Human Species Projected to Split in Two

Future Human SpeciesThe BBC reports that evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics predicts that in the future, humanity will split into a “genetic upper class and a dim-witted underclass.” According to Curry:

The human race would peak in the year 3000—before a decline due to dependence on technology. People would become choosier about their sexual partners, causing humanity to divide into sub-species. The descendants of the genetic upper class would be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative and a far cry from the ‘underclass’ humans who would have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures.”

I’ve got news for you, Dr. Curry! That split has already begun! Have you been to a Wal-Mart lately? Just kidding, of course! But seriously, everything he predicts is already happening in terms of class, at least in the US. Poor people—regardless of “race”—are getting lower-quality education, health care, housing, and food. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses tend to predominate in low-income communities where the environment tends to be more polluted. What’s worse, this has been happening for ages. Why do you think factories were packed into London’s East End? Because rich Londoners didn’t want the wind blowing smoke and pollution into their West End homes.

Furthermore, like in every modern society, people are attracted to money, so rich people always get the best picks when it comes to spouses. Because our economic systems are so closely intertwined with our political systems, and because both systems privilege men over women, we end up with rich old men being able to—because of their power and/or wealth—get attractive younger women. The late Anna Nicole Smith and her late husband are but one well-known example. But long before Anna Nicole, there were Diana and Charles, which never made sense to me because, as I understood, the Spencer family had some wealth of its own.

Ultimately, I’m always worried when anyone uses the word “race” because I don’t believe there is such a thing as biological race. Racists think of “race” in the human population the way everyone think of breeds of dogs or cats. In reality, as long as we can reproduce with people who look physically different—and I’ll go on record here as being strongly in favor of “race-mixing”—we are just one race. Having said that, I’d be curious as to whether two real “species” of humans will emerge, as predicted by Dr. Curry. By this I mean, will members of one group be unable to reproduce with members of another. And by “reproduce,” I don’t mean simply have sex. Will such unions bear viable offspring who are fully functional and capable of bearing offspring of their own? If these two distinct groups will indeed be able to “cross-breed,” we shouldn’t think of them as two species or even two races. They will merely be two groups of people who have different physical characteristics.

If Dr. Curry’s predictions do come to pass, I’m afraid we’re already setting the stage for a continuation of the racist thought that so dominates our society today. Dr. Curry is projecting modern racism thousands of years into the future, already talking about genetic upper and lower classes. You don’t have to be German to find such talk deeply troubling. A good friend once told me that as humans, we can realize only the future we imagine. If we’re already imagining an unequal future split between good-looking, intelligent humans and “dim-witted, ugly, squat, goblin-like creatures,” the future looks very bleak indeed for humankind.

Just to be safe, I should probably start hitting the gym, the tanning salon, and the library. I certainly don’t want my descendants ending up in the genetic underclass.


10 thoughts on “Human Species Projected to Split in Two

  1. I understand exactly what abdul is trying to describe with this article. obviously if you take a look around, almost 99% of people who are poor or who have lower incomes are obese or malnourished, having flaws, or mental incapacitates. If you take a look at most wealthy people, they are beautiful and usually well minded. it’s most likely tied together with stress and being able to relieve that stress. so many factors play a key role in stress.
    Food is one of the most crucial parts of the way any individual turns out to be. Eating organic isn’t cheap, and eating fast food is definitely not healthy. for this alone plays the factor of slim and muscular or obese and unhealthy which balances hand and hand with rich and poor.
    As someone said before, take a look at WalMart, even mcdonalds or any other low end job, you don’t see Ms. America working there.
    Anyways, i think that’s where the main division will come in people, rich or poor, which already exists. it will only be a matter of time before the “genetic upper class” and the “genetic lower class” will be clear to see. but hey maybe im just being racist against my own people. after all we all are human, cant we all just get along.(HA)


  2. “Human Species Projected to Split in Two” This is Bullshit we are Evolved through the Millions of years that means We are in progress to Higher dimensions our consciousness is One and it is universal ,may be scientist should stop predicting things which comes from their pigment of imagination and accepts things in quantum level to have better image of Who we are and what is universe there are laws which cannot be broken from few Evil people who works on genetics thinks they are God Bull shit No creation is Superior than Natures alone.Listen folks i am researcher according to My research On this issues People who called superior are None but Who has Money that Means Those family of Occult Like Jp Morgan,Rothchild,Bush Many other Destroying Cultures thier plans Never gone Work Because New kind of Consciousness or Births has Occurred from past 50 years or so Now Earth is Completely with those Children and Adults who is Going to Rock the World for unity No can can Stop them Even if GOVT Kill or Bomb But they r Not Going to give easy Way for this Goblin kind of theory to occur they are the children of Light are here to restore the Order of this Universe.No one can Stop them u all will See the Spiritual Side of Planet earths Bringing changes.
    Soon those theory Will be reversed People who is Going to Suffer is People who is Left Behind the Elite they have No place to go But we have Many Places to go No matter how many times U elite wants to conquers every time u will see the defeat.


    Light is Here

    Be happy always they never Gone a Let Good People to suffer.There Will never be a Global war again Never will we Let that happen…….


