First Dr. Watson, Now Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Did I miss the memo? When did blatant racism become fashionable again? I mean, what the eff is going on with people throwing around racially insensitive remarks like they’re going out of style?

Recently, Dog the bounty hunter, born Duane Chapman, was caught on tape dropping n-bombs left and right (for those of you not hip enough, “n-bomb” is a euphemism for a very offensive slur against Black people) during a telephone conversation. The tape was originally leaked to the National Enquirer, and E! Online published an excerpt:

I’m not taking a chance…not because she’s black but because we use the word n—er sometimes here. I’m not going to take any chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for 30 years because some drunken n—er heard us say n—er and turned us into the Enquirer magazine…I’m not taking that chance at all never in life. Never…”

The best part is that Dog, who has his own TV show on A&E, was having that nice telephone chat with his son, Tucker, about Tucker’s girlfriend! You see, Tucker’s girlfriend is Black and Dog was afraid she might expose his casual use of the n-bomb to the media, thereby ending his career. It turns out Tucker was not too thrilled with his dad’s racism either, so he sold the tape to the Enquirer for a hefty sum. A&E is pulling Dog’s show indefinitely off the air.

It’s fitting that Dog’s worst fear—that his racism would be exposed by no finer a publication than the National Enquirer—came true. And, in an Oedipal twist worthy of the greatest of the Greek tragedies, this fear came true because of his own son! Not bad for a day’s work on Tucker’s part, exposing his dad for the ignorant racist that he is and raking in a ton of dough in the process! That’s the sort of entrepreneurial thinking that’s made America great.

Tucker, thanks for outing this racist. I owe you one.

Now that Tucker’s shown that there’s money to be made in that game, I wonder if this will start a new trend of celebrity racists being outed by their family members.


14 thoughts on “First Dr. Watson, Now Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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  2. Bob Nelson,

    I was not in any way suggesting you are no longer welcome on my blog. I merely meant that you seem like a guy with a lot of thoughts on the issue of race and racism, and I think you should have a blog so you can give voice to those thoughts. I’m probably going to disagree with most of them but, hey, you win some, you lose some.

    Anyway, you’re always welcome to come back and post whatever you honestly believe. And I reserve the right to respond in whatever way I please.


  3. Tony Maione,

    Ever the sarcastic wit. I’m glad to see you disapprove of the word “nigger,” though. Too bad some of our White countrymen over here in the land of the free don’t seem to understand quite how offensive that word is.

    But you gotta give credit where credit is due. Bob Nelson was very honest in expressing a viewpoint that is very prevalent in the US. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his honesty and for exposing what many White people really believe.

    Thanks as always for reading and commenting.


  4. It seems the more intelligent, reasonable members of different groups talk to each other the more empathy and understanding there is. The realisation that different groups have enormous amounts in common also comes through.

    I foresee a very happy future together for you both.

    Seriously though, lets all try to get along. Lets not use things like the word ‘nigger’ at all. The notions attached to that term are known to be deeply offensive, so lets all not go there.

    What frustrates me is our continued inability to look past the group and focus on the individual.


  5. Abdul Thanks, I’ll take your, “Get your own, dude” to heart. I sometimes do not express myself well and I failed with the Japanese example. I do not believe those things about Japanese people. That was an attitude of most Americans shared during WW2. It was encouraged by government propaganda, especially posters. I only meant to use it as an example of how attitudes can really change. I think our Asian communities are great examples of the American success story. Anyway, I’ll take my superficial hate mongering behind of into the sunset.
    Thank you and good bye.

    PS I know that this is a problem that I can walk away from but you must deal with each day. You have made me think what that must be like. I know I cannot know.


  6. Bob Nelson,

    I take your most recent comment as a fair point. BUT I want to protest your insinuation that Black people are overly sensitive. You mentioned twice now that I’m a hateful person and that I could kill you if you called me a “nigger.” Please! We’re not all crazy, impulsive, violent people, you know. As much as I’m enjoying your frankness, it also saddens me that you are so superficial in your perception of Black people. You see only simple, one-dimensional caricatures. But this discussion grows tiring.

    As for hunting you down, I read your first comment. You said some pretty ignorant stuff about Japanese people and I know better than to go after anyone who talks that way. Not to mention, you actually own “protection gear.” See, I have a sense of humor too. 🙂

    Anyway, we can continue this conversation another time. I’ve seen enough of how a large part of the White community feels for one day.

