The Writing on the Wall.


DC ballot box. What more can I say?


Someone doesn’t think very highly of the police. I agree somewhat. Cops can be kinda thuggish sometimes.


I was kinda baffled by this one. Wasn’t sure if they were making a statement about the plight of families today. Or maybe whoever put it up is just a jerk.


Immigration, always on people’s minds. Not sure what “Jihad for Mayor” is about, though.


2 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall.

  1. deeknows,

    I went to college with a kid from the DC area named Dan. Somehow he acquired the nickname Cool Disco Dan, because of his purple-dyed hair.

    After college, I moved to DC and started seeing lots of references to Cool Disco Dan, and I’m sure they’re not all referring to my friend Dan from college.

    So what’s the real story behind Cool Disco Dan?


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