNESS


    • Wow nick (And others). You are not a good representation of “intelligence” for your race. You obviously have not studied much history, anthropology, archeology or linguistics. If you did you will know that not only where the first “ancient Greeks and Romans” Africans (find the earliest drawings of their people), but that all of their “knowledge and technology” came from Africans…. (Egyptians). There is nothing they created that didn’t originate from Africa or African People.

      To come from the Caucasoid mountains, find a thriving, technologically advanced civilization (Egypt), integrate into society… “take” the throne and DESTROY the Empire while on the throne, then turn Egyptian Dietes into Greek gods and turn other things African into things “Greek” and “Roman” is NOT EVOLUTION. It is appropriation, greed, theft, manipulation etc…

      … you really need to study up on ancient civilizations. There are many civilizations that superseded the glory of Greece and Rome. But you’ll have to seek beyond your high-school text book to find out about them – Egypt, Indus Kush (Indus Valley), Axum, Mali Empire, Kush, Olmec Amexem/Moorish Empire (the Moors/Africans brought your Europeans out of the dark ages!!) are to name a few… but you won’t learn much about it by sitting on your @ss believing everything you hear and see in the media and school… reading is fundamental. Since you are part of the “intelligent race”, you should know that.

      Study your history. Know Thyself.


    • You failed to mention that Egypt was where all the Greeks and Romans went to be educated in science, mathematics, religion, medicine, architecture, etc. Read Plato and Socrates and you will see how they revered the Egyptians and Nubians. The only technological advances Caucasians have been advanced in is war mongering and machinery. No European or Arab army penetrated sub-Saharan Africa or Nubia until the invention of the gun and cannon. So because Africans didn’t wish to subjugate the world, they are viewed as less intelligent? The architecture of Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, Timbuktu is no less impressive than Rome and Greece, it’s just much older and we don’t see all the grand cities that are long gone thousands of years before Europeans were still in caves eating raw meat and not washing properly.


    • I think on a side note that there are several similarities between the belief systems of the cultures in those areas of the world.
      Geographically, some of those cultures were nearly side by side. At certain times throughout history each race has been ahead, equal or behind.
      Africans are just in the time where they are behind, starving and dying of diseases because they wont wear a simple rubber.


    • Nick obviously you have been groomed by bigots and fools, if you would explore the truth you wound find that life began in Africa which is why it is called the cradle of civilization, the different shades and color came about because of the climate of the regions that you migrated to after leaving Africa. Africa is a very hot place, which is why blacks has the antioxidant melanin which makes the skin darker and protect it from the sun, after leaving Africa and migrating to places that were very cold the melanin faded from your skin over a period of time leaving the pale complexion that you possess now, as far as the technical advances of the Greeks and Romans, these societies were not completely white, but you fail to mention the technical advances of the Egyptians and the ancient African Kingdoms which were in existence while a certain group of people were primitive Cavemen hunting animals but yet eating the meat raw, this could not be helped and doesn’t mean anybody is more superior than another. the Greeks and Romans were infected with greed and violence, and many of their Ideas originated elsewhere, which were exchanged during trading with other countries. I don’t expect you to be aware of because this much truth weren’t taught to you. Barbarism did not exist in Africa because the Kingdoms had structure and positive principles were taught to the young. Nick there is a lot more that you should learn about Africa and the world in General, this would be of help to you in building the ability within you to see the truth,


    • Intellect is relative. You can say they were more technologically advanced but that has more to do needs. The climate and abundance of natural resources in Africa made life amazing for ancients without a need for the architechture and technology that europeans developed put of necessity to survive. Lest we forget that the journey to modern science is littered with the writing for philosphers who’s theories were believed for hundreds of years before being proved wrong.


    • ImHotep Abdul,

      No it doesn’t if you are a White skinned Ashkenazi , European Jew. The Jews of the bible were Black Ethiopian Falasha Jews. Not the crazy warmongering, White Jews who control Israel today. I dare you to ask me how I know that to be true? No of course you wouldn’t. Because you don’t want the rest of the nonwhite world to know these facts. Sorry! Pink Africans have been outed!



  199. oooh… this reminds me of a torah scholar i once met who insisted in his infinite learned wisdom that the jewish soul is superior to that of the gentile as it consists of three parts more than the traditional 5 that every person posesses. not that it’s any reason to discriminate against all gentiles, he said. merely irrefutable proof of superiority. that’s all.


    • This is Exhibit – A . This is why we must not allow others to define us. We must not allow others to tell us how to teach our children . But most of all we must not allow their FALSE CONCLUSIONS to shape our reality. We are the first and last . The struggle continues we shall win without a doubt.


      • There is not a problem suggesting who are fastest athletes great inventors or were cradle of civilisation. Saying who have less intelligence can be wrong and have negative effects as achievement changes over time. Native Australians and Americans were once the greatest explorers in the world but they did not have horses which have been associated with advancement in civilisation. Clearly something in Africa led to development of first humans. Nothing is fixed.


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