    Do you have a blog of your own? If not, I suggest you get one. I find it to be a very fulfilling activity.


  7. Abdul, Just reread you evaluation of me. How skilled you really are to be able to some up another’s life based on a couple hundred words. Anyway. I call no one A nigger. I do not get a power surge from calling a person a nigger because I do not do it. Serves no purpose. Look how you reacted when I was trying to be nice. If I called you a nigger you might kill me. But mostly it hurts people. That makes it bad. You, as an adult should be able to Handel that some people hate you for whatever reason. Kids are hurt by name calling an should not have to handle it. Your response, at first I thought it funny, then sad and I finally worried if I needed to break out the self preservation gear in case you hunted me down. Just joking.I really feel that behavior is now at the heart of the problem of race relations. Most white people and Asian people want to do right but somebody keeps them pissed off. Gene sounds like saying nigger is a privilege but I think he is really responding to the threat in, “we can say this and if you do the same we will hurt you”. The implied threat is what I believe that angers people like Gene. Being told what he can and can not say angers people. His writing may have nothing to do with racism and a lot to do with freedom of speech and implied threats. My comment was about racism and what I believe is a major cause of it.
    I am afraid you did not even think about what I wrote. You just reacted. I called no one a nigger. I was not trying in the least to use intellectual babble. Babbel maybe but plain old everyday babble. I expressed no joy in putting down anybody. I think you saw the words crime, abandoned children. murder and so on an just had a gut the reaction to attack. I could be wrong. Maybe that is just the way you are.


  8. Bob Nelson,

    Whether or not you intended to, you caused some serious offense with your first comment. This is but one example: “Two generations ago we dropped an atomic bomb on Japan and almost all Americans cheered at the death of the dirty, buck toothed, half blind, runt japs by the hundred thousands.”

    Here’s another: “You want to get to the heart of racism then get to the behavior that gives it legs.” I do not think that racism towards all Black people has anything to do with the behavior of individual Black people. Racism is about collectively denigrating and marginalizing an entire population. Many White people are racist but that doesn’t mean I view all White people as racists. Likewise, many Black people are criminals but that doesn’t make all Black people criminal.

    Anyway, I appreciate you showing how a large part of the White population feels. It makes me sad.

    As for hate, Bob Nelson, I’m sure anyone who reads your comments and my responses will quickly figure out who’s got more hate in them. You’re welcome to read more of my blog postings. Check out the archives if you’ve got the time. I won’t let you get away with the old I-hate-you-because-you-hate-me tactic. I’m not even going to try to prove to you that I’m not a hateful person. My readers can decide for themselves. In the meantime, if you’re interested in justifying or disproving that last thing you said about me, read more of my blog postings.

    You also speak of attacking the idea, not the man. Good quote. Just to show you that I’m a big believer in attacking ideas, I’ll send you to a blog post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how racism works. It’s entitled “For Dr. Watson and Other Racists, Racism’s Beauty Lies in Its Simplicity.” It’s a very long and very well-thought-out attack on the idea of racism but I think it sums up my thoughts on the subject and shows why I’m so opposed to corelating skin color to a person’s character.

    In fairness Bob Nelson, I still think your attitudes are racist but I commend you for reading my blog and posting honest, if offensive, comments. I also commend you for replying to my response and for being willing to discuss race and racism with me in a frank and open manner.

    Also, for what it’s worth, I applaud you for having been able to make a comfortable life for yourself despite limited educational attainment. I do not know the circumstances that prevented you from finishing high school but it is admirable that you’ve been able to achieve so much despite such a significant obstacle.


  9. Wow, Abdul you got really upset! You are exactly right about me as far as education is concerned. I went to work at sixteen and other than spending the best part of a year in the hospital have not stopped yet. Did not finish high school. I do have an above average income which I am proud of. I make a comfortable low six figure income as a contractor. Why doe that concern you? I can guess about your education, politics and so on but I do not really care. The things I spoke of do not require a higher education to understand. They are as clear as this screen before me. I have no desire to hurt you or anyone else and your personal attack on me makes me feel that I have done so. For that I am sorry.
    They say if you cannot attack the idea attack the man. I am will and eager to learn. What is wrong or incorrect it what I wrote. I wrote not to attack but because I truly feel what I said is correct.
    There can be no discourse on race if you attack personally those you do not agree with.
    Do you want to be lied to or do you want to know how a large part of the white community feels? Me I know I’m a mess so me being a little screwed up is no news or a source of anger. Abdul you got a lot of hate in ya I think. That is part of the problem also I fear. If you hate someone you can rob them, kill them or attack them and feel good about it. But it is the hater that often suffers more. I wish you well, no B.S.


