Cops Gone Wild!!

A 39-year-old Detroit police officer, Roosevelt Tidwell, has been charged with sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

According to the 41-year-old female victim, she and a male friend were drinking in their car in a public park. Tidwell approached them and assured them that he would not take police action against them if the victim returned to the patrol car with him. Once in the car, he forced her to perform a sex act with him. He also got her mobile phone number and, about a month later, threatened her into a meeting with him during which he forced her into again having sex with him in the patrol car.

What makes this case even worse is that the new allegations come after Tidwell was already being held in jail on 16 felony charges of forcing several couples to perform sex acts in Detroit’s Chandler Park. Tidwell apparently approached the couples in the park and ordered them into sex acts while he watched.

This is clearly a case of a police officer using his position to fulfill his perverted sexual desires. Voyeurism is cool and all but only when the person(s) being watched is(are) willing to put on a show. And forcing someone to have sex against their will is rape. Plain and simple.

I hope this guy goes away for a long time.


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