Apparently, White People Like to be the First White People to Try Something New.

A while back, I blogged about foodies and how they are nothing more than affluent trend-chasers. I got some flack on and off the blog for that post, but I stand by it.

Today, I came across a very witty and funny post that, in my opinion, touches on some of the issues I addressed—or at least tried to address—in my original foodie post.

Here’s an excerpt:

In most situations, white people are very comforted by seeing their own kind. However, when they are eating at a new ethnic restaurant or traveling to a foreign nation, nothing spoils their fun more than seeing another white person.

Many white people will look into the window of an ethnic restaurant to see if there are other white people in there. It is determined to be an acceptable restaurant if the white people in there are accompanied by ethnic friends. But if there is a table occupied entirely by white people, it is deemed unacceptable.

The arrival of the ‘other white people’ to either restaurants or vacation spots instantly means that lines will grow, authenticity will be lost, and the euphoria of being a cultural pioneer will be over.”

It’s always nice to read something funny, especially when it’s written by someone who’s thinking about the same stuff that’s on my mind. I especially like the term “cultural pioneer.” I think the ethos of the cultural pioneer is very strong in the foodie subculture.

Go here to read the complete post, especially the comments.

Then read all the other posts. This is by far the greatest blog on the internet.

5 thoughts on “Apparently, White People Like to be the First White People to Try Something New.

  1. Hard knock life,

    I agree. That’s the best part of this blog; the advice.

    I can’t figure out why so many people seem to be mad about it, though, and start posting all kinds of racist sh*t, as if there’s a comparison.


  2. That is a hilarious blog, isn’t it? I see a lot of folks blogging about this.

    My favorite part is when at the end of each post you are given a guide as to how to behave if you ever find yourself in these situations with white people.

    Like in this case:

    If you bring a white person to an ethnic restaurant and another white person (or group of white people) shows up, you can lose all respect and trust that you have worked so hard to acquire. Do your best to find a table with a divider, or ask the waiter to put future white people out of sight.


  3. Ron Goldman’s Dad,

    I’m too busy learning about all the other things White people like to respond to your comment. That blog is the most informative site on the entire interweb. More than Wikipedia even. In fact, I think this guy’s site should be renamed Whiteypedia. From now on, that’s where I’m going whenever I need to learn something about White people.

    Incidentally, how do you feel about Macs, dogs, The Royal Tenenbaums, and the guy who directed that movie about spotless minds?

    I really feel like I can start connecting with my White friends now on a much deeper level. Pretty soon, I’ll be thinking like you, talking like you, liking all the same stuff you like.



  4. I, for one, am more likely to peek in the window to make sure there aren’t any black people. You say the wrong thing to one of them and they’re liable to cut your head off.

    Anyone up for Panera?


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