What is this World Coming To???


Four gay men have been arrested in the Netherlands for intentionally infecting other men with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The four accused—all of whom are HIV positive—organized sex parties during which they drugged the guests with GHB (a date-rape drug), had unprotected sex with them, and then injected them with HIV-infected blood, which the assailants had drawn from themselves.

Two of the accused have confessed to performing the injections and face charges of rape and “premeditated severe assault.” They face a maximum of 16 years in prison. The third suspect is still being investigated while the fourth man, who is not a suspect in the rapes, is being charged with selling “a considerable amount of drugs” including Ectasy and GHB.

According to Police Chief Ronald Zwarter, “The motive to do this was the ‘kick,’ and the feeling that unsafe sex is ‘pure.'”

Man, this sort of thing takes all the fun out of gay sex parties!!!!!


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