Tale of Racist Police Murder in Leeds Comes to Light.

David Oluwale, a homeless Nigerian man was routinely abused and humiliated by Leeds police officers in the late ’60s. David’s body was eventually discovered in a river and ruled a drowning. A year-and-a-half later, the case was was re-investigated and two police officers were convicted for the death. It was revealed that “[t]hey beat him, urinated on him, smashed his head against the floor and took him to woods miles outside Leeds and left him there.”

Kester Aspden’s new book Nationality: Wog – The Hounding Of David Oluwale sheds new light on the life and death of David Oluwale, exposes the abuse he experienced at the hands of Leeds police officers, details his treatment at mental health institutions, and includes interviews with people who knew David Oluwale while he was alive.

Read a review of the book here and an interview with the author here in which he talks about David’s experience in the mental health care system and mental health providers’ prejudices towards Black people.

For those not familiar with British lingo, “wog” is a racial slur equivalent to “nigger” in the U.S.


2 thoughts on “Tale of Racist Police Murder in Leeds Comes to Light.

  1. Dave Whittaker,

    Thanks for sharing that experience. Did your friend, the officer’s son, ever speak explicitly about the incident in question, or about anything else related to it? I’d love to hear your memories of the incident and your thoughts on the matter.


  2. Strange story but one I was made aware of as an apprentice, I remember one of the police officers sons, Gary E, we were in the same class at college, and, although I never asked him about his father, I remember him saying how he was a printer. Probably the occupation he had prior to being in the police, then, one he took up again on his release from prison.


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