New Radio Show: October 15, 2007.

All old stuff this time. From the ’80s. 

As usual, you can listen to the show online or download it to an mp3 player and listen later.

Click here to see the playlist.

Listen to the previous show here.


2 thoughts on “New Radio Show: October 15, 2007.

  1. We appreciate what the great fellow brother deed to change our lives with the message, but indeed as he said in his song The One, he will always be with us in our hearts. I personally till today am still touched and can not believe that in reality Lucky left us.

    I loved Lucky as a brother, mentor and idol name it and i had left singing cos of the influence of my big brother, with IT industry but believe me am preparing to go back to music despite the fact that i will have to face a big challenge.

    And am doing this for lucky and the people who loved his message.

    Robert Kanoonya will always be with you and forever am in love with you Lucky maximum respect Jah Bless. R.I.P.


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