Update on West Virginia Kidnap-Torture-Rape Case.


ABC has reported that new details have emerged in the case of Megan Williams, who was kidnapped and subjected to various acts of torture, sexual abuse, and humiliation by Karen Burton (top center) and fellow defendants.

According to statements read out during the defendants’ preliminary court hearings, the victim told police she had had hot wax and hot water poured on her, and that she was forced to drink a cup of two male defendants’ urine. All six defendants now face charges of kidnapping, which carry a maximum life sentence. Incidentally, no hate crime charges have as yet been filed—the victim is Black and was called “nigger” during some of the assaults—because, prosecutors say, hate crime convictions carry a maximum penalty of only 10 years.

While I am often critical of local law enforcement officials for failing to investigate possible hate crime cases, this time I would rather the six accused get the maximum penalty than a hate crime conviction.


10 thoughts on “Update on West Virginia Kidnap-Torture-Rape Case.

  1. I mean how can they even think of prosecuting this as a hate crime with only a maximum penalty of 10 years?!? the raped, tortured and beat this poor woman for a week or more that HAS to be kidnapping for these sick, sadistic fucks…absolutely disgusting..my god! place mercy upon you..


  2. It does not matter what race they were. White or Black. What they did to the woman was wrong. Even though I think race had played a role in them choosing the victim, the problem here is evil. I don’t care if it is black againt white or white against black or black against black or white against white. Evil is evil and comes in many forms. What we need to do is to stop the evil and that will fix the problem. We could start by putting the bibles back in schools and allowing people to pray to God. Whatever God they choose.


  3. Remember, what goes around, comes around and I hope they don’t have children. What a horrible example sickos have set for all humanity!

    They need a rock tied around their necks and thrown into the river becuase they are probably too stupid to even learn how to swim and I’m not going for that “that is how I was raised crap!” Everyone knows right from wrong. They imitate the personalities of those people in the move, “The Devil’s Rejects.”


  4. What’s wrong with this picture is that the ruling-class will gleefully have its mass-media splash all over our screens what amounts to working-class divisiveness and infighting — all created by them — and diverting us from what’s important about this incident (divide & conquer of the working-class on the basis of race), let alone what’s important in the wider world.

    The mob mentality being expressed here shows that our rulers can still safely laff up their sleeves at us rubes. We’re just so easy to manipulate.


  5. First, let me start by saying my prayers are with the victim and her family. Second, those six criminals need to be put under the jail. That girl will never be able to get her life back she will forever be reminded that those six sick, racist goons stripped her of darn near everything that made her whole. I hope they never see the light of day, and I hope that they rot in jail for the maximum sentence. May God bless the victim, and her family.


  6. It a shame, that we as Americans are in Iraq fighting to bring democracy to those people. When because of 400 yrs of history Americans (whites) can’t allow now free’d American (blacks) to properly enjoy democracy. We have fought in all of your wars since Independance Day 1775. We have been promised the Stars and the Stripes, but they never have been delivered. Fight Local terrorism, if they Black Panthers were disbanded, then disband the Klan, hunt and destroy all forms of terrorism, may it be inner city gangs to cooporate Mobbs.
    Make America Free for all, dispite prejudice and race.


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