New Music Mix February 2, 2008

In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), I’ve put together a woman-themed mix. No playlist, this time. Sorry. As usual, you can listen online or download to an mp3 player and listen later. Sorry about the porny pics on the main page. I still can’t find a free web-hosting service where I can upload my mixes. 😦

7 thoughts on “New Music Mix February 2, 2008

  1. My msg just dissapeared. Here I go again:

    The film pretty much focuses on her life as a musician, her achievements and how drugs, alchohol and self love brought her down. It also goes to show how the true love of her life never really was hers – he was a married man, and I think I’m pretty much giving away the entire story here so I shall stop 🙂

    And no, no mention of any collaboration with anyone. I guess they tried to keep it apolitical.


  2. Oh yeah, no mention of her role in the war. The story’s limited to her musical talents, achievements and how drugs, alchohol and self love brought her to an end; also elaborates on her love for the man who never was really hers. Sad, really.

    Amazing acting. Must see, for sure.


  3. EP,

    I haven’t seen La Vie En Rose yet but I fully intend to. I heard Edith Piaf was a collaborator during the occupation of France, but that the movie kinda skips over the WWII period. Know anything about this?


  4. EP,

    Thanks for listening. You’re right. The second song is Edith Piaf singing “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.”

    Good job!!

    I usually put up a playlist but lately I’ve been too lazy. 🙂


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