  10. Gene and Bob Nelson,

    Let me guess. You’re both very intelligent, well-educated, and articulate individuals. You earn an above-average income, are happy and successful in your professions, and satisfied in your personal lives. You travel often for pleasure and you enjoy the finer things in life. In person, people find you guys charming and pleasant, and in conversation, you are captivating and can speak authoritatively on a wide range of topics. You see, I can tell all this simply from reading your comments. Thank you both for sharing your opinions in such an enlightening, eloquent, and erudite manner. My readers and I are now so much better off for having seen things from your perspective.

    You two dummies are probably too stupid to realize I’m not even being serious. You definitely take the cake for posting the most ignorant comments ever posted on this blog. I’ve heard that humans are the most intelligent of all mammals but you guys make me wonder if this is universally true.

    I’m going to assume that you, Gene, are a White man. You must be so pleased with yourself because, thanks to an accident of birth, you were born with White skin. But you shouldn’t rest on your laurels. After all, you really had nothing to do with the race of your parents or the skin color you were born with. In order to live up to your full potential, why don’t you try improving yourself as a person? Learning proper grammar would be a good start. Then maybe you can move on to writing a book. Scratch that. Might be better if you read one first. As for you, Bob Nelson, you are living proof that a little knowledge is a terrible thing. At least Gene doesn’t try to hide his ignorance and racism under pseudo-intellectual mumbo-jumbo. The fact that, unlike Gene, you can actually string words together to form coherent sentences tells me you had some schooling. But the stupid parallels and conclusions you draw lead me to believe you didn’t get enough schooling. Either that or you’re just an ignorant worm who’s so blinded by racist prejudices that you’re only capable of using your brain to denigrate others.

    Both of you ridiculously racist people have no idea how silly you sound with your racist slurs. Does the word “nigger” make you feel more powerful? Does it make you feel better about your pathetic lives? Because that’s what you are, pathetic. You’re nothing more than playground bullies who think that if you call someone a name, it makes that person what you want him/her to be. In this case, you think calling Black people “nigger” makes you better than them. How stupid do you have to be not to understand that there’s a lot more to a person than his/her skin color? What a pair of losers you are, really. What are you jerks doing on the internet anyway? Isn’t “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on? Oh wait, it’s not! Because Dog’s a racist piece of shit, just like you two cretins, and his show just got taken of the air.

    I’m going to leave your comments on here just so people can see what ignorant people there are out there.


  11. I do not believe that anyone today thinks racism is about skin color. It is about behavior. People who go to work every day, do not steal or rob and do not kill their neighbors do not make good TV shows or create a lot of interest. All honest open minded people have to admit that blacks have a much higher rate of criminality and arrest than Asian or Caucasian people in the US. Blacks have astronomical rates of unwed mothers and desertion by fathers. They even had to coin the term “baby momma” to describe the so common situation. Black on black murder is a tragedy in our cities. Blame it on poverty, the white man, slavery or what ever it is still real.
    The percentage of the attention attracting miscreants with the exception of the serial loony killers is much higher in blacks than other racial groups. What ever the reason is it surprising America does not like this group? You want to get to the heart of racism then get to the behavior that gives it legs. Two generations ago we dropped an atomic bomb on Japan and almost all Americans cheered at the death of the dirty, buck toothed, half blind, runt japs by the hundred thousands. They now are a respected part of America with the highest incomes and education levels in our country. There was a time when bad behavior in the black community was attacked as making it hard for all black people. People do not say it aloud but the still think nigger when they are confronted with the worst of black people.
    Until that criminal element is made to know it has no excuse for or acceptance of it’s behavior people black, white, Asian and Mexican will be thinking nigger even if the do not say it aloud!


  12. As long as a nigger can call a nigger a nigger than

    I can call a nigger a nigger. Niggger stop calling each

    other nigger and I will stop calling a nigger a niggger


  13. That is messed up how Dog was going off like that with the n word. I put up a video showing how I feel about the whole thing. It has some extra footage of this bull…._and the story of how he became a bounty hunter. The video is called “ Dog Duane Chapman Bounty Hunter “N” Word – Talking With Dave #4”. It’s at

    My videos are kind of…. Different.


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