Free the Jena 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: When does a schoolyard fight result in an attempted second-degree murder charge?

Answer: When it takes place in Jena, Louisiana and involves Black students.

This story’s been making the rounds in lefty and indie media circles but it’s apparently still largely absent from the mainstream media.

Take a look at the video.

Then take some action.


2 thoughts on “Free the Jena 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. True, there shouldn’t be double standards for anyone and I think a group of students “jumping” a lone student is despicable. But let’s not forget that the schoolyard fight resulted from the White victim racially taunting a Black student who had himself just been beaten up at a party by a group of White students. AND some of the Black students later convicted of attempted second-degree murder had had a gun pulled on them by a White man who was not prosecuted at all. Instead, the Black students were charged with theft of a firearm after they disarmed him. Oh, then there’s the minor issue about the ages of the Jena 6. They’re all teenagers and should have been tried in juvenile court, not as adults. They were tried as adults specifically so they could be convicted of adult charges like attempted murder.

    So while I agree that there should be no double standards for anyone regardless of their skin color, your take on this story shows that you’re either blind or deliberately twisting the facts in this case.

    Oh, and this just in! Hate crimes laws carry a maximum sentence of 10 years so the Jena 6 were actually convicted of charges that carry far more prison time than hate crimes. They would actually have been better off if they had been charged with hate crimes.


  2. Last time I checked, 6 on 1 was a gang style beating. When did we begin double standards on hate crimes? If 6 white men had beaten a black man for putting statues of Huey Long in their yards, they would be facing federal hate crime charges and attempted murder would be the least of the long term prison options.

    It is this very issue that made me finally start my own blog. I can only hope that we hold these 6 students, as well as the students that originally hung the nooses, liable for hate crimes.

    What’s good for the other man should hold true for the brother man.


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