What’s on a country’s mind?

Ever wonder what people in a certain country are thinking about? Me too.

While modern science might be a few light years away from a breakthrough in this field, a software company out in California might have taken us one small step forward. Thanks to a new Google search tool, you can get a pretty good idea of what is on the minds of people in various countries. Well . . . sort of.

With Google Trends, you can search for a particular word or phrase and the Web site will generate a daily top 10 list of countries whose residents did a search on that word or phrase.

Today, Pakistan tops the list for sexually deviant searches (terms included “gang rape,” “penis,” and “breasts“). The U.S. tops the list for “nigger” and “abstinence” and comes in at number 5 for “abortion.” And, although the U.S. does not make the top 10 for “Camus,” we come come in at number 4 for “existentialism.” Not too shabby.

The Philippines is in the top 3 for “abstinence,” “abortion,” and “masturbation,” with Manila and Makati being the top 2 cities with searches for “abortion.”

I wonder what people in Saudi Arabia are thinking about today?

Check it out at www.google.com/trends.


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