Justice Sometimes Happens.


On most days, nothing happens to renew my faith in humans or their institutions. But every now and then, a bit of good news pops up on my radar. Today was one of those days. I just heard that Michael Seifert, an ex-SS officer who’s been living in Canada for the past 50 years is being extradited to Italy to serve out a life sentence for atrocities committed during World War II.

Michael Seifert, who’s 83, served as an SS guard at the transit camp in Bolzano, Italy. He was convicted in absentia in 2000 for crimes including starving a 15-year-old prisoner to death, gouging out another prisoner’s eye, beating and shooting prisoners, and torturing a woman before killing her and her daughter.

Sure, Seifert’s conviction, extradition, and imprisonment won’t bring back to life the countless men, women, and children murdered by the Nazi regime. But knowing that this animal will spend the rest of his natural life behind bars—where he belongs—brings some comfort.

If only every other sick bastard who tortures and murders under the cover of war could meet the same fate as Seifert.


2 thoughts on “Justice Sometimes Happens.

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  2. All you need to know is that his lawyer, Christie, is an anti-semite scum to know that he is guilty. He should roast in hell along with all his pali terrorist buddies for all eternity.


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