Happy Birthday, Nelson!!

What’s wrong with me today? I almost forgot that it’s Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday today!!!

Congratulations to you, Nelson Mandela, who have accomplished more in your life than most of us can ever dream of!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! If only more leaders can be like you . . ..

On a related note, congratulations on finally being removed from the US government’s terrorist watch list.

It’s a fitting present from our government.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Nelson!!

  1. WTF– sorry Hard Knock Life, but I don’t think by a long shot Princess Diane was close to the likes of Mandela and Mama Teresa. Princess Diane was in a completely different league and while she did do some good, especially with charity work, in other areas, she was a media manipulator- hardly a saint. And just to make it clear, Prince Charles married Camilla because he is still locked in an Oedipus complex with is “Mum”. Camilla is the closest he can have sexytimes with someone who lookes like his “Mum dearest”.

    On a side note, if any of you were watching the Mandela 90th Birthday concert in London, when Amy Winehouse came up to perform, instead of singing “Free Mandela” she sang, “Free Blakey”. Sorry, but if it were MY 90th birthday and I spent half of my life in a prison getting the shit beaten out of me on a daily basis, I’d be fucking insulted by some crack-head singing about freeing her husband who is a fuck up. It would have been the highlight to see Mandela take his cane and give Wino’s beehive a good smack! That would by far have been a fitting gesture.


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