In My Other Life, I’m an Addict.


It’s not every day that I blog about celebrities but sometimes, I stumble upon an especially juicy story on a certain gossip blog. Today was one of those times.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (aka the Olsen twins) have always been in the spotlight but the attention has not always been good, with stories coming out about eating disorders and less-than-sensible dating choices . In fact, it seems the one solidly good thing they have going for them is their fashion business. But even that’s drawing negative attention now that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has decided to go after them. Apparently, the Olsens’ fashion line includes a lot of fur and, if there’s one thing PETA hates more than hunting, it’s fur.

So I guess it was only a matter of  time before the twins had to answer to PETA.

As part of the anti-fur campaign launched against the Olsens, PETA came up with a video parody of Full House, the family-friendly sitcom that launched Mary Kate and Ahley into celebrity. Back when it was still on the air, I was already in my cynical, angst-ridden, f*ck-everything teens, so I can’t say I cared much for Full House. I found the clean, traditional-values humor a little too syrupy and cheesy for my liking.

But I have to admit, the PETA parody is surprisingly watchable.

As for PETA’s message . . . well . . . judge for yourselves.


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