Bill O’Reilly: Immigration is bad for America and the Republican Party

I guess it was only a matter of time before I had to do this. I was desperately hoping I wouldn’t have to but . . . [sigh] duty calls.

According to Bill O’Reilly, guardian of all things decent and American, there are certain segments of American society who so despise the fact that “America is run primarily by white, Christian men” that they want to completely “change the white, Christian male power structure.” This explains why people on the left, like the New York Times support a more relaxed approach towards immigration.

People who oppose mass deportations and a more punitive immigration policy are literally trying to change the “complexion” of America, according to O’Reilly. You see, three out of four new immigrants would join the Democratic party, thereby rendering the U.S. a one-party state. But why would O’Reilly assume that immigrants would automatically go Democrat by a factor of three to one? Maybe because the new brown-skinned population from the countries to our south might be turned off by the racist and nationalist rhetoric emanating from the Grand Ol’ Party?

I guess this means the Republican Party is the party of White Christian men after all. Turns out those paranoid, crazy, Black, Gay, Jewish, and Feminist Americans who have for so long denounced the Republican Party for being exclusively a party for White Christian men are not so paranoid or crazy after all!

I’m too exhausted right now to pick through the racist rantings of this bigot so I’ll just put in a link to the video and transcript.

Maybe if Bill Pervert O’Reilly thought there was a chance of him having sex with some of these immigrants, he’d be less hostile to immigration.

In the meantime, he rants, you decide.


2 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly: Immigration is bad for America and the Republican Party

  1. My take is that everyone that is so bigmouthed about immigration is because it knows the brown ones cannot defend themselves.
    Following that line of thoughts, next comes logically that they hate browns because may have been “abused” by a brown/s during adolescence. Usually browns are forced to learn how to defend themselves under so much abuse from everybody around from principals to the least rouch on their borough.
    Third and last, people is soooo much brainwashed so overload of stress by the media, that the neuroticism level, the hate level, the popular racism level, the sense of “Americans being abused” is so discasting that it is only natural that desperately try and find something to pummel, exactly as they are pummeled at work, at house of prayer, at family court, at politics, at the market, you get the point.
    But all come back to the point: browns are accused of everything because they cannot defend themselves.
    Plus they are being used to distract public attention from Near East.


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