The Writing on the Wall.

As a longtime DC resident and dedicated patron of the city’s various bars, clubs, and sundry entertainment establishments, I encounter no shortage of graffiti, stickers, and other types of wall art and political messages.

Thanks to the modern miracle that is the cell-phone camera, I can now capture and share these messages, so I’ve decided to add a new feature to my blog that highlights some of these images.


Whoever wrote this obviously has strong feelings about the war (presumably the one in Iraq) and did not mince words. He also obviously wanted his message to be seen too, because he chose the one surface in the toilet he was sure would be looked at (I assume it was a man as this was in a men’s restroom).


Immigration’s been a pretty hot topic in American politics for a while now, and this person puts an interesting twist on the issue by alluding to the fact that Europeans are not indigenous to the US. Clearly someone took issue with this point of view.


These stickers were posted on an electrical box in an alley in DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood. Seems there’s a strong anti-establishment current in the air.


The war is obviously on a lot of people’s minds, but whoever put this sticker up is voicing a less literal opposition to the war.


4 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall.

  1. Thanks man.

    I’m all about reporting from the streets. 🙂

    To answer your second question, I LOVE Shakira. More than I have ever loved any half-Lebanese Columbian woman. She sings, dances, writes her own songs, defies the laws of physics with her hips. What’s not to love?


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