Curvy Women are Smarter and Have Smarter Children.

From the BBC

Women with curvy figures are likely to be brighter than waif-like counterparts and may well produce more intelligent offspring, a US study suggests. Researchers studied 16,000 women and girls and found the more voluptuous performed better on cognitive tests – as did their children.

The bigger the difference between a woman’s waist and hips the better.

Researchers writing in Evolution and Human Behaviour speculated this was to do with fatty acids found on the hips.

In this area, the fat is likely to be the much touted Omega-3, which could improve the woman’s own mental abilities as well as those of her child during pregnancy.

Men respond to the double enticement of both an intelligent partner and an intelligent child, the researchers at the Universities of Pittsburgh and California said.

The findings appear to be borne out in the educational attainments of at least one of the UK’s most famous curvaceous women, Nigella Lawson, who graduated from Oxford.

But experts are not convinced by the findings.

“On the fatty deposits being related to intelligence front, it’s very hard to detangle that from other factors, such as social class, for instance, or diet,” said Martin Tovee of Newcastle University.

“And much as we logically like the idea that men are interested in the waist to hip ratio, it actually features relatively low down the list of feature males look for in a potential partner.”

I can’t speak for all men but waist to hip ratio actually features PRETTY HIGH UP on the list of features I look for in a potential partner, meaning I respond very well to voluptiousness. But that’s only because I’m interested in producing more intelligent offspring, of course.


25 thoughts on “Curvy Women are Smarter and Have Smarter Children.

  1. i hate that fat, ugly, untalented cow, i mean what is she famous NOTHING just her daddy got her on some reality show that no one even whatches anymore, everyone makes a big deal about her that why Ray J dumped the hoe’s ass!!!!


  2. They’re suggesting men know how to pick women. If we did would the divorce rate be 50%?

    I suggest that the hips are the first thing men look at. Unless you’re a bi-sexual or homoerotic male large/good hip ratios are a big part of who we’re attracted to.

    Once we’ve identified a curvy/attractive female we start going down other checklists to be sure. But mating and making offspring has little to do with picking a partner so that arguement that hips don’t matter based upon picking a partner is flawed.


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  4. espaniol,

    I’m not sure Latina’s have the highest hip-wasit ratio. I think there is a range within populations. Ever been to Belgrade? Some very curvy ladies there. And I’ve heard Brazil has loads too. Also, Sophia Loren is Italian, Nigella Lawson is English, while Kim Kardashian is, I believe, Iranian. Or maybe Armenian.

    So I guess the short answer to your question is that I have many “preferences” in many populations. 😉


  5. shouldn’t hispanic kids be the smartest then? from what i’ve seen and i admit i haven’t seen much so i could be wrong, latinas have the highest hip-waist ratio and could easily be the curviest women on the planet. so abdul, is that your preference? latinas?


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