  3. I believe because we are becoming global and the fact most men usually do not look for intelligent and wealthy girls but instead look for natural beauties regardless of class (watch the movie “pretty woman” for example), so the human race will not split into to distinct groups. There will always be good mixing within the human race and the end result will get closer to uniformity.


  4. kristine,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’m happy to see that you’re a staunch proponent of miscegenation. There is only 1 human race, comprised of people with different physical characteristics.


  5. i see people today as different ‘breeds’ as i do bears or other animals who are basically the same, just some minor differences…but really who cares? I am also all for people of different races coming together. Humans have been integrating amongs ourselves theoretically for as long as we’ve been human… having recently read that neandrathal man interbred with more modern humans rather than having gone extinct, I think that is the next step in our evolution, to have all types of people come together to form one type of human…..


  6. we’ve been on earth for one hundred thousand years. anthropologists suggest that we’ve engaged in wars ever since the discovery of agriculture, and the birth of the notion of property,10 thousand years ago. for the most part of our life on earth, we’ve been living in peace with one another. evidence such as the mbuti pygmies in africa shows that property free societies are the most caring and loving. Normally the Mbuti settle conflicts with quick actions. One of their major strategies is laughter, jokes, and ridicule. of course tension arises, but it’s their incredible capacity to diffuse it what makes them so preciuos. so yes, we are a peaceful species, believe it or not.


  7. I tend to agree with ponette that the main idea here is based in prejudice to a great extent, but i am not sure i necessarily agree with some of the process in the argument, particularly this part: “Thus, human beings will become more loving and able to interact in group, because it would be the only way to survive.”

    Human beings have always interacted with one another and belonged to communities, tribes, what-have-you (with the exception of the somewhat more individualism based western societies in recent decades) and that has never stopped war, conflict, ethnic violence or prejudice. on the contrary, when people are united in groups, they always find an “other” to dislike, blame for their problems, take over, expel and so on… so even if we self-destruct with all the “bad” technology and revert back to a more primitive lifestyle, racism, prejudice and discrimination will remain because stereotyping (and action based on that stereotyping) is part of human nature – it’s a defense mechanism that protects us from having to individually assess everyone who comes our way (our little 10%-functional brains just can’t handle that).

    Another note on something in the article: it suggests that people will be either very tall or very short. Recent studies suggest that height is not actually a genetic attribute and has more to do with the lifestyle and standard of living in a particular area, with multiple factors having effect on the average height of a given population. Just food for thought…


  8. Here, the assertion “the beautiful is good, the ugly is bad” is seen again I do not know if that so called evolucionist is right, but it all smells of pure hidden racism to me. He says that in the future races will not exist, but the truth is that the concept of race is a myth created by people who needed a strong excuse to step over those who were physically different. we are not more that the result of genetic pools that didn’t get mixed by our incapacity to migrate in the antiquity. Technology has made possible that people can now know the world and its different faces.
    this theory defies all the good the human being has obtained by his/her capacity to love the different. Let me explain: we have evolved thanks to our disconnection of the law of natural selection. we, like many of our cousins the chimpanzees have demonstrated kindness towards people with mental and physical disabilities. there are vast cases in which people without these disabilities procreate with disabled people. we cannot returned to be selective because we have evolved the other way!
    that thing of subspecies is another form of hidden racism. what it means to be tall, intelligent, beautiful? what it means to be ugly, short, stupid?
    second: from the beginning of our time on this earth the human being has been dependent of technology. shooting with arrows, the wheel, etc., that is technology. a computer is not the only type of technology, everything made by humans is technology. It is clear that we are dependant of this, but without it we continue being human!
    this scientist also thinks that cancer levels (that have increased world-wide) are genetic defects. the reality is that these levels have increased thanks to all those atomic tests that the world powers have been doing since the end of WW2. You only need to go to Bikini island to understand this fact. we are all have been exposed to a fatal amount of radioactive waste that causes cancer.
    with the decline of the boom that is oil, the world is going to undergo a type of apocalypse. the population reached its first billion 100 years ago. we have been here by almost 100 thousand years and this unbelievable growth has happened in just 100 years. now we are 6 billions. with China and India’s economy growing exponentially, black gold will be no more in about 100 years. the consequences will be the following: the decline in global population, hunger, and the dependency of one towards the other. Thus, human beings will become more loving and able to interact in group, because it would be the only way to survive. We would go back to eat what Earth can provide us with, because processed food requires of energy from oil, and that would be no longer available.
    to finish, evolutionary biology tells us that when a genus is in its last stage of evolution (physical changes for example) the quantity of the species is reduced. for example we are from the genus Homo, our species is sapiens sapiens. We are the last species of our genus (erectus, neanderthals, etc. are already extincted) we are not going to evolve anymore, we will not have big heads because of our great intelligence (the greatest of geniuses only uses 10% of his/her mental capacity) we will not be bald. Forget it, we need that hair for protection from little insects. The last remaining human will look just like your neighbor!
    that so-called evolutionary theorist has not said anything that an English utilitarian racist of the enlightment has not thought about. it continues being the same racist, intolerant prejudistic shit of always. And of course, it had to come from an ENGLISH MAN!
    One more thing: women will look like Barbie according to this piece of shit! And I thought that the best women to procreate with (the most fertile) had to have a bigger middle section. He even described their hair type, that misogynistic scum!


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