Miss D can travel for abortion

Here’s the latest on the case of Miss D, the 17-year-old Irish woman in state care who wants to abort her pregnancy after she found out that a serious deformity will result in her baby dying within three days of birth.

It seems that the High Court has reversed the earlier District Court decision denying Miss D the right to travel to England to undergo the medical procedure. A High Court judge ruled “that neither the Health Service Executive (HSE) nor the Gardaí have any legal power to restrain the girl.”

Full story here.


2 thoughts on “Miss D can travel for abortion

  1. Ha Tikvah,

    Thanks for reading my blog and for leaving a comment.

    I did read that in Northern Ireland, the rules are a little different. And better. In Miss D’s case, I really hope she can travel to get the procedure done because her fetus has anencaphaly, a condition in which the skull is not fully formed at the top of the head. This means that the baby will be born with part of it’s skull, and all of it’s brain, missing. Anencaphalous babies usually die during delivery or within three days of birth.

    As for family support, Miss D is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend and neither had any intention of aborting the pregnancy. Miss D only made that decision after she found out the fetus was anencephalous. Her mother also supports the decision. The only reason Miss D was placed in state care is that she’s 17 and because she got into a row with her mother, who’s an alcoholic. Incidentally, what’s the age of emancipation in Ireland? If it’s 18 (like it is here in the U.S.) and if Miss D were already emancipated, she’d have no trouble traveling for the abortion. The problem seems to be that the state health service is trying to keep her from traveling to terminate her pregnancy. Either way, I think it’s asking too much of a 17-year-old to force her to carry a deformed fetus to term only to have it die within three days.


  2. For me it’s another show of Catholicism gone barmy. While ALL Christians should be pro-life, and most are, I think this girl requires counseling more than being summarily under house arrest (as I’m sure that’s what she feels it is!). I have to confess personally I don’t think her reasons are strong enough in that many, many parents go through this trauma daily in hospitals worldwide, without prior knowledge perhaps it was a likely outcome, but with God there are no guarantees, and if the child is born at all, it could well defy all the predictions and live happily. Sadly once again in her case at least, living in what is essentially a Catholic country has prevented her from having access to birth control which may have prevented this sad outcome, but we can but pray she makes the right choice not just for her unborn child but herself too (in the pro-life sense). Blessings, TKR (on the island of Ireland, but north of the border where the rules are slightly different! 🙂 ).


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